lessons learned over the past year

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First off, thank you for all of the birthday wishes for Porter!  He says thank you, only it sounds like “da da” but I’m pretty sure we all know he’s a polite guy.  Since his party is on Saturday, yesterday was a pretty chill day on the birthday front.  Henry and Clara insisted on doing something (anything) special so we ended up going to the store and getting two kinds of ice cream, sprinkles and whipped cream.  We spent the evening singing happy birthday, eating ice cream and watching movies.  Great fun was had.

Thinking back over the past year, I got a little teary eyed.  So much has changed for our family since Porter’s birth and I wanted to record some of those things so I can look back later.

Life With Three – Lessons Learned Over The Past Year


1.  Three kids are easier than two.

Maybe it’s just me but I think the transition from two to three kids was much easier than going from one to two.  I think it helps that Henry is now at a very helpful age – he can go get diapers, help with simple chores and watch Clara while I’m tending to Porter.  They also entertain Porter SO much – it allows me the chance to stay on top of any chores I have.

2.  Being a mama is hard and you don’t have to apologize.

I know that I judged moms (and especially stay-at-home moms) when I was younger.  They’re always tired and complaining and frazzled.  Smile  Uhhh, now I know why.  Being a mama is hard work.  There are SO many facets to the job and it’s never ending.  Most days end with me plopping down on the couch and praying that I do better tomorrow.  Also, I feel like I need to say this – it’s totally ok to say these things out loud.  That it’s hard.  You don’t have to add the “but it’s SO worth it.”  That’s a given – of course it’s worth it.  You’re allowed to say that it’s difficult and end the sentence.  That’s not complaining – it’s called telling the truth.  Just throwing that out there for anyone wondering if they’re alone or wimpy.  You’re not.)

3.  Don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

Cliché phrase but so true – the days are long but the years are short.  Time passes so quickly.  I distinctly remember the first meal I ate after Porter’s birth like it was yesterday.  HOW could it have been a year ago?!?!  How is he so big??  Even when I take the time to be good at focusing and being present, the time still passes.  I’m just very thankful that I’m provided the chance to stay home and see all of their days.  Many women aren’t so fortunate.

4.  Leave the house 15 minutes earlier than you think you need.

I’m chronically late (although I had this problem even before having children).  If you invite me to an event, lie and tell me that it starts earlier than it really does (I’ll still show up late).  Getting three kids dressed and out of the house is still a challenge, even a year later.  Meh.  It’ll all be ok.


5.  It’s ok to just sit there.

I’m an on-the-go gal and I think I’ve created kids who crave movement as well.  A new baby slows you down though (which is a good thing!).  Especially in those first few months, you do a lot of sitting and staying in.  I NEED more time just sitting so even though it’s hard, I’ve welcomed the slower pace that Porter brought.

6.  Take the time to date.

This actually applies to both your husband AND your children.  I’ve learned that if I don’t make the time to spend with Travis, our whole family dynamic is off.  He is the HEAD and the key piece in our messy puzzle.  We try to spend as much time together as possible – I mean, he’s my very best friend.  My #1 tip = put the kids down at 7:30/8pm and then date your husband.  It’s my favorite time of day.


In addition to the marriage component, I’ve learned how much my children crave one-on-one attention from me.  I try to sit down with each of them at various times throughout the day and just LISTEN (even Porter gets that one-on-one time when we sit down and nurse).  Having Henry tell me about the dream he had last night or listening to Clara’s new made up song….it’s precious, essential time.


Those are just a few of the things I’ve learned so far.  I can’t wait to see what the next year holds and the growth that will surely come!  I think I know stuff and then I look back and realize I hadn’t a clue.

QUESTION:  Are you a mama?  What’s your favorite thing about it??


5 ways to “spring clean” your body!

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Spring is in the air and if you’re like most women, you’re looking in the mirror and wondering what happened to your body during these last few months of hibernation.  Or maybe not.  Maybe you’ve been rocking your Winter workouts and you’re ready for that Spring Break bikini.  Either way, the changing seasons are great time to refocus and clean up a few of those old (notsohealthy) habits.

Here are FIVE quick fixes that you can start making TODAY that will help you see results come May!

5 Ways To “Spring Clean” Your Body!

1)  Guzzle WATER!

Aim for around 96 ounces of water per day (120 ounces for your husband!).  With this goal, you’ll find that you won’t have a lot of room for other liquids – make H20 your top priority.  If plain water is too boring for your palate, try adding sliced lemon or lime to liven things up!  Not only will your skin elasticity and digestion improve, but you’ll rid your body of toxins and increase your metabolism.


2)  Steer clear of processed sugar!

According to Men’s Health, the average American eats about 92 grams of sugar a day, when the human body needs only about eight grams for energy, an amount that should always be satisfied through natural sugars from fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains.  Avoiding processed sugars can aid the body in combatting colds, improving digestion and the turnover of new cells.  I know that for me – simply paying more attention to my shopping cart and putting back those junk food items that creep in helps a ton!

3)  Find 30 minutes a day to MOVE!

You just KNEW I’d have a MOVE MORE tip, didn’t you?  Smile  We all know that exercise is fundamental to feeling great.  But did you also know that just 30 minutes of moderately challenging movement each day can help rid the body of toxins and waste?!  Through perspiration, we can give our bodies a mini “detox” every single day!


4)  Trim down your portion sizes.

This is probably the easiest habit to change.  Simply eat a little less (and I’m NOT talking about starving yourself or even counting calories!!!).  According to the CDC, over the last 50 years right here in America, “the size of a hamburger has tripled, a basket of fries more than doubled, and the average soda has grown from a modest 7 ounces to a jumbo 42 ounces.” And some wonder why “The average American is 26 pounds heavier than in 1950. [And] about one-third of us are overweight or obese and that number is projected to hit nearly 50% by 2030.”

Some tips on controlling portion sizes:

  • Use smaller salad plates for your meals instead of the larger dinner plates.
  • Split a meal with your husband or friend while dining out.
  • Refrain from going back for seconds.

5)  Know the difference between CRAVINGS and HUNGER.

Before you reach your hand into the potato chip bag (or for me – the cereal box), ask yourself one question: “Am I really hungry or is this a CRAVING?”  Listening to your body will help you eat intuitively and you’ll be more inclined to reach for healthier foods that will nourish instead of harm.  If you’re not sure whether you’re actually hungry, try drinking 8 ounces of water and waiting a few minutes.  True hunger is a rare thing in most people, as we tend to graze all day.


Lastly, listen to your body!  <-I feel like that phrase is way overused – but still, listen to what your body is saying.  Move a little more, eat a little less junk.  It’s not rocket science.  I think we overcomplicate these things and put way too much stock into a complete overhaul.  Small changes over time produce the best results.

QUESTION:  Any other (gentle) tips for spring cleaning your body??  Leave them below!


let me tell you what’s cool

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I have a lot of cool things to say today but first let me tell you what’s NOT cool.  This exhaustion that I’m feeling.  Blah.  Today marks day 3 of doing the show (after two weeks of pretty solid rehearsals) and I am pooped.  I thought it was just my old age but Henry seems to be yawning a whole bunch too so I don’t feel so bad.  Anyway, today we have TWO shows (the first at 10:30am, the second at 7:30pm) so I need to wake up!  Wake up, Lindsay!!!!

I think it’s really cool….

…when you wake up and just know it’s gonna be a good day based on what the weather looks like.

…when you get to the end of the cereal bag and there are those tiny broken pieces mixed with all the leftover sugar that fell off.  Clara and I always call dibs on the end of the bag.

…when you’re with a good friend and you don’t have to talk and you just KNOW that you’re on the same page.

…when your daughter thinks you’re cool.

image1 (5)

…when all the stars align and you can make it through each and every red light.  And it’s double cool when you’re running super duper late (as I always am).

…when you can look back at old pictures of your extremely skinny high school-self and feel so blessed with how much you’ve grown up and out.

…when people are a little nerdy.

…when people show their vulnerabilities.

…when people smell good instead of bad.

…when Clara calls people “humans.”  Example:  Me – “Clara, who did you sit by during the show?”  Clara – “Well it was this girl human but I didn’t really know her name.”

…when you finish your workout and there’s just this sense of amazing accomplishment.  And it’s triple cool when you can do it with other people around you.

image1 (3)

…when you reach the end of the movie and want to watch it again.  (this was NOT the case with the new Annie movie that the kids talked me into getting even though I knew it would be horrible.  Poor Cameron Diaz…)

…when numbers are even.  Odd numbers are just….odd.

…when your husband lets you sleep in until 8am.  And it’s quadruple cool when he leaves the Keurig on because he knows you cannot (will not) function without coffee.

…when it’s Friday and you only have THREE more shows to complete and then a long season of rest ahead.

image1 (4)

Lastly, I think it’s really cool that you read this little blog and see our family and know who we are.  Four years strong – I’m glad you come back each and every week!

QUESTION:  What about YOU??  Finish the sentence – I think it’s really cool when…..


{sorta} wordless weekend

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(I’m taking up another Trackstars tank/shirt/hoodie order!!  If you’re interested, please leave a comment below & I’ll send over the specs!)





(thanks Kenneth – it was delish!)




(people always ask what that powder stuff is on my pancakes.  it’s PB2 – powdered peanut butter – and no, I’ve never mixed it with water.)









(my SIL is getting married and we had her shower on Saturday.  None of these ladies are her – I didn’t get one picture with Katrina.  Ha.)



(a gift from my other SIL – check out the card below that went along with it.  I thought it was such a cute, pintresty idea!)





(SMOOOOOVIE night!  These had whole milk, banana, peanut butter, KidzShake protein powder, Nesquik and ice.)



(HOW is Porter almost a year old?!?!)



(the smiley face…)




(I actually beat him!  That never happens.)



(Quick story: When Henry found out he was cast in the play, he asked me what his name was on the casting list.  I said, “It says you’re just an alley cat.”  He said, “No, mama!  What’s my NAME?!?!  You have one.  What’s mine!?”  Thinking as quickly as a tired mama of 3 can possibly think, I said, “OHHHH!!  It says right here that you can name yourself!  Who do you want to be?”  He thought for a second.  “Ninja Cat.”  So we call him that now – ninja cat.  Has a good ring.)

QUESTION:  What’s one thing you’re looking forward to this week??


when all you’ve got is this season

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As I was sitting at the kitchen table yesterday, nursing a cup of coffee, Henry walked up and asked me to look over his morning math sheets.

I flipped through page after page of precise work.  No wrong answers, no doodles in the sidelines, no bribery to get this work done.  This kid had sat for a good 30 minutes and plowed through.  He knew his stuff.  I cupped his face in my hands and told him how GREAT he was at math.

As my hands left his little face, it hit me.

I’m so incredibly proud to be a mother.

This kid’s mother.  HENRY’S mother.

It’s as if I blinked and all of the sudden he’s 6 going on 30 and the time won’t slow down and I keep grasping at these moments, trying to collect them all up and save them but I can’t because it just doesn’t work this way.  I look at him and I see me and I see Travis and I see GOD.  I see innocence and promises and hope and a future.  I can remember the chubby baby legs and the sleepless nights.  I can remember the Disney trip we took when he was one year old where all he did was either smile or cry – and a lot of both.  I can remember the look on his face when he met Clara for the first time (anxiousness) and then Porter (pure thrill at a baby BROTHER).


I can see the season we’re in now – the one where I get to share a theater show experience with my son, the excitement that I feel on stage HE now gets to feel.  I can see his 6-year-old brain churning out math problems and different ways to build with Legos and how to best tell Clara that her singing just “doesn’t sound right” (without hurting her feelings of course).  I can see the cowlick at his temple and the wiggly front tooth that’s bound to come out any day now.

And I can see future seasons ahead.  The tween Henry, the driving Henry (no!!!), the college bound Henry and then the married-man Henry.

And I cry.

JOY tears.  GOOD tears.

But with a little sadness mixed in too.

Because it’s amazing.  This life.  This thing called motherhood.

But it’s also so heavy.  This weight.  The weight of three lives on my shoulders.  It’s THE hardest job I’ve ever had and yet the most rewarding.  The hours creep by but the years fly and in a blink, the season will have passed and you’ve moved to another.

So for today, I’ll sit and sip my coffee and look over his work.  I’ll try my hardest to commit to memory his face, those freckles, the special way he writes his 8’s.

And I’ll breathe in this season we’re in.

For it will be gone far too quickly.


friday’s feelings

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**Originally titled, “Thursday’s Thoughts” but I forgot to schedule it to post…thus, “Friday’s Feelings.”  Lol..whoops.**

I’m sitting here at the kitchen table (my “office”), sitting criss-cross-applesauce, listening to Clara sing to herself as she colors (beautifully, she colors so beautifully).  The song is nondescript.  She makes up the words as she goes and the melody sounds something similar to Frozen’s “Let It Go” only with her own words added in.  Five minutes ago, I nursed Porter and laid him down in his bed for his morning nap.  He’s now babbling from his crib and saying “dadadadada” in the sweetest little voice.  Henry’s on my team and every time he hears Porter say “dada”, he quickly scolds him and says, “No.  Say Mama.  Maaaa-maaaaa.”  I like having people on my team.

It’s snowing.

Like legit snowing.

On Monday the weather people called for snow and all we got was 3 inches of slippery, horrific ice.  I had to cancel Trackstars because of it and that made me angry because exercise keeps me sane on “snow” days.  Now it’s snowing and they may have gotten it right.

I recently made the mistake of visiting a certain website that hates on bloggers.  I won’t link.  Reading angry words from dark, anonymous people = things I’d rather not do.  I have more to write on that….but not today.  Not on my snow day.

Today I wanted to type out all of the things that make me happy.  I’ll limit the list to twenty five but only because I still have chores I’d like to accomplish before Porter wakes up.  Sometimes (no ALL the time) writing out these blessings helps to change my perspective.  A great reminder that WE are in control of how we feel and not anyone else.

And today I feel awesome.


Things that make me happy

A burn-your-tongue-off HOT cup of coffee.

Snow days.

Warm days.

Sweet conversations with Clara that start with her saying, “Mama, when we go to heaven…”

A good sweat.

A good cry.

Planning our trip to Colorado in May.


Raising my kids.

Homeschooling my kids.

A husband who can ROCK a man-bun.

The “explore” feature on Instagram.  #timesuck

Easily conveying the message with hashtags.

Burpees.  And squats.

Group texts with Janetha and Lauren.

Blend Retreat and all the amazing things that have come from it.

Eating all the cookies out of cookies n’ cream ice cream.

Porter’s chubby feet.

Living in a small town.

The therapy I get from swiffering my floor.

Clean sheets (I actually need to buy a new set – any suggestions?)

Comfy clothes and no bra.

Singing on the worship team.

The excitement and thrill that SMOOOOVIE night brings my kids.

Cheering for others.

I love all of those things and so much more.  How rich this life is.  How blessed we are.  Thank you, Father.

QUESTION:  Three things that make YOU happy!  GO!!!