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what’s the BEST that could happen

March 21, 2014 in Blog, Faith, Goals, Inspiration, Intentional Living by lindsaymwright


I just woke up in a super large puddle of my own drool.  (Thank God it was my own.)

Last night (Wednesday) was rough – I had 3 hours of pretty intense contractions and cramping (time able ones)…then…nothing.  I must have fallen asleep.  I woke up this morning and just haven’t felt “right” since.

A nap was needed.

Labor impending???  That’s the thing – I have no clue.  It could be a couple more weeks of feeling like this…on the edge of labor.  Drives me nutty.  Control.  Why do I have to always be in control??!?

I saw a quote the other day on my friend’s Facebook page.  It just caught me at the right moment, made me step back and say, “WOW!  YES!!!”



Seriously….What’s the BEST that could happen?!?! 

I love it.

Lists and prayer help, but I need this mindset on a daily basis.

What’s the BEST that could happen with my labor??

What’s the BEST that could happen with Blend Retreat??

What’s the BEST that could happen with our house situation (we’re trying to sell this house in Chattanooga! buy it!)??

What’s the BEST that could happen for my family?  For my marriage?

When I let my mind wander to the best possible scenario, FEAR HAS NO PLACE.  FEAR doesn’t hold me back.  And I’m free to completely, 100% positive about the future.

Think about that for a second.


QUESTION:  What if fear of the worst were replaced with a hope for the best???  Fill in the blank:  What’s the BEST that could happen with _______?


creating fitness-loving children

February 17, 2014 in Blog, Body, Family, Goals, Inspiration, Kids by lindsaymwright

I get that it’s winter. 

I get that it’s freezing (heck, we got 10 inches of snow last week!). 

But my kids are ANTSY to move

And even though it might not feel like it when you’ve got children running circles around the house, flailing body parts and jumping up and down all.day.long, your children might not be getting enough exercise. Childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and tripled in adolescents in the last 30 years, leaving more than a THIRD of our children overweight or obese (source). Genetics and diet play a role, yes, but our trend towards inactivity can also be to blame.

Exercise is important for children for the following reasons:

  1. It controls their weight.
  2. It helps them sleep better at night, for longer and higher quality.
  3. It helps them have higher self-esteem and self confidence by improving their well being.
  4. Exercise reduces blood pressure.
  5. Exercise reduces risk of diabetes and some types of cancer.

The American Heart Association recommends, for children 2 and older, 60 minutes of physical activity a day.  If you don’t have an hour, split it up in two 30-minute periods.  So the question is:

How can we as parents get our children to LOVE fitness?

Here are five easy ways to get started today!


Be the change you wish to see!

Our kids pattern behavior that they see in us, whether it be positive or negative.  Make sure that you yourself are meeting the recommended daily exercise requirements.  For adults, this means at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day.  Sweat doesn’t necessarily have to be involved – you can take a walk around the block, work in the yard or play Frisbee.  As long as you’re moving, it counts!  Create a habit of physical activity for yourself and your children will most likely follow suit!

Get them involved in SPORTS!

In most states, children as young as 4 years old can be involved in community sports such as soccer, baseball and gymnastics (we all know how Henry’s soccer season went. Winking smile).  Karate is also a great option – often perfect for children who need a little more discipline structure.  Childhood involvement in sport activities has been proven to increase the likelihood of ADULT involvement in such activities.  Contact your local recreation park to learn more about sign up dates and deadlines!


Head to the park!

Exercise should be FUN and who doesn’t have fun at the park!  Playing at the park for 30-60 minutes should provide plenty of physical activity for your child!  YOU can even get in a good workout at the same time.  Think Monkey Bar Pull-ups, pumping your legs on the swing set or triceps dips off the park bench.  <-although I gotta say, it is kinda nice to just sit on the bench in peace.

Make it a FAMILY affair!

Get outside and play active games, such as “Red Rover”, “Capture the Flag” or “Tag”.  Take family walks down at your local track or greenway and let your little ones run beside you.  Better yet, bring their bikes along – just don’t forget the helmets!


Purchase active video games.

If all else fails and you’ve got to stay inside, purchase an interactive video game system, such as Wii Fit, XBox 360 Kinect or a Playstation Move.  The initial investment for these products might be steep, but they can be “played” everyday and are a great way to sneak exercise into your child’s day.  (We’re “borrowing” my sister’s Wii right now and LOVE it for those days we can’t get outside.)


Overall, I think one of the best gifts we can give our children is SELF ESTEEM.  Yes, self, meaning it must spring from within them.  But when we encourage and praise (both when they win AND lose), we play a role in fostering up that child’s self image. 

Tell them they’re super fast (!!). 

That you’ve never seen moves like that (!!).

That they have a super high jumps (!!).

(use the word super a lot). 

Hands down, praise is one of the best parenting tools I have in my bag of tricks!  (it also happens to work on husbands too. #amiright)


QUESTION:  Any tips to add??  How do you get your kids off the couch?


give yourself permission

January 31, 2014 in Blog, Blogging, Goals, Inspiration by lindsaymwright

“Mama, may I go to Nan’s??”

Henry asks me this everyday around 2 o’clock.

He asks for permission.

After calling to make sure it’s actually with Nan, I usually grant him this permission.  I’m the adult.  He’s the kid.  There’s a power hierarchy here.

So who grants ME permission to do things?

I do.

As an adult, I am in control of myself.  Whoa. Novel idea, right?!?


Skittles. All day. If she was in control.

I am in control of my body, my relationships, my attitude, my fitness level, what I eat (or do not eat), how I perceive myself.  Guess what?!  You are too!

With this control, we have a great responsibility.  And with that responsibility, the chance to make our lives better or worse.  I see a lot of people (mostly on Facebook – I don’t know why I even get on there) blaming others for their own situations.  This I cannot understand.  I also hear it when I talk to others about their weightloss or their fitness level – something or someone is getting in the way – never THEM.


Me?  M&M’s all the way.

What we sometimes fail to do is give ourselves permission to be in control of our own lives.  To allow ourselves that responsibility and THEN to accept the outcome of those choices.  To quote Star Wars, “take care of yourself…it’s what you’re best at.”

Today, let’s give ourselves permission to:

  • REST, if that’s what our body needs.
  • REST, if that’s what our MIND needs.
  • eat healthy foods to fuel our workouts.
  • eat chocolate-covered cashews to fuel our souls.
  • move a little. 
  • move a lot.
  • drink that Diet Coke if it’s what we need to get through that trapped, snowy day.
  • force down that green drink that helps us poo.  (you know the one….)
  • sit on the couch for as long as it takes.  All day if need be.
  • forgive a friend who has said things behind our backs.
  • ask for forgiveness because WE were that bad friend.
  • change our attitude when it needs to be changed.

Here’s the one rule (and where that darn responsibility part comes in to play):  Whatever we give ourselves permission to do, we have to take OWNERSHIP of.  Because we are the ones in control – every individual for himself.

WE are allowed permission …. and we needn’t even ask for it.


QUESTION:  How often do you blame others?  Know people who chronically do this?  Do you enjoy being an adult?  <-not always.


read with me!

January 13, 2014 in #BibleIn90, Blog, Faith, Goals by lindsaymwright

As I hinted at before, I’ve got a venture that I’m hoping you join me in during this fresh new year!  This might be perfect for you.  It might not.  Either way, I’m diving head first and I’d love some camaraderie along the way.

January is full of detox and workout challenges, but I’d like to tend to the HEART this month (or rather, over the next 90 days).  I invite you to join me in reading the Bible in it’s entirety.


The Why

The “Why” seems pretty straight forward – TO GROW IN OUR KNOWLEDGE OF GOD.  Of His heart, His ways, His approach to dealing with people, sin and hypocrisy.  It’s all written in the Bible – the book most Christians base their faith and lives on.  It just makes sense to STUDY this book, right?!

The thing I’ve found:  SO many Christians who have never read the Bible all the way through. 

Up until four years ago, I was right there with them.

I’d bounced around (usually flipping to to Psalms or Proverbs for that short little gem of inspiration or direction), but I’d never read the entire thing.  I felt ashamed to admit this to Travis or anyone else.  I felt ashamed that I didn’t know the order in which the books came (something I still have trouble with).  Honestly, I felt like a fake.

I quickly found out that the shame was self-inflicted, that it was ridiculous, and that I needed to change it.  So I started reading.

The How

For this particular venture, we’ll be reading the Bible through in 90 days time.  That’s a pretty short time span, I’ll admit, but totally manageable if you set aside about 30 minutes each day.  Instead of reading from start to finish, this particular plan divides the book into THREE parts and you read a little Old Testament and New Testament each day.  I LOVE this plan because you can see the how the two sections (Old and New) are related and intertwine.  It really is beautiful how the book is laid out.  Like I said, each day’s reading takes about 30-45 minutes. 

We’ll begin the 90 days NEXT MONDAY, the 20th, which should give us the perfect amount of time to finish on Easter Sunday!  You can find the reading plan here (printable version here).

The Hope

I hope you’ll enjoy delving into God’s word.

I hope you’ll make time to set aside each day.

I hope to make this a yearly event on LL.

I hope (pray) God blesses you during this precious time of commitment and purposeful study.

I see GREAT things coming out of this!


Again, we’ll begin the 90 days NEXT MONDAY, the 20th.  You can find the reading plan here.  I’ll also be posting each day’s reading in my sidebar for easy access!  

QUESTION:  Who’s excited?  Would a group Facebook page make sense for this so we can encourage one another? 


2013: the year of perseverance

January 1, 2014 in Blog, Faith, Family, Goals, Inspiration, Kids, Love by lindsaymwright

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’m welcoming 2014 with WIDE open arms!



I’m not one to write things or people off but the last year proved to be one of the most trying for me.  Or rather, I think I had a hard time with The Waiting.

->  Waiting to move into our house.  (which I’ve YET to give you guys a tour of!)

->  Waiting to see if my job would get any better.  And realizing that I had to go in an entirely different direction.

-> Waiting to heal, mentally and physically, from two miscarriages.

->  Waiting to get pregnant again.

->  Waiting for sponsors to come forward for Blend 2014.

->  And now….waiting for God to heal me completely of this pregnancy nausea.

The thing about The Waiting….it’s when we GROW THE MOST as people.

When we become stronger.  When our patience is truly tested (and not in a, “Wait to open your Christmas present”-sort of way, but in a, “God isn’t speaking clearly for what seems like months and you want Him to NOW!”-sort of way.).  The Waiting brings our demons to the surface and then it’s OUR choice as to what we do with them.

Read the rest of this entry →

my holiday eating plan

November 28, 2013 in Blog, Diet, ED, Family, Food, Goals, Inspiration, Kids by lindsaymwright

I posted this journal entry LAST Thanksgiving.  The message remains relevant, except I’ve taken it one step further this year as my children are even more interested in the actions/mindset of Travis and I as parents.  I’m constantly thinking, “How will MY behavior effect my children and their own body image?”  I may never know the answer, but I want to do everything I can to set an example of BALANCE.

Anyway, I KNOW that someone out there needs to hear the message, so enjoy! 

And Happy Thanksgiving!!!


“Fill up your plate with half vegetables, a quarter lean protein and a quarter of the good stuff.”

“Make sure you snack on healthy foods during the day so you don’t overeat during the main event.”

“Stand more than an arm’s length away from munchies, like a bowl of nuts or chips, while you chat so you’re not tempted to raise your hand to your mouth every few seconds.”

“Wear the tightest clothes you have. You’ll notice you’re overeating and be able to stop yourself.”

“Burn off all the calories you’ll eat during dinner by exercising like crazy early in the week/day.”

“Know your calories!!! Choose pumpkin pie over pecan. Even better, skip dessert altogether. Dressing is THE DEVIL! Mashed potatoes- a demonic indulgence. Choose low glycemic foods over high glycemic foods.”

“Choose a BLUE-colored plate or better yet, bring your own blue plate to dinner. The plate that helps you to eat the least amount is one that is blue, that color has the least appealing blend with food.”

“Bring your own healthy salad so that you’ll have something to eat. These people don’t understand you and this healthy living path you’ve chosen.”


You’ve heard these before. I know you have because they’re everywhere we look – magazines, Dr. Oz, Oprah, even healthy living blogs. Tips on staying healthy during holiday meals.

We thrive off these “RULES”. We NEED them or we’ll go rampant like rabid raccoons all over that Thanksgiving/Christmas meal, standing over the table, elbows akimbo, scarfing down carbs and spoonfuls of gravy. In fact, who needs a spoon!?!? We raccoons will just drink it straight from the gravy boat.

Oh the sheer horror of losing control!! It’s more than most can bear! And that’s why we form PLANS. A strategy to reign us in. Because heaven forbid we actually indulge once and then carry on with our healthy living journey.

To hell with that.

I’ve lived 30 years with a plan and honestly, I’m so tired. Maybe it’s just that I now have my APPETITE back, but it seems illogical to me to set special rules for eating. I’m hungry. And the food at holiday meals is some of the best of the year. Why wouldn’t you want to partake in it?!?

Because most of us don’t trust ourselves.  Or our bodies.


From 1998-2004 or so, I would “fake eat” at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’d follow all of those rules I listed above and make up some of my own. Pushing food around on my plate to make it seem like I ate. Spitting food out into napkins, hoping no one would notice. And if I’m being perfectly honest, a couple of those dark years, I’m sure I went upstairs and purged that meal. The meal my mama worked so hard to cook.


Dude. What the heck!

It’s unacceptable behavior. And it directly opposes the very sentiment behind Thanksgiving. We’re supposed to be THANKFUL for this food that we’ve been blessed with. Thankful for the hands that prepared the meal. Thankful that we can break bread together.

When food rules and game plans are introduced, a little bit of that thankfulness is pushed to the back and a feeling of control and what I would describe as obsession takes first place.


My Holiday Eating Strategy:

I don’t have one.

Well I guess I kinda do. I’m going to fill up my plate with a little bit of every thing that looks good to me. I’m going to eat my food and talk to my family and enjoy this time that I’m blessed with. And if I want seconds, I’ll go back for them. Not partaking in my sissy’s homemade pumpkin pie would be a tragedy. After the meal is over, I’ll continue on with my healthy life.

No starvation. No binge eating. Just normal eating of some pretty amazing food.

Yep. I like this plan. It’s one I want my children to mimic in the future.


Will you join me??

QUESTION: I know I missed some of those “food rules.” What are some of the other ones? What’s your favorite dish at Thanksgiving dinner?


analog weekend.

November 22, 2013 in Blog, Blogging, Goals by lindsaymwright

With the passing of a dear family friend, some family financial stress that hit us this week (anyone looking to buy a house in Chattanooga, TN?!!?), and the fact that I’m simply TIRED and want to nap all.ze.time….

….I say NO to blogging, to Facebook, to Instagram and anything else that pulls me out of this little family bubble that I so eagerly want to nurture this weekend.


Check ya on Monday, friends!

QUESTION:  When’s the last time you took a recharge??


the measure of a (fit) woman

August 23, 2013 in Blog, Body, Fitfluential, Goals, Inspiration by lindsaymwright

I have this Nike Dri-Fit tank that I love wearing.  I bought it two years ago as a treat to wear during my first triathlon (new clothes=faster time…it’s science.)  It’s green, my favorite color, and it has a built-in sports bra, a perfect feature for someone in the IBT Club. <-think about it – you’ll figure it out.


I took 2nd in that race and loved every minute of it.  Pushing myself, “picking” people off, kayaking in circles.  I felt fit.  I was fit.

Flash forward to today.  Two years later and I still love that shirt.  It’s starting to fall apart in places but I still wear it a lot.


The thing is:  It fits much differently now.  As I’ve gotten stronger, my body has added muscle.  My growing lats strain against the fabric.  My pecs (not my breasts – see IBT Club reference above) fill out the top a lot more.  If I were using this shirt to measure my progress outside of the gym, I might feel discouraged.  It’s becoming too tight, which usually means that you’re becoming too fat.  Too big.  Too muscular.  Too much of …something.

I know better.

I measure my body progress inside the gym.


Deadlifts – 5×10 at 185 pounds

Where I can lift heavier than I ever have before.

Where I can jump about 5 inches higher.  Then 5 inches more.

Where I don’t become as fatigued during my runs.

Where my muscles grow.

Where PR’s are made.

Where I’m literally “hulking” the crap out of this shirt. 

And it feels so damn good.

To measure progress by MY standards and mine alone.  What a rebel thought.

That’s what strong women are – rebels.

QUESTION:  How do you measure your fitness progress?  How are you improving??  Is bigger better? 


i’d rather be a little fluffy, thanks.

August 5, 2013 in Blog, Body, Diet, ED, Food, Goals, Inspiration, Rambles by lindsaymwright

I’d planned to post today about some of my “Season of No” revelations/changes, but this topic has been on my mind for the past little bit (especially after writing that birthday letter to myself) and I need to get it out.  No pics, just words.

I was looking down at myself in the shower today.  You know…how we all do.  After a day full of birthday treats and laying around, my belly was what I would call, “a little fluffy.”  Bloated and fluffy.  Thoughts quickly entered my head.  You know…how they always do.

“You should probably detox tomorrow.  No sugar, no flour, 200 ounces of water.”  (tomorrow being the operative word, because as we all know, you need a full day of prepared gorging before starving yourself into a wisp.)

“You’ve let yourself go, Lindsay.”

“Travis knows.  He just would never tell you.”

The first truth is:  Over the past year, I HAVE had a more relaxed approach to food and exercise.  I’m sure I HAVE gained weight.  My clothes fit perfectly fine – no snugness there.  I’m WAY stronger – I can outsquat my former self by about nearly 70 pounds!!  I’m killing it at the gym!  But overall I’m not as “wisp-ish” as I have been in the past.

The second truth is:  I really don’t care.

I’d rather be a little fluffy if it means that I get to spend more time with my kids than time in the gym.

I’d rather be a little fluffy if it means that I get to eat chocolate every day.  It’s just too damn good.

I’d rather be a little fluffy if it means that my thoughts aren’t consumed with the scale or counting every.single.calorie that passes through my lips.  What a waste.

I’d rather be a little fluffy if it means FINALLY being comfortable in my skin.

You know what?  I know that I could easily lose 5 pounds.  (10 if I lost muscle.)  I have the discipline (perhaps a little too much).  Losing weight comes easily for me (and I’m not trying to boast about that – please hear my heart.)  What’s hard for me now, now that I’ve climbed out of that obsessive black hole, is being ok with a life that isn’t consumed by vanity. My struggle comes from shifting my discipline to the heart and not the body.  I wrote a letter to this body that I love, but what I failed to tell it was that it’s merely a vessel.  My beauty, my worth, my future – those things are held inside.  In a culture that praises obsessions and the outward, the last thing I want to be consumed with is how I look.  Spending even a SECOND fretting over how big my butt is – that’s a total waste of my time.

Because looks fade.

Because there is such a thing as being TOO healthy.

Because Clara and Henry deserve a REAL role model.  Not a supermodel.

Because my heart isn’t in it.  (Thank you, Father!)

Because I’d rather eat chocolate than not.

And because fluffy looks good on me.  Because I’m smiling.