“get your good” with blue diamond almonds

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**The following post was sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds.  All opinions expressed are my own!**


Snack Plate With Children's Hands Blue Diamond Almonds

Young Girl Holding Almond Up To Eye

Blue Diamond Cracker Dipped In Hummus

2 week old baby's feet

Family Laying on Picnic Blanket

Blue Diamond Cheese and Cracker Sandwhich

Brother and Sister Playing Chase

Young Boy and Girl holding hands looking at mountains

3 Year Old Girl Brushing Off Feet

Blue Diamond Wasabi Soy Sauce Almonds

Young Girl Natural Light Portrait

3 Sibling Children Laying On Picnic Blanket

Young Girl Stares At Her Baby Brother

2 Week Old Stick Tongue Out, Gets Poked In Chubby Cheek

Blue Diamond Almond Flavors

Over head vies of almond picnic lunch

Spring is here!  Thank goodness!!

Other than having to mow the lawn and deal with pollen, we’re SO thrilled that the weather is warming up!  Fall is hands down my favorite time of year (all of the perks of Spring but with less bugs here in Western North Carolina), but Spring holds a special place in my heart.  Picnics, trips to the park (without having to bundle up) and now, we get to take baby Porter outside with us.

Blue Diamond Almonds recently sent us a special little package to help us “Get Our Good Going” during the new season!  With flavors like Wasabi and Soy Sauce, Salt & Vinegar and Strawberry (my personal favorite), we’ve been eating these little snack packs nearly every day, giving us more time to spend OUTSIDE!  Oh and those Flax Seed crackers are wonderful dipped in hummus, with a wedge of full-fat cheese or on their own.

A perfect snack to take on the go….no matter what the season!  A special thanks to Blue Diamond for helping us make warm day memories!

QUESTION:  How do you “get your good going”??  What are some of your “go-to” healthy snacks??



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One of the neat things about blogging is that you can regularly see your analytics – what posts are most viewed, shared.  What day of the week most people read, where they’re coming from, etc.  It’s actually pretty cool (and something I used to obsess over – I rarely look at numbers these days).

Since November 15th, 2012, one of my TOP THREE most viewed posts has been this one.  Titled, “Devastated.”

It still hurts…

It also pained me to write a second, very similar post last April 30th, 2013.  Titled, “Devastated 2.”

When I tell you that Porter is a blessing, that he’s been WANTED and PRAYED FOR…I hope it makes sense.


This child…he’s my beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.


**Tomorrow I’ll have more pictures and in the days to come, a birth story!  Thanks in advance for letting us settle in as a family of 5.**

scenes from the weekend

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Phew!  This weekend was a whirlwind.

The last thing I feel like doing is sitting down to type (now, sitting down to watch Mad Men: Season Six is a completely different story).

Here’s a little peek into our weekend, filled with family (Travis’ sister got married!!), great food and fellowship.

Exhausting but really marvelous*!



































I’ll be back tomorrow with a 38 week pregnancy update!

QUESTION:  Tell me the best part of your weekend!!


*I’m linking up with my great friend, Katie, today!!  Check out more “Marvelous Monday” posts here!*

“i could not love him more.”

March 17, 2014 in Blog, Blogging, Family, Intentional Living, Kids, Love by lindsaymwright

Yesterday, Henry beat a video game that even Travis couldn’t beat.

I was asleep when it happened.  Because, you know, I’m a million months pregnant and that can get exhausting.

I know that Henry beat the game, not because HE told me but because my deliriously-proud husband came bouncing in the bedroom, down right gleaming about his son’s accomplishment.

“I could not love him more.”

Those were the exact words.


I laid there, still drowsy and listened as this proud daddy went on and on about his son.  All I could do was smile, feeling abundant love for my husband because of his abundant love for our children.  We share stories like this all the time.  About how Clara walked up to Travis’ truck last week, placed her fingers along the words, “Toyota Tacoma,” and very slowly “read” out, “Daaaa-ddy’s Truck.  DADDY’S TRUCK!!  That’s what it say, Mama!!  That’s what it SAY!”  Or about how Henry has earned 78 stars (towards his needed 100) on his reading chart and all he wants is a set of Legos “but not the easy ones, the hard ones.”  Or how they’ll play so nicely together and invite one another to their “birthday parties,” which we celebrate nearly every day.

As parents, we can’t help but dote on those kids.  Oh my word, they can be annoying sometimes.  And loud.  And messy.  And inconvenient.  I can say all those things about them and still know that I couldn’t DO this life without them.  And not just any kids but Henry Cole Wright and Clara Kathleen Wright – those exact ones.  They’re mine.  I grew them.  I see bits and pieces of myself, of Travis, in them.

And God made me to be their mama.  Me!?!

Every tool I need to parent them in exactly the way that they need to be parented….God placed IN me.  FOR THEM.  He gives me peace.  He gives me patience.  He provides me with wisdom and strength and a mama bear-like passion.  Oh!  And He gives me rest when I need it.


For these things, for this PRIVELEGE, I can only say, “I could not love Him more.”*



*And also “thank you.”  I say that a lot too.  Because we use our “man-yors” around here.

what (my kids) ate wednesday

March 12, 2014 in Blog, Family, Food, Kids, WIAW by lindsaymwright

Anyone else have a sunburn from yesterday?? It was a toasty 73 degrees here in Western North Carolina! We spent the majority of the day outside and my skin is screaming, “Abuse! Skin abuse!” today. Not so much as screaming it as being easily offended when I brush up against things and freaking the heck out.

Anywoo…in honor of “What I Ate Wednesday,” I wanted to share some of the foods that my kids LOVE to eat.  Some are healthy, some are not.

The rundown:

  • I’m the type of mom/person who feels like if my kids get 2 veggies and 2 fruits in a day, we’ve WON an award.
  • We buy mostly conventional foods but I do make a point of buying organic MILK, CHEESE and the “Dirty Dozen.”
  • From April through September, our lunches consist of “Snack Plates.”  see below.
  • Clara will eat anything under the sun (she seriously digs broccoli…dipped in ketchup) and Henry could live off of Applegate Chicken Tenders and PB&J’s.
  • In my cupboard, you’ll find whole grains, a box of Fruit Loops, all-natural fruit leathers, Lance cheese crackers and Blue Diamond almonds.
  • I try to balance what’s on sale with what my kids will eat with what I would like for them to eat.

It all comes out in the wash and equals one big happy, well-fed, thriving family.  Above all else, we focus on a “food is fuel”-mentality and banish talk of calories or being skinny/fat.  We don’t obsess.  Food is food.

Here’s a look (aka every picture I could find of my kids and food):
















QUESTION:  Were you a good or picky eater as a kid?  What types of foods do you feed your kids?


shopping scenes

March 6, 2014 in Blog, Family, Kids, Trips by lindsaymwright

Yesterday, Clara woke up with a cough.  No fever, just a cough, but I still didn’t feel right about taking her to the gym.

With nothing else planned for the day, we moved on to Plan B.

Go to Asheville and shopNaturally.


^^Dollar bins FTW.^^


^^Many thanks for the generous compliments I got on this dress on FB and IG.  It had a small hole in it so I put it back.  :/^^


^^Well thanks!^^


^^Still going strong on my self-imposed “salad a day” goal!^^


^^From Target.  Probably most excited about the Noosa yogurt – have you tried it?  Like heaven.  Clara’s dress comes in second.^^




^^Greenlife scores – obviously we bought all.the.snacks.^^


^^I mean.  How could I not?!^^


^^A walk (scoot?) was very much needed after spending all day cooped up in the car and store buggy.^^


When I think about this little family growing in a few weeks, it makes me want to savor the time I have with only a 5 and 3-year old.  We’re SO excited about Porter joining in, but for three (almost four) years now, Henry, Clara and I have spent every single day together.  I’m cherishing this time and trying to make mental notes of how great life is right this second.  It’s precious to me.


QUESTION:  What’s one thing you actually NEED to go shopping for??