flashback friday: that time i won mom of the year

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…also known as, “one of my MANY life learning experiences.”

As I was looking through Facebook yesterday morning, I happened upon Ashley’s status:


I chuckled.

First off, I love this girl.  We relate to one another on many levels.

Second, I too cut my men’s hair to save money.  I’m no hairstylist.  That’s a fact.  But over the years I’ve refined my craft: trying to keep the hair IN the bathtub and not out, giving my “signature cut” to the sides and humming one or two 80’s hairband songs.  Now that Travis’ hair is long, this chore doesn’t happen as often as it used to.  Something we’re all probably better off for.

Which brings me to my third point.  Just like Ashley, I too have screwed up my kid’s hair with clippers.

Flashback with me if you will.

So once upon a time I was a young mother.  This was like 5 years ago.  A long, long time.

Henry’s hair was stuck between a mullet and a hard place.  It was super fine (as baby hair tends to be) and it bugged the crap out of me.  Half had fallen out, half had stayed put and what resulted was one odd looking hairdo.

So I tried to fix it.

With clippers and raw skillz.  <-the z is necessary.

Using an electric toothbrush to distract my easily distractible 8-month old, I got to work.  Travis wanted no part.  “You don’t cut a baby’s hair.”  And especially not at home.  That’s what those overly-priced kid-themed barber shops are for.  I told him I was saving us money.  That always shuts him up.

Buzz went the toothbrush.

Buzz went the clippers.

S-it! went my mouth when the clipper guard fell off and I mowed a 2-inch hole up the side of Henry’s head.


Then I laughed.  Obviously.

And so did Travis.

Then I cried.  Obviously.

But Travis didn’t because he’s a man.

Then, in a panic, I tried to “fix it” with scissors.  You know….”blend it in.”  I can do this.


I can’t.

Damaged.  The kid was damaged goods.

Luckily he can’t remember a thing (babies are kinda dumb ya know).  Why just yesterday, he let me give him a mohawk.


Anyway, all this to say – Ashley, you’re not alone and you’re not a bad mom.  You’re just a mom.

And the exact best one for Hunter at that.

That’s how it works.

We get better as mamas, hair grows back and little babies grow into handsome, almost 6 year olds.

Don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

QUESTION:  Are you safe with a set of clippers?? Winking smile


freshly picked [a giveaway]

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Have you guys heard of Freshly Picked?

I’ve been stalking their Instagram account for at least a year now, coveting each little pair of moccasins that they sell.  The company recently sent a pair to Clara and Porter (Henry’s feet are too big) and the response was unanimous.  Two thumbs up (Porter can’t talk yet but he’s pretty good at waving his arms back and forth violently – I took that as a “I LOVE these shoes.”)

Made from soft leather, each pair is sewn by hand at the Freshly Picked headquarters.  Aside from an amazing array of colors, these moccs actually stay on your childs’ feet – no lost baby shoes – and are incredibly durable!  My kids look adorable in them – thank you, Freshly Picked!


You can enter to win a pair of your very own FP moccs!

To enter:

Comment below and tell me who you’d like to give a pair to if you won.

Extra entry (leave an extra comment):

Follow Freshly Picked on Twitter and tweet the following:

@lindsays_list is giving away one pair of @freshlypicked moccasins today!  Go here to enter: http://wp.me/p1Mp21-5KZ #giveaway

One random winner will be announced on Wednesday.  Best of luck, friends!



*Blend recaps to come – I’m still recovering from one amazing weekend!

on mother’s day and why socks will suffice

May 12, 2014 in Blog, Family, Kids, Love, Motherhood by lindsaymwright

If you’re a living, breathing, functioning person, you know that yesterday was Mother’s Day (at least in North America…I’m actually not sure if this “holiday” is an international event).

Last week, Travis asked the kids what they thought I wanted for Mother’s Day (after explaining what the day was in the first place…).

Henry….“SOCKS!!”  Clara…”a spark-a-ye unicorn.”  (Since I actually NEED socks and have yet to add a unicorn to my collection, I thought these were pretty appropriate gifts.)

Until I got on Facebook.

I read several posts from mamas talking about wanting time to themselves – sleeping in and breakfast in bed and trips awayAnd then I wanted all those things.  “YEAH!!  If anyone deserves some special treatment around here, it’s ME.  I’m taking care of three kids, homeschooling, cleaning, cooking (not really), AND making sure I shave my legs everyday for the hubs, all on about 3 hours of sleep a night.”

“I’m entitled!”

And for a second, I became ungrateful.  And selfish.  And for a second, I pouted.  But thank God for discernment.  For that whispering in my heart.

“This is the flesh talking.  Not your Spirit*.  You’re not entitled. THIS IS A PRIVILEGE.”

Valued?  YES!  Blessed?  YES!  Appreciated and doted on and celebrated?  Heck YES**!!

But entitled to some special, grand gesture??


Now, I’m not saying that breakfast in bed wouldn’t be nice (french toast, preferably) or that breaks for us mamas aren’t needed (they’re required).  But my Mother’s Day wouldn’t be ruined if I had to sit at the kitchen table, amidst the (loud) random chatter of my little family as I ate a bowl of Fruit Loops.  In fact, I can’t of think of anything better than socks and unicorns and a handmade card at the moment.  Except for maybe a day spent hugging on these little people who MADE me a mama in the first place.


Yeah.  I’m entitled to that.


QUESTION:  If you’re a mama, how did you celebrate Mother’s Day?



*John 14:17

**For the record, I got a surprise massage for Mother’s Day.  Blessed, I’ll say!


“get your good” with blue diamond almonds

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**The following post was sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds.  All opinions expressed are my own!**


Snack Plate With Children's Hands Blue Diamond Almonds

Young Girl Holding Almond Up To Eye

Blue Diamond Cracker Dipped In Hummus

2 week old baby's feet

Family Laying on Picnic Blanket

Blue Diamond Cheese and Cracker Sandwhich

Brother and Sister Playing Chase

Young Boy and Girl holding hands looking at mountains

3 Year Old Girl Brushing Off Feet

Blue Diamond Wasabi Soy Sauce Almonds

Young Girl Natural Light Portrait

3 Sibling Children Laying On Picnic Blanket

Young Girl Stares At Her Baby Brother

2 Week Old Stick Tongue Out, Gets Poked In Chubby Cheek

Blue Diamond Almond Flavors

Over head vies of almond picnic lunch

Spring is here!  Thank goodness!!

Other than having to mow the lawn and deal with pollen, we’re SO thrilled that the weather is warming up!  Fall is hands down my favorite time of year (all of the perks of Spring but with less bugs here in Western North Carolina), but Spring holds a special place in my heart.  Picnics, trips to the park (without having to bundle up) and now, we get to take baby Porter outside with us.

Blue Diamond Almonds recently sent us a special little package to help us “Get Our Good Going” during the new season!  With flavors like Wasabi and Soy Sauce, Salt & Vinegar and Strawberry (my personal favorite), we’ve been eating these little snack packs nearly every day, giving us more time to spend OUTSIDE!  Oh and those Flax Seed crackers are wonderful dipped in hummus, with a wedge of full-fat cheese or on their own.

A perfect snack to take on the go….no matter what the season!  A special thanks to Blue Diamond for helping us make warm day memories!

QUESTION:  How do you “get your good going”??  What are some of your “go-to” healthy snacks??



April 16, 2014 in Baby, Blessings, Blog, Faith, Family, Kids by lindsaymwright

One of the neat things about blogging is that you can regularly see your analytics – what posts are most viewed, shared.  What day of the week most people read, where they’re coming from, etc.  It’s actually pretty cool (and something I used to obsess over – I rarely look at numbers these days).

Since November 15th, 2012, one of my TOP THREE most viewed posts has been this one.  Titled, “Devastated.”

It still hurts…

It also pained me to write a second, very similar post last April 30th, 2013.  Titled, “Devastated 2.”

When I tell you that Porter is a blessing, that he’s been WANTED and PRAYED FOR…I hope it makes sense.


This child…he’s my beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.


**Tomorrow I’ll have more pictures and in the days to come, a birth story!  Thanks in advance for letting us settle in as a family of 5.**

scenes from the weekend

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Phew!  This weekend was a whirlwind.

The last thing I feel like doing is sitting down to type (now, sitting down to watch Mad Men: Season Six is a completely different story).

Here’s a little peek into our weekend, filled with family (Travis’ sister got married!!), great food and fellowship.

Exhausting but really marvelous*!



































I’ll be back tomorrow with a 38 week pregnancy update!

QUESTION:  Tell me the best part of your weekend!!


*I’m linking up with my great friend, Katie, today!!  Check out more “Marvelous Monday” posts here!*