on getting beach body ready

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I was at Walmart yesterday and saw TWO magazines with the term “beach body.”  As in “get yourself beach body ready.”

Here’s the deal ->  If you’ve got a body, you’re ready for the beach.  Period.  Nobody is looking at you anyway – they’re all too busy sucking in their own stomachs.  Promise.  The whole point is to enjoy the scenery and the food and the people you’re with AT the beach.  Not to be worrying what you’ll look like in pictures.

We leave for the beach in just two weeks and I’m planning to LIVE IT UP!  I’m also planning on leaving any insecurities I might have at home.  I’ll be sporting a baby on my hip and a pink bikini on my body.  I might be skinnier than you.  I might be fatter than you.  I might look like a fool running after her kids on the sand.  I might forget to suck my gut in.  I might have cellulite that shows on my (very white) thighs.  I might just go running on the beach with double sports bras on and some short shorts.  Who knows!?!?

Milf on a Slip and Slide

No matter what, I’m going to have fun.  And as long as my body allows me to run and play and hop and be able to do all the things physically that I want it to do, I’ll be happy about that.  If you ask me, there’s nothing sexier than self confidence.  Why is this concept so hard for us women to grasp?!?  Ask any man and he’ll tell you – confidence goes a long way!  It just looks good on us.

I like myself.  And I like this body.  The one I have right this very second.  And that’s ok to say out loud.

I’m totally beach body ready. 

Are YOU?


my 10-day advocare cleanse

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I’m not sure if the title gave it away, but I’ve been up to something behind the scenes over here.  I’m sneaky that way.

I just finished a 10-day cleanse using the Advocare products.

I didn’t announce it on the blog or social media (or really to anyone but Katy – who did it with me, and Travis) because I honestly wasn’t sure what I thought about the cleanse.  As you know, I’m not a huge advocate of food challenges/cleanses/diets/etc.  They all seem so …short sighted?  Obsessive?  I don’t know.  With my history of ED and food restriction, I have to be really careful when it comes to these types of things.  When Janetha blogged about her Advocare experience last year and how much she loved it, I kept asking and asking questions.  She finally said, “Just do it.  Try it and see how you feel.”

So I did.

Now that my 10 days are up (I only did the 10-day cleanse – there is a 24-day challenge that many partake in), I’m ready to talk about my experience.  If you’re squished for time (this is a long one), I’ll give you the one sentence synopsis.  I LOVED IT and I’ll do it again! 

The 10-day Advocare Cleanse

The WHY?

The primary reason I signed up for the cleanse was to get my digestion back on track.  As I’ve shared before, I struggle with constipation issues and have for most of my adulthood (read more here).  I’ve tried so many things – giving up dairy, using enemas, acupuncture, colonics, etc – and while those things work short-term, I still struggle with “going” daily (it’s more like every 3-5 days!!).  Pregnancy and this current postpartum period have also thrown my digestion for a loop.  Some days are ok, some not.  Going into this cleanse, I just wanted to find a happy balance.

I knew I wanted to try the cleanse for that reason alone.  Having less bloat or better skin would be nice side bonuses, but they weren’t the primary goal.  In fact, as you’ll read below, I didn’t adhere to the prescribed diet during the 10 days.  I also didn’t weigh or take any measurements.  Like I said, I know myself enough to know that I should steer clear of diet plans.  Plus, I wanted to see what the products would do on their own.  If I’m going to be paying for products, I want to know that they’ll at least do some of the work, ya know!?  You’ll see that I did make some changes – but again, those were related to digestion and NOT cutting out food groups for calorie restriction.

The HOW?

As you know, I’m a nursing mom.  Advocare has a special “Nursing Mother” bundle that includes products that are safe to consume while nursing.  After reading some of the literature (and googling for other mom’s experiences, which were all positive), I honestly still wasn’t sure that I wanted to be taking any sort of products.  What if they made Porter gassy?  What if my milk supply decreased?  What if he grew horns?? Joking, but you get the concern here.  I said that if I noticed any sort of adverse effects on my son, I’d quit immediately.  All Advocare products are Informed Choice-approved and undergo the highest safety and quality checks – I found comfort in that but still wanted to use my own judgment.

I’m happy to say that I didn’t notice ANY changes in Porter whatsoever – in his stools, in his gas, in his behavior.  My milk supply didn’t decrease.  I did make one change to the cleanse by decreasing the amount of Spark they suggest from two per day to one per day because this product contains caffeine (the amount in one cup of coffee) and I was more comfortable with that amount.  My sister Katy, who is nursing, also saw no change in her daughter or her own milk supply.  I say all this because I know a lot of nursing moms out there who WANT to do the cleanse but who might be concerned and I wanted to give my experience with these products.   As always, you should use your best judgment and talk to your doctor.

After researching and deciding that I wanted to do the cleanse, I signed up to become a distributor (<-full disclosure here – that’s an affiliate link). This means you pay a yearly membership fee and get 20% off the products. You can also sell products, but that wasn’t (isn’t) the draw.  Just from Katy and my mom ordering things, I’ve already made back my $79 membership fee!


The “Nursing Mother” bundle consists of six products:

  1. Spark (an energy drink)
  2. Catalyst (an amino acid supplement)
  3. Fiber drink
  4. Probiotic Restore Ultra
  5. OmegaPlex
  6. Calcium Plus

Since I already take fish oil and a multivitamin, I didn’t order the last two products.  My kit arrived a couple of days after I ordered and Katy and I started on a Monday.

Here’s how it works (the “Nursing Mother” cleanse):


The cleanse comes with a prescribed meal plan. You eat real, whole foods and you eat OFTEN. The products are meant to work in conjunction with a whole foods approach – there is no calorie restriction or starvation. You’re told to drink at least a gallon of water a day (easy) and to avoid dairy, sugar, processed foods and coffee.


Here’s what I Did:

I tried to track everything using checkmarks (obviously..I love organization).




Some observations:

  • As you can see, some days I forgot to take all of the prescribed products (woops) but for the most part, I stuck to the suggested supplement intake.
  • I felt like the “no carbs after lunch”-thing was a bad choice for me so I added in a bedtime snack every day (usually cereal with unsweetened almond milk).
  • I ate whenever I felt hungry and while I didn’t cut out all processed foods (teddy grahams, cereal, M & M’s, etc.), my desire for them went down drastically.
  • I DID cut out dairy because I know from past experience that this helps with my poo problem.
  • The Peaches & Cream Fiber Drink tastes amazing!  I like the Grape Spark better than the Watermelon.

I guess you could say that I only half did this cleanse – I just tailored it to my own needs and went for it.  Katy actually adhered to the prescribed diet and had great results.  We took before and after pictures/measurements and she looks AMAZING!  I’m hoping she’ll let me share her story on the blog.

The Outcome

After 10 days, I feel GREAT.  My sugar cravings have decreased significantly (they were kinda out of control).  I have way more energy (I was relying on coffee far too often and I don’t think it was doing much for me).  As for my poo problem – completely gone!  I haven’t had a day that I didn’t “go” during AND after the cleanse (we ended last Wednesday).  For me, this is the BIGGEST benefit by far!

Because I know people are interested, I do notice a difference in the way some of my workout pants fit, especially around the waist.  I feel less bloated, less puffy.  I didn’t do the cleanse for weight loss purposes (nursing Porter is working well in that regard!) but to be able to easily fit into some of my old Lululemon pants is a nice bonus.


Slowly getting some of those abs to peek back through.

All in all, I’d highly recommend the Nursing Mom cleanse and I already have plans to do another in early Fall.  My mom just ordered the 24-day Challenge to prep for our upcoming beach trip!  If you want to learn more, go here.  If you have any questions or need help creating your own Advocare bundle, just email me and I’d be happy to answer.


QUESTION:  Have you ever tried any of the Advocare products?  Ever had problems with digestion/constipation?


two months postpartum {porter & i}

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Two months in!  I think we’ll keep him.

Life is going well for this family of five!  I was a little worried about jealousy issues (especially from Clara) when Porter came along but I’m SO happy to say that I haven’t seen even a hint!  They love him.  They dote on him.  They ask where he is first thing in the morning and last thing at night.  I just love it. 

Two Months Postpartum – Me


40 weeks/1 Month PP/2 Months PP

My Body



  • I weigh 150 pounds.  If you’ve read for a while, you know that I don’t weigh myself.  Welp…out of curiosity yesterday, I stepped on Travis’ bathroom scale.  I’d love to tell you that I’m 100% happy with where I’m at physically…but I’m not (it’s more like 80% happy).  I know some of you will roll your eyes about that comment (Colleen wrote a great post about this very topic) but I’m just being open and honest.
  • All that being said, I’m not making any drastic changes to lose weight (nor do I plan to).  I’m still eating whatever I want.  I’m working out daily and I feel FIT and STRONG.  I’m getting as much sleep as I can.  Basically, it would be nice to tighten things up but I’m not really doing anything extreme to get there.  My body will take care of itself.  If I really set my mind to it, I’m sure I could get that 6-pack back…but I’m not willing to put in any stressful work.  Does that make me lazy?  Content?  Whatever.
  • Nursing still makes me pretty hungry.  I’m eating and snacking all day long.  Mostly healthy…sometimes not.
  • I’m starting to get caught up on sleep (see Porter’s SLEEP section below!) and it makes a HUGE difference in my attitude.  I’m still getting broken sleep but I’m able to function normally during the day and don’t feel like I need to nap as much as I did the first month postpartum.
  • My hair is starting to fall out.  I remember this happening with Henry and Clara.  I need to start using the hair trap thingy that we have in the shower.

My Fitness/Workouts



  • I’m getting back to running!  This week, I made it a goal to get out the door for a short 15-minute run EVERY DAY before Travis heads to work.  So far, so good.  Gets the blood flowing and serves as prayer time for me.
  • Katy and I are still lifting weights 3 times a week.  We’ve added “finishers” to each workout and they’re definitely helping my cardiovascular capacity!  (would you like to see a few of these finishers?)
  • I thoroughly enjoyed working out with the other girls at Blend.  There’s nothing quite like group fitness, is there?!  Almost makes me want to get back to the gym…almost.

My Mind


  • I’m happy.  Content.  And a lot of stress has been taken off of my day-to-day now that Blend is over.
  • Postpartum hormones are still present (and will be for a few more months).  Some days I cry for no apparent reason but I quickly see this as hormonal and not anything wrong with life or the present situation.
  • I’m thinking about taking the month of July off from a lot of things.  I need a summer break – a time to be present with my kids and “put my feet up.”  We’ll see….stay tuned.


Moving on to the babe…

Two Months Old – Porter


1 Month/2 Months

Just like the last update, I’ll divide Porter’s update into three sections: EAT, AWAKE and SLEEP.  We use (and have used for all three kids) the Baby Wise method and it works well for us.  If you thrive off of schedules like me, you should look into this book (I also recommend, “Secrets of the Baby Whisperer.”  Both books follow the eat, awake, sleep cycles that work well in my opinion!)



  • Porter loves to nurse…simple as that.  As my MIL said, he is a little piggy.  He literally grunts ALL DAY LONG but especially when he nurses.  It’s like his most favorite thing to do.  Makes me smile.  I LOVE our nursing time too.
  • He nurses every 2 1/2 to 3 hours during the day.  He cluster feeds at night from about 5pm until 9pm.
  • Nurses on both sides and takes about 15 minutes total to become satiated.
  • Spits up like a champ – after every feeding, you HAVE to sit him upright and just wait for the inevitable spit up.  He’s also starting to drool.



  • Such a happy baby!  Easy going and laid back…very similar to Clara.
  • He’s SMILING!!  Started about 2 weeks ago.  You really have to work for it (think high animation) but he’ll smile and when he does, you can see his dimples.  Gah – what a cutie!
  • Likes:  Nursing, smiling, his brother and sister, being swaddled
  • Dislikes:  Being hungry, getting OUT of the bath



  • In every 3 hour cycle during the day, Porter takes a 1 1/2 –2 hour nap.
  • He has cut out one of his nighttime feedings (YAY!!!) – he goes down around 8pm, dream feeds at 10pm, gets up to nurse around 4:30 or 5am and then up for the day at 7:30 or 8am.
  • We swaddle.  He loves it. (here’s the one I use)
  • He’s still sleeping in his bassinet and takes most naps in his crib (in Henry’s room).  He’ll fall asleep anywhere though.


For more postpartum updates:

One Month


so you need a rest day

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I’m going to make this short and sweet because A) it’s Friday and who wants to read a long blog post on Friday, B) I have no time to write as I’ve AGAIN backed myself into a corner of being overbooked, and C) what I have to say today *should* be common knowledge already.

*Except that it isn’t.

I simply must speak up about something I see so prevalent around the healthy living blogging community, as well as at my gym. WE’RE NEGLECTING OUR BODIES BY OVERWORKING THEM. And sadly, we do so in the name of “healthy living”, broadcasting our over-exercise on Instagram and our blogs. As someone who has suffered from years of over-exercising and who is just now understanding the impact of what that’s done to my body, I can’t keep quiet any longer.


If you’re not taking a SOLID rest day** at least once per week, you’re hurting your body.

**I don’t mean an “active rest” day where you cross train and go hiking or walking instead of what you normally do. A rest day is one in which we put little to no stress on our central nervous systems. We REST.

Neglecting to take regular, habitual rest days will likely lead to injury, a feeling of being “burned out”, and can hinder performance. After properly resting, our bodies are better able to perform athletically and think critically – so in essence, doing nothing will help you be able to DO better!

I believe that TWO THINGS get in the way of us treating our bodies to the rest day(s) that they deserve.

1) We connect EATING with EXERCISING – two things that should be kept separate (aside from fueling purposes). We count the calories we burn while working out and connect that to our intake of food later in the day. How many times have you rationalized eating a donut just because you ran that day? What if you COULDN’T run anymore (or, as I’m trying to show in this post, you had to take a few rest days)? Would your eating habits change?

2) We COMPARE and CONTRAST. “I was going to take a rest day until I saw so-and-so’s post on Instagram.” “She’s working out harder than me!” “She doesn’t feel good but she’s “sweating out” a cold. I should do that!” <-This is a post for an entirely different day, but infuriates me nonetheless. There is no such thing as “sweating out” an illness – bobbycosh! You should be resting your CNS – trust me, you’ll heal much quicker through REST!


Next time you feel burnt out or you just want to take day off from exercising, DO IT! Realize that this isn’t a free pass for you to sit on your butt (something that is highly unlikely for most of the audience I’m speaking too), but rather a plea for us all to start honoring our bodies (mind, muscle, bone) that do so much for us. You can honor through exercise and you can honor through rest. Both are equally important.


QUESTION: How often do you take rest days? <-I completely rest every Sunday. Do you struggle with over-exercising? Under-exercising?


Resources you might find interesting:

What IS over-exercising?

REST: Ways to Improve Performance

one month after baby

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I just can’t believe it.  Porter is one month old! 

I look around at my kids sometimes and wonder where all the time went.  You can’t make it stand still and I’m kinda freaking out about the fact that Henry will be SIX this Fall?!!?  SERIOUSLY – Where did the time go?!?!!

I’m not sure how consistent I’ll be with these updates, but we’ll roll with it for as long as I remember.

One Month Postpartum – Me



My Body

  • Overall I’m super happy with how my body has adjusted during the past month. I have no idea how much I weigh, but I’m guessing it’s pretty close to my pre-pregnancy weight.  All the pieces are still there…things just look a little different.
  • As I told you, nursing and sleep deprivation make me extremely hungry so I’m usually munching on something throughout the day.  I always prefer sweets and carbs, but I definitely try to have a balanced diet as Porter gets what I pass on to him!  I’d say I’m eating between 2,000 and 2,200 calories, give or take.
  • I’m drinking around 100 ounces of water every day (which is pretty normal for me).
  • My boobs are larger than I’m used to, which makes running or jumping during workouts harder.  I just accommodate by wearing an extra sports bra.
  • For the most part, the postpartum bleeding has stopped.  My linea negra is still very visible as you can see above.
  • I’m running on 5-7 hours of broken sleep.  Most afternoons I lay down when Porter and Clara nap – sometimes I fall asleep and sometimes I make to-do lists in my head and have to get up.

**Truth time – I’ll randomly have the thought enter my head that I should amp up my workouts or decrease my sweets in these final weeks leading up to Blend.  But that quickly gets pushed away.  There will be no special diet or any special changes to make – I just wanted others out there to know that those thoughts still pass through my brain and that it’s ok to take control of them.**

My Fitness/Workouts*

  • I’ve been walking every day, anywhere from 2 to 5 miles.  I usually wear Porter in my ERGObaby carrier and push the older kids in our double stroller OR on shorter walks, Henry and Clara will ride their scooters.
  • Around the 3-week postpartum mark, I started lifting weights downstairs.  I think I’ve lifted four times now.  I can’t express how much I’ve missed these types of workouts.  All the sessions have been LIGHTWEIGHT/BODYWEIGHT and 20-30 minutes.
  • For the first time in months, I ran!!  Three miles.  Super sweaty.  Just what I needed.


My Mind

  • Mentally, I still feel like I’m struggling with postpartum hormones.  I definitely DO NOT have postpartum depression (I had this with Henry – should I write a post??) – just the normal hormones that come with a new baby.
  • Exercise and fresh air help!  Some days I cry.  Some days I’m totally fine.  Travis is definitely a trooper and my ROCK when it comes to this – he knows exactly when I need a chest to cry on.
  • Juggling three kids is hard.  But doable.  And I’m just so blessed to be able to do this job in the first place!



Let’s move on to the baby!

One Month Old – Porter


I’ll divide Porter’s update into three sections:  EAT, AWAKE and SLEEP.  We use (and have used for all three kids) the Baby Wise method and it works well for us.  If you thrive off of schedules like me, you should look into this book (I also recommend, “Secrets of the Baby Whisperer.”  Both books follow the eat, awake, sleep cycles that work well in my opinion!)


  • Porter is a chunky monkey.  I’m not sure how much he weighs today, but at his one week checkup, he had gained nearly TWO pounds!
  • He exclusively nurses every 2 to 3 hours during the day AND night. <-I’m currently writing a “Breastfeeding Q & A”-post!  If you have any breastfeeding questions, please leave them in the comments!  I should have it up on Monday!
  • He typically nurses at 7AM, 10AM, 1:30PM, 4PM, 7PM, 10PM (dream feed), 1AM, 4AM.  A total of EIGHT times per day.
  • It takes him about 20 minutes to “empty” both breasts.
  • He is considered a “happy spitter,” meaning he spits up (a ton) but doesn’t fuss about gas or reflux and is gaining weight.



  • Porter is a CONTENT and HAPPY child!
  • He spends his awake time in his swing, on his Boppy or on my lap.  He LOVES to grunt and is a very loud baby.
  • Likes:  His car seat, his brother and sister, taking baths, his mama’s voice, the way his daddy holds in on his forearm.
  • Dislikes: Being hungry.002


  • In every 3 hour “cycle” (eat, awake, sleep), Porter sleeps around 1 1/2 to 2 hours right now.
  • We swaddle.  He loves it.  (here’s the one I use)
  • He can fall asleep most anywhere, but we prefer to lay him down in his bassinet (which is currently in our closet…remember the grunting?!) just before he knows he’s sleepy.
  • We started off co-sleeping (Weeks 1 &2) but he is now exclusively in his bassinet at night (except when I bring him to bed to nurse – we “side nurse” while I doze in and out of sleep). 005


QUESTION:  Anything changed in your life in the last month??  Remember to leave me a comment if you have a BREASTFEEDING question for next week’s post!


*The workouts I’m doing are what work for ME.  If you’re recovering from childbirth, listen to your own body and make your own adjustments.

i miss the gym

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I know I’m only 4 weeks postpartum but I miss the gym.

I miss the classes.  The people.

I miss having someone watch my kids while I take an hour to myself.

I miss showering while someone watches my kids.

I miss sweating.  Like really sweating.

I miss having that thing that we do every morning (and my kids do as well – they thrive off of routine).

All that said, I’m enjoying my time away and I’m no where near ready to go back.  To think about leaving Porter ….it’s FOR SURE too early.  Even though he’ll be able to stay in kid zone two weeks from now (the minimum age is 6 weeks), I know that it’ll be too soon for our family.  I can barely make it out the door most days and to say I’ll be somewhere at a certain time seems laughable right now.

We’ll get there.



And until then, daily walks will have to do.  Plus I’ve got a sweet little setup in the basement.  Yesterday, I chose to take 30 minutes (that I could have spent napping) and I snuck downstairs for an upper body/ab workout (squats are a NO GO, friends. Winking smile).  If there’s anything that changes my attitude, it’s lifting weights.  I didn’t overwork myself or really even sweat too hard, but just the act of doing something that has been ROUTINE for me for the past TEN YEARS felt amazing.

Like home.

Like I could go back upstairs and handle anything the kids could throw at me.

If exercise, for just 30 minutes a day, can do that ….why wouldn’t we choose to do it?!?!

It’s definitely my drug of choice.

QUESTION:  Why do YOU work out?