on stepping out, stepping back and desiring God’s will for our lives

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You ever get that feeling that you really have no idea what you’re doing?

Like yeah, you’ve got your basic movement patterns down and you can do the day-to-day stuff ok, but sometimes there’s this blaring-obvious-flashing sign that says, “You can’t do this alone.”

That’s me.

(And probably you.)


(m&m’s help)

I find myself constantly praying this:

“Just show me your will, Lord God.”

Sometimes I’ll even add on…”Just make it REALLY obvious and easy for me to see.  Like take Your big hand and a big yellow marker and mark the path for me.  Can ya do that?!”  I think life would be much easier if it was set up that way – if some of the choice was taken out.  It hurts my brain to make choices.  But it isn’t like that.  We ARE given a choice everyday to either seek His will or to live outside of it.

We have so many choices to make.

What school to send our kids to (or whether or not to homeschool them)?  What’s the best church for us?  What career path should we go down?  Where should we put our energy?  Where should we put our money?  So many questions, so many different paths.  (And I’ve been making A LOT of big ones lately!!)

So how do we know which one to take?!!? 


We’re told that He has plans to prosper and not to harm (Jeremiah 29:11).  So we know that His plans are for GOOD.

We’re also told that He has a FUTURE and a HOPE for us (Jeremiah 29:11). So we know that those plans are thought through, not by mistake.

Stepping Out

Here’s what I think:  There are many paths to choose from and I don’t think God has that certain perfect path, the only that’s “right.”  I think that He’ll bless any path that you go down WHEN YOU’RE SEEKING HIS WILL.  I believe He’ll shower us with peace and strength when we ask for it, no matter what.  I believe the value comes from our SEEKING and our PRAYING, more so than whether or not we choose the “right” thing.

I think so often we remain stagnant or afraid to take that next step because we’re really not sure if it’s God’s will for us.  Fear of the unknown holds us back. It shouldn’t.   If you’re thinking about taking a big step, make sure you’ve got these four things in mind:

1) PrayerAre you talking with Father and seeking His will?  What does the Bible say?

2) Listening to the Holy Spirit –  You’ve already got a “sense” that this is the right or wrong path.  Listen to that Holy Spirit whisper.

3) Seeking counsel from mentorsAre you seeking wisdom from your husband and/or others in your life who can give you sage advice?

And lastly,

4) Learning from past mistakes (“wrong paths”) Does this new choice look eerily similar to something you later found out was all wrong?  Learn from your past mistakes and steer clear of those things that pull you away from your calling.

Stepping Back

I shared the big Yogurt/Coffee shop news on Monday (go back and read to catch up).  And I also said that if this new venture was too stressful on our family then I’d simply walk away.  THIS IS STEP #4 THAT I JUST DESCRIBED – “learning from past mistakes.”  Been there.  Done that.


Don’t get me wrong – I’ve prayed A LOT about this new venture and for all the aspects that surround it and I don’t think I’m doing this on accident.  But I’m really not certain yet if this is what God has planned for us long-term.  I just don’t know.  Sometimes you don’t.  What I DO KNOW is that I’m called to be a wife/mother/ homemaker first.  I know for certain that I’ve made that “right” decision.  I also know that when things pull me away from that role and cause too much tension and stress then they probably aren’t right for us.  I’m confident enough in my most important job to know that all the other jobs I might have don’t really matter.

Right now I’m just taking everything one day at a time.  And praying a lot.  And running to Travis.  (and drinking obscene amounts of coffee)


I write all this to encourage you if you’re facing a big life decision.  You’re not going into it alone and you’re not going to screw up something so bad that you can’t ever be redeemed (unless you murder someone or embezzle a million dollars, then you’re probably going to jail…but even then, there’s grace…I digress. Winking smile).  I also write this all out because it’s really important for me to continually live an intentional, purposeful life.  Writing it out and sharing with you helps me with that.  Cheap therapy.


weekend scenes

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Hello friends!

It’s currently Sunday afternoon and I’m soaking up the last little bits of this weekend.  Porter and Clara are snoozing away (P should wake up soon to nurse), Henry is playing MineCraft on my bed, and Travis is editing pictures beside me on the couch.  We’ve got an episode of The Office (the original BBC one) on in the background but neither of us are really watching it – just casually laughing at jokes when we happen to hear them.  Do you do this too?  Sit down to watch something and then get on your computer or phone and play around?  I’m not a fan but it happens all the time.  No wonder it takes us 3 or 4 hours to watch a movie.

Anyway, I thought I’d pop in real quick and share some pictures I’ve snapped since Friday.  Nothing terribly awesome or important happened this weekend ….which usually means we actually got some REST.  Enjoy!






























QUESTION:  What does your typical Sunday look like??


on blogging, lists and i don’t even know what else

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I feel like writing and I have the time (!!!) but I don’t really have a prompt today.  This means I just start typing.  I kinda love this style of blogging – the day-to-day rambly kind.  You don’t find blogs that are rambly anymore.  Everything is sponsored.  I totally get the appeal (and I myself have several sponsored posts lined up in the coming months – there is decent money to be made and some really neat products to review) but some of my favorite posts to READ are the ones that just talk about daily life.  I started reading Peas and Thank You (which is sadly no longer in existence) like 4 years ago during Henry and Clara’s naptime.  I remember putting them both down (they napped at the same time and for like 2 solid hours – it was bliss!), getting an afternoon snack and coffee and sitting down on our futon (miss that thing).  I read every word that Sarah Matheny wrote.  Every single word.  I know nothing about vegan cooking or baking but she had this VOICE to her blogging that just made you want to read more.  She inspired me to start this blog (along with Janetha and Katie).

I rarely have time these days to actually sit down and produce anything worth reading.  I usually find little 5-minute windows of opportunity throughout the day and they all somehow add up to a blog post.  I actually started with the intention of making everything into a LIST.  Like “Top 10 Reasons to Paint Your Nails Blue.”  I can only think of one right now and it’d have to be Carolina Blue and you’d have to be actually attending a game or sitting on your couch (or futon) and cheering the Heels on.  Anyway, lists are like my jam.  I have three lists going on right now.  One for groceries (Silk almond milk, Honeycomb cereal and spinach – staples), one for MoveMore and one for today’s tasks.  Call me crazy but I like to add things like “breathing” or “sex” to the list – things I know I’ll get accomplished and then strike through each item like a champ.  Sometimes I draw little boxes beside each item and then put a checkmark in there, but that’s rare.

I do feel the need to put some sort of image in every post.  I don’t really know why.  In most WordPress themes, you’re supposed to set a “Featured Image” so if you don’t have one uploaded that just stays blank I guess.  Seems like every post should have at least one visual.  When I have Henry sit down to write out a story, I always make him illustrate it.  Mostly because he HATES drawing but is really pretty good at it and I want to encourage him to grow in that area.  He always draws with yellow.  I can have a 64-crayon box (that’s the big one) in front of him and his hand will go for that yellow crayon.  It’s not my favorite (kelly green…that’s my favorite color).  I’m gonna put in a picture right below this just so there is one.



Did you know that I have over 160 drafts in my dashboard.  Mom, the dashboard is the place that stores all my posts. 160 times I’ve sat down to write something and either A) didn’t finish writing or B) felt like the post wasn’t ready to be published.  Sometimes I go back and finish something but 90% of the time I just leave my thoughts sitting there.  I have a recipe for Monkey Bread.  LOL.  Like seriously one of the easiest recipes EVER and one that you can find anywhere on line but I thought it would be worth my time to share because you never know how many people haven’t ever eaten Monkey Bread (you should).  I see that as a problem in the blogging world – too many posts that say the exact same thing.  There are probably 2,000 posts out there with recipes for Monkey Bread but you think your addition of saffron will make someone click on your link.  (Excuse me while I google “saffron” and see if that’s even something you’d put in the bread.  No.  No, do NOT put saffron in your Monkey Bread.)  What sometimes stops me from giving advice on fitness or motherhood or whatever is that while I KNOW these things, I wouldn’t consider myself an “expert.”  Aren’t we all just learning!??!  Do I really have anything new and profound to add??  Don’t most people already know how to perform a proper squat or about teething and ways to soothe your baby??

I’m finding that no.  No, they don’t.  With an endless internet of countless pages, there is always someone out there that isn’t informed.  Maybe I should start writing more about the simple things like how I make my Crockpot chicken or what Microsoft LiveWriter is and why you need it.  Maybe that will be new information to someone.

Oh my word.  I don’t even know what this post is about but Porter just started crying so I must go.  No time to edit – if there are errors, you can fine me 1 million dollhairs.

All this to say, hi.  I love that you read this blog.  I love writing it.  And I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


playing legos

October 8, 2014 in Blessings, Blog, Homeschooling, Intentional Living, Kids, Motherhood by lindsaymwright

I’d estimate that Henry spends an hour (or two) playing with Legos each and every day.  The way that I homeschool allows for free play at various times throughout the day (read:  we school for 20, play for 10) and Henry’s preferred “play” is Legos.  I’ve yet to break it to him that he’s actually learning SO much while he plays.

How Legos provide a great school experience:

  • Lego provides tools that develop lateral thinking in a fun environment.
  • Teaches kids to think in three dimensions.
  • Improves literacy as kids work with instructions.
  • Develops problem-solving, organization, and planning by construction.
  • Improves creativity.
  • Enhances communication and critical thinking.
  • Boosts kids motor development.



As a mama who wants all of those things for her son, I’m SOLD.  And Henry is SOLD as a builder.  This kid, you guys.  He is amazing when it comes to building with Legos.  Yesterday (like most every day), he invited me into the front room to watch him build.  I usually brush him off because …you know, I’ve got a billion other more important things to do like play around on Instagram or watch New Girl.  But yesterday I chose a different path and plopped my pajama-clad bottom down with my son.

When you “play Legos” one person is the builder (Henry) while the other person is the helper (me).  The helper simply picks up the Legos that are needed next and holds them in their hand while the builder goes to work.  In being the helper, I was able to just sit there and watch my son’s brain work.


I learned a few things.

Henry is patient.  He took his time and didn’t become flustered when the pieces didn’t line up correctly or something fell apart.  Twice I noticed he calmed himself down by taking a big breath and refocusing.

Henry has a great memory.  The set we worked on yesterday was one that he’s done probably 10-15 times.  He didn’t need to look at the instructions (but he did because he wanted to make 100% sure it turned out right – Type A like his mother).


Henry is really fun to be around.  As he built and as I sat helping, he cracked a couple of jokes that made me genuinely laugh.  The kid is six years old and I enjoy hanging out with him.  I know you’re rolling your eyes and saying pat yourself on the back, you like your son….but have you ever met a six year old boy?!?  They aren’t always the best.  But he IS.014

I also learned that if I don’t take the time to be more of a “YES mom” to my kids I’ll be missing out on some really important stuff.  Overall I’m pretty good at being present these days (that’s taken quite sometime to learn if you’ve been following along for the past few years) but I can always use a reminder.

“Playing Legos” – it’s been added to my task list.

QUESTION:  Ever play with Legos??  What was your game of choice growing up?


loving lately

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I haven’t done one of these Loving Lately posts in quite some time.  I always enjoy reading these posts on other blogs (it’s how I discovered my coveted PedEgg!)) so I hope you find something that you like!  Some of the links are affiliated, some aren’t –> as ALWAYS, we thank you for supporting our ice cream habit.


New Parks & Rec!

Travis and I are eating up all the new Parks & Rec episodes on Netflix.  I almost feel like we should ration them (is that silly?!?) but we can easily watch 3 or 4 per night.  We ALWAYS put the kids down at 8pm, get our cereal and plop down on the couch for our shows.  It’s our THING.


Spoiler alert:  I am a little sad to see Rob Lowe leave.  Of course I would relate to his health-nut character.

Under Armour SpeedForm running shoes

Finishline recently sent me the new Under Armour SpeedForm Apollo running shoes to test out.  Check out the colors!



These lightweight running shoes (only 5.2 ounces!!) are made out of a breathable, mesh material on top and offer a spring-loaded sole on the bottom.  I’ve been wearing them around to run errands just to break them in and will be taking them down to the track tomorrow for some speed work with my Trackstars group.  I love how light they feel while also providing support!  I’m not sure I’d wear them for any runs over 3 miles or so but they’ll work perfectly for shorter, speed-focused runs!

Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING!!

I’ve been adding pumpkin spice to anything and everything lately.  Yogurt, pancakes, even CEREAL.  Fall is my favorite season and it just screams PUMPKIN SPICE.  Febreeze Pumpkin Spice air spray – we have that.  Pumpkin Spice K-Cups – yep, those too.  It’s almost comical to see all the pumpkin-scented/tasting things out on the market.  We tend to take things a little overboard, no? Smile

My MoveMore girls

I love my MoveMore clients!  I’m sure I overuse this word but FELLOWSHIP is a truly wonderful thing.  I would call myself a loner – I like to be alone and I’m content going day to day without much interaction with other people.  But I also love having close friends and people to share workouts, meals, and chit chat with.  I really think we were created to interact and love on one another.

Planning Blend 2015

Speaking of fellowship, we’re getting things together for the 2015 Blend RetreatMark your calendars for May 15th-17th!  Early bird tickets will go on sale SOON (probably first of November) and space is limited since we’ll be back at Chautauqua park again.  I’ll be sure to let you know when those tickets go on sale!

Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Caramel


A bag square a day keeps the doctor away.  I live this mantra.

“The Best Yes”

The Refresh Summit is coming up (November 14th-16th…I’m speaking!) and we were encouraged to read Lysa Terkeurst’s book “The Best Yes” so we could discuss it at the retreat.  It’s worth every penny!  I cut out SO much last year when I took my blog/work break but I constantly feel that pull to say yes to more and more things.  I’m now three chapters in and I cry while reading it – the message just speaks volumes to my spirit.  If you have a hard time saying no to trivial things (even to the not-so-trivial things that seem great), you need this book.

the best yes

QUESTION:  What’s one thing YOU’RE loving lately??


an easy reader

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The process of teaching a child to read is …. interesting.  A struggle at times but with THE BEST rewards for both mama and child.  The foundations are laid loooong before the child ever reads his or her first word.  I’m already teaching Porter to read.  That may seem silly but studies show that children who are read to during early infancy have a better aptitude for learning letters, their sounds and then piecing those sounds together to form words.

Last year was our first homeschooling year.  I wanted to prove that I could do this – that I could teach my children.  That’s the sad part – there is a level of success that you need to show.  You must beat the critics.  Any homeschooling mom feels this pressure – any teacher feels this pressure.  So with the help of my MIL, I set out to teach Henry to read.  I gave us until Christmas (because I can’t half-ass anything).  Using Sing, Spell, Read & Write and as many workbooks as I could get my hands on, Henry and I set out on this adventure.  He won.  He learned how to read.  I helped but only in the most minute way.  I realize not all learning experiences have that satisfaction – we certainly had our own moments of frustration and angst.  But we stuck with it.  We read book after book after book.  Then we read some more books.  I got to watch his little brain work, sounding out each letter and then forming those sounds into actual words.  Oh my word.  It was (still is) a beautiful, GRATIFYING thing.

A year later and my son is reading chapter books with ease.  Yesterday I came up with the idea that our afternoon assignment would be to create an easy reader book.  From storyline to spelling to illustration, Henry did it allALL!

I just sat back, mesmerized by the grace that God has poured out on this endeavor.  He’s blessing this decision to teach.  To be home during these precious years.  He’s blessing this time.  All I can do is humble myself and lay down all my notions of perfection and the idea that I must prove myself because that’s so ridiculous.  All I can do is open up my arms and ask for more.  Because I have nothing to give.  Read that again: I have nothing to give.  I need more.  Patience, drive, grace, love, desire. 

More God.  MORE.

And He just keeps pouring….