monday’s confessions

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Hello Monday.  And hello YOU!

How was your weekend?  Do anything FUN?

Ours was pretty low key with most of the usuals – Trackstars, pancakes, lots of time outside, church on Sunday – all great except when I sat down to write my typical “On the Weekends, We”-post, I didn’t have any pictures to show you.  Well three.  I had three pictures.

I kinda love that I forgot.

Sometimes it’s nice to just BE PRESENT in those moments instead of hitting pause, running into the other room to get your phone, running back and then saying, “Ok, can you do that great thing again?”  It’s not special anymore.  (Someone seriously needs to invent those blinky-eye-camera things that I talked about before.)  My people deserve much more of my time.

Anyway, I’m in the mood to share some truths with you this fine morning.  Share a couple of YOURS in the comments so that we can both feel better, mmkay?!

Monday’s Confessions

I confess that I alone have eaten an entire pan of brownies since last Wednesday.

I confess that I loved every bite.  Chocolate just makes me so happy.  (I also confess that I found dark chocolate around my mouth MANY times last week and just licked it off instead of using a napkin.)

I confess that Porter is thinning out a bit and it makes me sad.  I love a rolly-polly baby.

I confess that looking at March’s upcoming schedule makes my head spin.


I confess that I need to take something off my plate.  I know what it needs to be but I just haven’t made up my mind to step away.

I confess that I actually just added one more thing to my schedule.  A SPARTAN RACE!!  Very excited.  More info to come

I confess that Travis’ manbun has me like whoa.


I confess that I spent a good 20 minutes just examining my face yesterday.  Tweezing hairs, picking at my skin, making funny faces to see what they look like to other people.

I confess that I need to stop making some of these funny faces or I’ll lose friends.

I confess that I actually don’t have friends.

I confess that I’m ecstatic that I can fit into some of my older workout pants, even though I wrote this post on Friday.  Not really from a vanity point but more from a, “now I don’t have to buy new pants”-point.  Because I need a minivan.

I confess that I’m ready for Spring.  Like OH SO READY.  We’re never coming back inside once it’s nice.


I confess that I think I broke my hand a month ago (doing a box jump) and that I never got an xray or went to the doctor.  It still hurts and I need to have it examined.  :/

I confess that I’m counting down the days until Blend Retreat and our extended vacation.  <-btw, we still have a couple of tickets left!  Come play with us in Colorado!

I confess that I’m currently writing this post on Sunday so these are technically Sunday’s confessions.  Tricked ya.

That’s all I got for today.  Errr..yesterday.

QUESTION:  Finish the sentence.  I confess……


on the weekends, we….

February 23, 2015 in Blog, On the weekends by lindsaymwright

On the weekends, we….


…brave wicked cold temps (4 degrees!!!) to sweat.


…scare onlookers.


…date our sons.


…spot Elsa.


…date our daughters.




…eat blueberry pancakes.


…watch it “snow” and demand a re-try.


…perfect the HEALTHIER Stove Top Cookie (aka “no-bakes”, “cow patties”).  Recipe coming TOMORROW!


…break out of the house (SOLO) to walk as slowly as we can up and down every aisle of Big Lots.


…win the award for sweetest baby.


…update our blog.  My “About” page was outdated by a year and a half.  whoops.


…get inspired.


…spend a LOT of time on the couch.


…write lists.  Lots of lists.


…learn our lines.


…spend time at church with our best buds.


…eat lunch together and then spend the rest of the day straight chilling (plus laundry, cleaning, baths, prepping for the week ahead).

Our weekends = I love ‘em!

QUESTION:  What’d you do this weekend??


on the weekends, we… {valentines edition}

February 16, 2015 in Blog, On the weekends, we... by lindsaymwright

On the weekends, we….


…get our “hay-yoy” cut.  But only a “yittle.”


…bathe in basil and peanut sauce.


…model the latest fashions.


…realize that a good sense of humor trumps money and gifts any day.  (also realize I’ll need to be quicker if I want to taste any treats!)


…sweat with the special people in our lives.  <-seriously, so blessed.


…make these pancakes.


…go on dates.


…remember that taking a 10-month old to a place that ONLY sells breakable items probably isn’t smart.


…go on more dates.


…do some light reading….from last Fall.


…consider buying stock in these funny shoes.  We could jazz them up a bit, add rhinestones…


…take long walks.




…clean the “self-cleaning” fish tank.  Yeah.


…spend Valentine’s Day night with family.  The best.


…consume massive amounts of sugar and fat.


…make lists.  “milk, legos, new home, egg whites, apples, bread, a ticket to the lego shop.”


…watch enough Gilmore Girls to kill a dead cow.  (just go with it)


…diffuse any oil that will get rid of this lingering 5-day cold.


…drink 20 cups of Throat Coat and only break the string off 19 of them.


…thank God for blessings.

…make Paleo Pizza Spaghetti Pie and then put cheese on top because it’s ironic and we love irony.


QUESTION:  What’d you do for Valentine’s Day?  You answer.  On the weekends, I….


you asked, i answer {part I}

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Happy Tuesday, my friends!!

If you read last week, you might remember that I had an “Ask Me Anything” post.  Nothing was off limits (and by golly, some of you took that VERY literally. Smile  I chuckled quite a bit, but again, I said no limits and I’m going to answer every question).  There were SO many questions that I’m going to have to divide them up into two (maybe three) posts.  Enjoy!

Ask Me Anything


Name:  Kristy H.
Question:  Have you always been spiritual?  When were you saved?  Everyone has a story.

ANSWER:  Great question!  I grew up in a house where my mom took us (sister and I) to church every Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday night.  She was so faithful and so committed (which I am extremely thankful for now as an adult!).  We attended a great Pentecostal church (belief in the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, prophesy).  I asked Jesus into my heart when I was in the 7th grade.  But even though I was raised in the church and had always loved God, I’d say my REAL relationship began after I got married (and it grew even DEEPER after I had kids – kids will test your faith).  I could go on and on about faith and what I believe – it impacts everything in my life.


Name:  Karen P
Question:  Do you plan/hope to have more children?  Yours are so adorable and you are a great mom!

ANSWER:  YES!  I’d like to have more children.  Honestly, after nine months of nausea with Porter, I wasn’t completely sure I could do it again.  Those thoughts quickly vanished (along with the nausea) after I saw him.  I love being a mama.  (and thank you, Karen, for saying I’m good at it.  The HIGHEST compliment to me.)



Name:  Anonymous

Question:  What’s your favorite food?

ANSWER:  How to answer this correctly?!?  I have to break it down into genres…sorry.

  • Favorite sweet:  Underbaked brownies (cookies n’ cream ice cream on top too). 
  • Favorite salty:  scrambled eggs with American cheese.  Oh and anything grilled (cheeseburgers, chicken, etc)
  • Favorite veggie:  carrots or broccoli. 
  • Favorite fruit:  any berry.


Name:  Erin
Question:  I love the relationship you and your husband seem to have.  How do you keep the romance alive after so many years (and three kids!) together?

ANSWER:  I love our relationship too!!  Smile  So Travis and I have known each other for 13 years and have been married for almost 10 (we met in college).  Our love is so complex and precious to me that it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes it work…but I’ll try.  I firmly believe that the key to our marriage is our relationship with God.  I KNOW that God speaks through Travis to me.  I KNOW that I’m honoring God when I serve Travis (and let me tell you – sometimes this is TRULY hard).  Travis knows that by taking care of me, he’s obeying God’s command.  Travis knows that he’s my head – and I know that too. 




I TRUST Travis.  Everyday I choose to trust that he’s leading us in the right direction.  I trust that he’ll take care of me.  Even if it somehow happened that Travis wasn’t trustworthy, the act of ME TRUSTING HIM (because I believe that’s also a way of me showing my trust in God) is enough.  Travis loves me so much that he won’t make me regret placing my trust in him. 

When I started casting off ideas of equality and feminism, our marriage really started flourishing.  Roll your eyes if you want but God blesses women when they serve.  He just will.

Other things that help:  having lots of sex, truly listening, encouraging one another in individual passions/desires, taking on parenting as a team.


Name:  Clarke Y.
Question:  Do you color your hair?

ANSWER:  Funny you ask.  I just talked about this last week!  I DON’T color my hair – it’s naturally dark brown (just like my dad’s) but I’m starting to see some grey.  I’m actually going on Friday to get a cut and color.  Can’t wait to see how it turns out!


This is the look I’m going for!


Name:  Amy
Question:  What are some good body weight exercises for “lumpy” butts with cellulite?

ANSWER:  “Lumpy butts” made me laugh out loud.  Smile  The simple answer:  You can’t spot reduce and you’ll need to change your diet if you want to see cellulite reduction (less processed foods, little to no sugar, more water).  BUT there are exercises that can increase your muscle mass in your booty, thus giving you a firmer rump.


Some of my favorite BODYWEIGHT exercises:  Goblet Squat, Walking Lunges, Step-Ups, Romanian Deadlifts & Curtsy Lunges!  Oh and anything that plays around with tempo and pulses makes for a great glute burn!


That’s all I have time to answer today!   Have a fabulous day, friends!

QUESTION:  My turn to ask:  What’s YOUR favorite food??


you ask. i’ll answer.

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I laugh at some of the search terms that land people here on LL.  Some of the best ones:

donkey kicks <-omgosh. I miss Tuesday Trainer!!  I spy Katie, Janetha, Paige, Bex and so many others!  Should I bring this feature back???

just do it”  <-still love this post

Vizzini<-my kids were so little. :(

Lose the baby weight”  <-I desperately need to update this page.  Hello third baby.

and my personal favorite “My friend’s hot mom.”  

Another one of the top searches - “Ask Me Anything.”  A year (maybe two) ago, I had a little series where people asked me all sorts of personal questions and I answered.  It was great fun – answering all the questions helped me share myself and my life and the readers loved being nosey getting and inside look.

Welp…I’m bringing it BACK!

You ask.  I’ll answer! 


What’s your regular work out schedule?

How many years did you play with Barbies?

What is your favorite color?  Food?  Movie?

Do you (still) pick your nose?

Hit me with anything you want to know.  I can’t promise that I’ll answer EVERYTHING (I’m imagining some catty or disrespectful questions could be asked), but I WILL to be open and honest on just about any question.  Use the box below to submit your questions (anonymously if you’d like – just write “anonymous” in the Name field) and later this week, I’ll have a follow-up post with my answers.

Annnndd….ASK AWAY!


four facts friday

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I gotta be real here for a second.

I opened up LiveWriter (during the 10 minutes of free “ME-time” I had today) and I just stared at the darn screen for like…ever.  Nothing.  I have nothing to say that will add to the world.  No tips that will make you a better person.  No recipe.  No workout.

So I’m not going to push it.

Actually, I DO have all of those posts in my head.  I have lots to say about all sorts  of things.  I create workouts that would be perfect to share with you – you could pin them to your fitness Pinterest board (you have one of those I assume).  Ideas.  I have tons.  They just can’t seem to find their way down to my fingertips and out onto the screen.  Like it’s a struggle to find the energy to sit down in this online space.

So for today, I have four (short) things to share.


1)  I’m going to bake something today and I’m (oddly) excited.  Travis is finally done with his 24 Day Advocare Challenge and we’re going to LIVE IT UP! Smile  We both started together a few weeks ago (I did the the 10 Day Nursing Mom and he did the regular 24 Day Challenge) but since I wanted to be a supportive wife, I haven’t bought ice cream or cake or candies (actually I do have some candy stashed away).  Travis lost like 13 pounds by the way – he’s a super hero when it comes to sticking to the rules.  Anyway, the challenge is over and the brownie game is on!  Now to decide which ice cream to get (probably whatever’s on sale).

2)  I need a pedicure.  Or I need to at least sit down and take these last few wisps of polish off my toes.  I’d take a picture but nobody needs to see it.

3)  Yesterday was a rest day. I gladly took it.  With Trackstars in the morning and MoveMore groups in the afternoon, there are days when I get two workouts in.  I never (ever) want to fall back into the habit of overexercising so I’m very purposeful with TRUE rest days.  I don’t do much of anything.  Here’s a good post on rest and why it’s SO important.  I try to take two days a week.

4)  Short story.  We never buy bread.  We just don’t eat bread.  Anytime I have a loaf it gets moldy halfway through so I just stopped buying it.  Well when we were at the store last week, Henry INSISTED that his new favorite snack is toast with butter and honey.  He’s never had this snack at my house so I’m not sure where he got the idea but we bought bread nonetheless (because toast and butter and honey sounds awesome…and it IS.  It IS awesome).  For the past week, he comes to me at EXACTLY 2:45pm (he has a wrist watch – analog, so we’re not coddling him) and reminds me that it’s snack time and he wants his toast.  I get the supplies out, make the toast, and then sit the plate down in front of him.  He takes his time eating it (which never happens) and yesterday he looked up at me and said (and I quote), “Mom, you are the BEST chef we’ve had in this family.”  You guys!!  I’m the best chef. Smile



That’s all I got.  Have the best weekend.  Live it up.  Eat some brownies.  Sleep.  Get your toes done.

And come back refreshed on Monday.


QUESTION:  Tell me something, anything.