let me tell you what’s cool

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I have a lot of cool things to say today but first let me tell you what’s NOT cool.  This exhaustion that I’m feeling.  Blah.  Today marks day 3 of doing the show (after two weeks of pretty solid rehearsals) and I am pooped.  I thought it was just my old age but Henry seems to be yawning a whole bunch too so I don’t feel so bad.  Anyway, today we have TWO shows (the first at 10:30am, the second at 7:30pm) so I need to wake up!  Wake up, Lindsay!!!!

I think it’s really cool….

…when you wake up and just know it’s gonna be a good day based on what the weather looks like.

…when you get to the end of the cereal bag and there are those tiny broken pieces mixed with all the leftover sugar that fell off.  Clara and I always call dibs on the end of the bag.

…when you’re with a good friend and you don’t have to talk and you just KNOW that you’re on the same page.

…when your daughter thinks you’re cool.

image1 (5)

…when all the stars align and you can make it through each and every red light.  And it’s double cool when you’re running super duper late (as I always am).

…when you can look back at old pictures of your extremely skinny high school-self and feel so blessed with how much you’ve grown up and out.

…when people are a little nerdy.

…when people show their vulnerabilities.

…when people smell good instead of bad.

…when Clara calls people “humans.”  Example:  Me – “Clara, who did you sit by during the show?”  Clara – “Well it was this girl human but I didn’t really know her name.”

…when you finish your workout and there’s just this sense of amazing accomplishment.  And it’s triple cool when you can do it with other people around you.

image1 (3)

…when you reach the end of the movie and want to watch it again.  (this was NOT the case with the new Annie movie that the kids talked me into getting even though I knew it would be horrible.  Poor Cameron Diaz…)

…when numbers are even.  Odd numbers are just….odd.

…when your husband lets you sleep in until 8am.  And it’s quadruple cool when he leaves the Keurig on because he knows you cannot (will not) function without coffee.

…when it’s Friday and you only have THREE more shows to complete and then a long season of rest ahead.

image1 (4)

Lastly, I think it’s really cool that you read this little blog and see our family and know who we are.  Four years strong – I’m glad you come back each and every week!

QUESTION:  What about YOU??  Finish the sentence – I think it’s really cool when…..


{totally stolen} healthy living quiz

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Happy Wednesday! 

Aristocats kicks off today and I cannot tell you how exciting the buzz is right now in our house.  It’s electric (boogey oogey oogey)!  Henry is just beside himself which makes Clara extra bouncy which puts smiles on our faces as parents (Porter just kinda sits there and eats stuff off the floor).  The next few days are PACKED with some morning and evening shows so I’m not sure when I’ll check back in – hopefully I’ll snag some show pictures to share!


(at dress rehearsal)

I saw this survey on Tina’s blog yesterday and totally had to steal it.  (<-did I mention I get to hug her in like 6 weeks at Blend?!?!  Can’t wait!)  The survey is a fun mix of healthy living and lifestyle.  Chime in on the comments with some of your answers too!

Can you eat what you want or do you have to watch it?

I’m not sure how to answer this one.  I eat what I want (hello chocolate!) with no hesitation but I’m also aware when I go a little heavy on the junkie stuff.  I don’t count calories or macros or any of that but I have a general awareness of what my body needs at the next meal.  Breastfeeding and my active lifestyle help too.

After you had a baby, did you feel pressure to snap back into shape?

No pressure.  Just the desire to fit back into some of the clothes hanging in my closet.  I work out during all of my pregnancies so I don’t lose too much of my fitness level.


Do you guys want more kids?

YES!!  Emphatically YES!!

What are your favorite ways to pamper yourself?

Pedicures and massages!  I actually have a Groupon for a massage that I need to use soon.

Besides wine, do you have a go-to drink?

Lol.  I hate wine.  My go-to drink is water.  I also love these Scivation BCAAs and sip on them throughout the day (helps with several things: cortisol levels, muscle recovery, electrolyte balance)

Do you have any health regrets?

Many.  Smile  I haven’t always been nice to my body.  Thankful to be in a MUCH healthier place now.


Are you a yoga person?

Sadly no.  I know I need to do more yoga but I just don’t.

What workout move do you loathe?

Hmmmm….I like everything.  Smile  But I’ll pick SPRINTS.  I’m more of a long distance girl.

When do you feel sexy?

After a hot shower.

When do you feel your absolute happiest?

Two times:  after a workout and at the end of the day when I’ve done all my tasks and I can just plop down on the couch.

QUESTION:  Pick 3 questions from above and answer them!


{sorta} wordless weekend

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(I’m taking up another Trackstars tank/shirt/hoodie order!!  If you’re interested, please leave a comment below & I’ll send over the specs!)





(thanks Kenneth – it was delish!)




(people always ask what that powder stuff is on my pancakes.  it’s PB2 – powdered peanut butter – and no, I’ve never mixed it with water.)









(my SIL is getting married and we had her shower on Saturday.  None of these ladies are her – I didn’t get one picture with Katrina.  Ha.)



(a gift from my other SIL – check out the card below that went along with it.  I thought it was such a cute, pintresty idea!)





(SMOOOOOVIE night!  These had whole milk, banana, peanut butter, KidzShake protein powder, Nesquik and ice.)



(HOW is Porter almost a year old?!?!)



(the smiley face…)




(I actually beat him!  That never happens.)



(Quick story: When Henry found out he was cast in the play, he asked me what his name was on the casting list.  I said, “It says you’re just an alley cat.”  He said, “No, mama!  What’s my NAME?!?!  You have one.  What’s mine!?”  Thinking as quickly as a tired mama of 3 can possibly think, I said, “OHHHH!!  It says right here that you can name yourself!  Who do you want to be?”  He thought for a second.  “Ninja Cat.”  So we call him that now – ninja cat.  Has a good ring.)

QUESTION:  What’s one thing you’re looking forward to this week??


loving lately

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I’m sitting here on Thursday afternoon with a sore throat, snotty nose and a slight fever.  Blah.  I CANNOT (will not) be sick!!  On top of regular everyday life that I’d like to feel good doing, we have Aristocats next week (which means daily rehearsals).  Plus my sister in law’s wedding shower is tomorrow and I’m helping with that.  Please send all your positive “get well” prayers and vibes my way.  And chocolate.  You can send your chocolate too.

Today, I thought I’d share a few things that I’m loving lately.  This isn’t a sponsored post – just some things that have been making me happy lately.  Feel free to share your latest finds/loves in the comments below – links too, so I can buy stuff. Winking smile


1.  My new iRobot Braava!


I know I’ve mentioned it before but FLOORS ARE MY THING.  I like them to be clean!  I’d been eyeing these robotic vacuums for a few years but never bought one.  When I saw this iRobot on Groupon for a steal of a deal, I scooped it up!  It’s a little different than the Roomba’s that you might have heard of – this one actually doesn’t vacuum – it MOPS (dry or wet).  It’s perfect for getting lint, hair and dust off the floor (which we need as Clara is highly allergic to dust mites).

I used it yesterday (after it charged overnight) and LOOK at what it got off my hardwood floor!!!


Gross!!  (and awesome!!)  I need to play around with it more to learn all the quirks but so far, I have nothing but great things to say!  You just turn it on and let it wander around your house.  It comes with cloths but you can use Swiffer pads as well.

2.  Doing a show with Henry.


Aristocats runs next week so we’re in the hardest part of rehearsals right now, going practically every night for two hours.  It can be exhausting.  But Henry.  He’s been a trooper.  Excitedly tackling every night and listening and working hard at being cat-like.  It makes me smile so big watching him up there.

3.  Kid-O Magnatab Writers

Ok!  This magnetic writing tool is SO flipping cool!  The minute I saw these at our local kid’s boutique I knew I had to get them for Clara.


The pad has a bead filled alphabet board that you use with a magnetic stylus to pull the beads through.  It’s a really fun way to learn how to write your letters (and helps with hand dexterity).  We have the upper and lower case set but I saw this numbers one that looks cool too.  (They even sell a cursive pad if you’ve got an older child!)  She takes it around everywhere. Smile

4.  The return of SPRING!!


As if this needs it’s own spot!  I can’t get over the WARMTH and the FLOWERS and the WARMTH!!!  It’s so nice to go on walks or to the park during the day without having to wear a jacket.

5.  The Fresh Pod Avocado Saver

We can easily down an avocado with most any meal we eat – they’re just so versatile and GOOD!  But when I’m alone or only want a little bit, this Fresh Pod Avocado Keeper has been just wonderful!  It’s only like $6 on Amazon and it’s saved me from having to throw out quite a few halved avocados.  Dishwasher safe too!


6.  Reverent Creation’s necklaces

Lastly, I have to give a shout out to the lovely ladies at Reverent Creations!  I met Kim (one of the owners) last Fall at Refresh Summit and immediately fell in love with her necklaces.  Each Reverent Creation has a special Bible verse or meaning.  I have two necklaces: “Made for More” and “Be Brave”.


I also just bought my mom this one for her birthday with one of my favorite verses!



QUESTION:  What are YOU loving lately?  Food? Product?  Thing?  Leave it in the comments!


how to perfectly poach an egg

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I think I told you that we celebrated my mama’s birthday on Sunday with a special brunch.  A new (fabulous) restaurant opened in town and I’d been dying to check it out – her birthday seemed like the perfect occasion!  The Bowery’s menu is a fun mix of eclectic and traditional, all inspired by LOCAL ingredients.  The food was amazing – the company and fellowship even better.


When I was deciding what to order, the Appalachian Benedict popped out at me.  A cornmeal biscuit?  Locally-sourced country ham?!  And lastly – A POACHED EGG!!  I’d never poached an egg by myself but I LOVE them.  The dish was amazing and I walked away with a mission – learn how to poach an egg.  (Biscuits would have to wait for another year day)


As I’ve written about in the past, I’m partnering this month with Eggland’s Best to help shed light on their incredible egg.  March is National Nutrition Month and Eggland’s wants to show people how making the simple switch from an ordinary egg to an EB egg is going to give them SO MUCH MORE nutrition.  Compared to an ordinary egg, an EB egg has:

  • 10 times MORE vitamin E
  • 4 times MORE vitamin D
  • 3 times MORE vitamin B12
  • More than DOUBLE the Omega 3
  • 35% MORE Lutein
  • 25% LESS saturated fat
  • 60 Calories per large egg

You can find Eggland’s Best eggs in most any supermarket – I bought mine at Walmart.  With fresh eggs in hand, I got started.  Since I’d never poached an egg before I googled.  Naturally.  I found a million different recipes but landed on this one from Jamie Oliver since you can never go wrong with his advice (plus that accent….).  I LOVED this video tutorial and the tips that he included (I’m a visual learner).  10 minutes later, I had a couple of perfectly poached eggs.  I served mine atop some cheesy Ezekiel bread – an easy and nutritious breakfast (or lunch…or dinner)

The Perfectly Poached Egg

via Jamie Oliver


The best poached eggs are made with FRESH eggs!  Based on an independent study, Eggland’s Best eggs were shown to maintain freshness longer than ordinary eggs.  Jamie suggests getting the eggs towards the BACK of the line – they’ll be the freshest!  (also look for the “Best by” date on the side of the carton)


Poaching is NOT boiling.  Boiling will smash the eggs all around.  Bring the water to an almost boil then reduce the heat.  <-Jamie does NOT suggest using vinegar (most recipes call for it) – he says it makes the eggs taste vinegary…makes sense.


After your water is simmering, crack your EB egg into a bowl and THEN ease it into the water (rather than plopping it right into the pot).

Cook for 3 minutes at a low simmer.  Use a slotted spoon to retrieve your egg then gobble it up however you wish!

Egglands Best Poached Egg-1

Egglands Best Poached Egg-2

Egglands Best Poached Egg-3

There you have it!  The perfect (non-intimidating) poached egg!

QUESTION:  How do you like your eggs?  <-any which way!  Scrambled with cheese on top is my go-to though!


This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Eggland’s Best.

when all you’ve got is this season

March 17, 2015 in Blessings, Blog, DayInTheLife, Family, Kids, Motherhood by lindsaymwright

As I was sitting at the kitchen table yesterday, nursing a cup of coffee, Henry walked up and asked me to look over his morning math sheets.

I flipped through page after page of precise work.  No wrong answers, no doodles in the sidelines, no bribery to get this work done.  This kid had sat for a good 30 minutes and plowed through.  He knew his stuff.  I cupped his face in my hands and told him how GREAT he was at math.

As my hands left his little face, it hit me.

I’m so incredibly proud to be a mother.

This kid’s mother.  HENRY’S mother.

It’s as if I blinked and all of the sudden he’s 6 going on 30 and the time won’t slow down and I keep grasping at these moments, trying to collect them all up and save them but I can’t because it just doesn’t work this way.  I look at him and I see me and I see Travis and I see GOD.  I see innocence and promises and hope and a future.  I can remember the chubby baby legs and the sleepless nights.  I can remember the Disney trip we took when he was one year old where all he did was either smile or cry – and a lot of both.  I can remember the look on his face when he met Clara for the first time (anxiousness) and then Porter (pure thrill at a baby BROTHER).


I can see the season we’re in now – the one where I get to share a theater show experience with my son, the excitement that I feel on stage HE now gets to feel.  I can see his 6-year-old brain churning out math problems and different ways to build with Legos and how to best tell Clara that her singing just “doesn’t sound right” (without hurting her feelings of course).  I can see the cowlick at his temple and the wiggly front tooth that’s bound to come out any day now.

And I can see future seasons ahead.  The tween Henry, the driving Henry (no!!!), the college bound Henry and then the married-man Henry.

And I cry.

JOY tears.  GOOD tears.

But with a little sadness mixed in too.

Because it’s amazing.  This life.  This thing called motherhood.

But it’s also so heavy.  This weight.  The weight of three lives on my shoulders.  It’s THE hardest job I’ve ever had and yet the most rewarding.  The hours creep by but the years fly and in a blink, the season will have passed and you’ve moved to another.

So for today, I’ll sit and sip my coffee and look over his work.  I’ll try my hardest to commit to memory his face, those freckles, the special way he writes his 8’s.

And I’ll breathe in this season we’re in.

For it will be gone far too quickly.