50 states in a year!

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Today, I’m loaning out the blog to my great friend, Katie!  She’s about to embark on a really neat journey (I’m a little jealous!) and she needs YOUR help!  I’ve known Katie for three years now and I’m truly excited to see this epic year unfold for her.  Take it away, friend!


Hi everyone!  In case you don’t know me, I’m Katie and I blog over at Talk Less, Say More.


I had the pleasure of meeting Lindsay at the very first Blend Retreat in Boulder and have been lucky enough to attend every year since, get to know her more and ultimately, call her a friend.  I shared a kind of crazy idea with her a couple months back and now that this crazy idea is coming together, I’m so excited that she’s allowing me to share it with all of you today!

50 states graphic

It’s called 50 States In A Year and it’s a charity fundraising tour!

I guess I should start by telling you all that I’m a bit of a dreamer but when something feels right (or wrong!), I can’t ignore it.  And as crazy as this whole thing is, it feels right in my heart and in my gut.  The puzzle pieces have been falling into place and when a friend was as passionate about this as me and committed to joining in, there was no doubt we could pull this off!

katie   sam

We will visit all 50 states.  We will do it in a single year. We will give back to charity!

But let’s back up… in May I finally decided to try CrossFit.  I say finally because it was something I had been considering for awhile but found myself unsure if I would actually like it, worried I’d get hurt, and not thinking I’d enjoy people yelling at me to hurry up and finish the workout.  But once I finally dove in, I learned how silly my fears were…I immediately LOVED the workout structure, learned the coaches are there to help you get the right form before increasing the weight, and realized my fellow athletes weren’t yelling, they’re an encouraging and supportive community (in and outside the box).  I was immediately hooked.

crossfit group

So when I started dreaming this idea and deciding which charity to give back to, it was important for me to find a way to get the CrossFit community involved, while also bringing them closer together.  That’s when I found CrossFit for Hope!


CrossFit for Hope helps fund research for childhood cancer, as well as other important efforts.  But what really got me is that every cent donated to CrossFit for Hope is delivered straight to the target recipient.  All costs (administration, accounting, etc) are covered by CrossFit headquarters.  Therefore, every dollar donated goes further!  For more on CrossFit for Hope, visit their website.

A trip of this magnitude is a huge undertaking and we’re working hard to partner with sponsors to keep our costs as low as possible, but to make this a success and to give the best donation possible as the end of the year, we need YOUR help!  Whether you’re into CrossFit or not, this is about coming together and making a huge impact!  The more we raise, the more we can donate!

wine map

Here’s how you can be a part:

  • Follow along via our blog, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and share with friends!
  • Via our GoFundMe campaign where you can donate in exchange for a postcard from the road, t-shirt/tank top, or even dinner cooked by us as we come through your area!
  • By inviting us to your CrossFit box to host a fundraising event when we come through your area! (50statesinayear at gmail dot com)

What started out as a simple and kind of crazy idea has turned into so much more and I can’t wait to see the impact we can make together as a community – I hope you’ll join us!


QUESTION:  Isn’t this a cool idea?!?  Please help Katie out!  What’s your favorite state??


training fun with muscle ropes {giveaway}

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I received this product in exchange for a review.  All opinions are my own (and I flippin’ LOVE these ropes!).












Muscle Ropes recently sent me a few of their battle ropes to try out.  Oh my word.  Have you ever trained with ropes before??  It’s HARD.  Like really, really hard.  Not only do you work your muscles (these things weigh anywhere from 18 to 50 pounds!!) but they also test your cardiovascular endurance.  You can hop on a set of ropes and be completely winded and red-faced in a minute flat.

The company carries various sets of ropes, each with its own purpose.  I took the Aftershock rope (best for OUTDOOR use) down to the track and tested it out during a Track Stars workout.  We did a few fun circuits and everyone got to try them.  I’ve also been using the company’s Lightning rope (a lighter rope, great for indoor and outdoor use) down in the basement.  This rope works perfectly for high intensity, high speed drills.  All you need is something to hold the middle in place (we used the chain link fence down at the track and I have a support pole downstairs) – nothing else.

Then you go to town.

I’ll admit – I watched a few videos to see what types of moves I could try out.  There are SO many ways to train with this tool – one of my favorites is a “Side Shuffle.”  You’re doing a basic “Conga Drum” while shuffling your feet quickly from side to side.  It’s a quad (and arm) killer.  Go here for a library of workouts/moves (and see some of my Fitfluential buddies)!


Lucky for you, Muscle Ropes has agreed to give away one of their Lightning ropes to an LL reader!!  PLUS they’re offering a 20% OFF discount for anyone interested in purchasing!!  Just go to muscleropes.com and use the code “LINDLIST914” for 20% OFF!!!  Offer ends 9/30/14.  This giveaway will run from now through Sunday – best of luck, friends!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


{update} four months postpartum

August 26, 2014 in Baby, Blog, Update by lindsaymwright

Four months!  The time has FLOWN!

We’ve had A LOT of changes over here in the last month for Porter….and not too many for me.  In fact, I think after this post I’ll lay off the body updates for a while.  Visually, I’m just not changing all that much (which is totally fine – I think my body will remain the same while I’m nursing).  Internally, I’m getting stronger and more like my old self as the days go by so that feels good!

Four Months Postpartum – Me



1 Month PP/2 Months PP/3 Months PP/4 Months PP

My Linea Negra


2 Months PP


4 Months PP

My Body


  • I’m very satisfied with where I am physically.  I feel strong.  I feel fit.  I’m able to do most anything that I ask my body to do.
  • While I don’t weigh myself, I’ve still got probably 5-10 pounds that I don’t normally have.  I’m excited to see what this upcoming Advocare Challenge will produce!  <-Have you signed up yet?!
  • Still eating around 2,000-2,200 calories every day.  Like always, I snack my way through the day.  It’s my very favorite way to eat. <-yep still!
  • I still have a pregnancy mask (also called “melasma”).  Last month I shared that I started on the Rodan & Field’s Redefine series.  I’m noticing some changes (more even tone & super smooth skin) so I decided to keep going with the system (it’s quite expensive).  I hope to share a before and after shot in the next few months.
  • Still have my linea negra, although it’s fading. <-yep still!  Almost gone!
  • I’m losing SO much hair!  I think this past month was the worst.  When does this slow down – can’t remember??

My Fitness/Workouts


  • I’ve been hosting a Track Stars workout a few times a week down at the local track!  We do all sorts of things (sprints, runs, plyo, bodyweight).  Sometimes I bring equipment, sometimes we just use our bodies.  Most of the women are moms and we bring our kids – I love the thought of setting this example of health for them!
  • On the days I don’t run or have Track Stars, Travis and I are doing a kettlebell workout in the basement.  I’ll share that in a few weeks too. I love working out with him – we push each other. <-still need to write this workout up for you guys!  It’s a fun one – we’re up to 9,000 swings now!
  • Training for a 3.5 mile mud run!

My Mind


  • Doing great overall.  Some days I feel a little overwhelmed having three small children but I can quickly and easily get rid of that feeling by shifting the focus away to positive.  I don’t think it was that easy to “shift” in those early post-pregnancy hormonal days.  I feel more in control of myself now if that makes sense.


Moving on to the babe…

Four Months Old – Porter



1 Month/2 Months

3 Months/4 Months

I always divide Porter’s update into three sections: EAT, AWAKE and SLEEP.  We use (and have used for all three kids) the Baby Wise method and it works well for us.  If you thrive off of schedules like me, you should look into this book (I also recommend, “Secrets of the Baby Whisperer.”  Both books follow the eat, awake, sleep cycles that work well in my opinion!)



  • We’ve got a chunk!  At his 4-month checkup, Porter weighed a whopping 18 1/2 pounds (98th percentile!)!
  • He loves to nurse!  7-8 times a day, 15 minutes total, both sides.
  • No solids anytime soon.  (We’ll use baby led weaning when the time comes – in the past, I’ve started around 8 months.)
  • He’s easily distracted while nursing so I sometimes have to leave the room if Henry & Clara are playing or if a movie is on.



  • Newest discovery:  ROLLING OVER!!  He can go from back to belly but not the other way.
  • All smiles and laughs– he’s a happy child.
  • He can grab for and grasp objects with both hands, typically pulling them into his mouth.
  • Likes: Nursing, smiling, his brother and sister, being swaddled, his swing <-same.
  • Dislikes: Being hungry, getting OUT of the bath <-same.



  • Ever since we got home from the beach, he’s stopped sleeping through the night.  Even worse, we’ve hit the 4-month sleep regression!  He’s been waking up about 2-3 times a night.  Womp womp.  I know this will pass soon so I’m not too worried (but am losing sleep over it…pun intended).
  • Napping 3-4 times a day with a longer afternoon nap (2 hours).
  • We’re (currently) still swaddling.  This will change now that he’s started rolling over.  I’ll start weaning him off of it – it’s just hard because the swaddle has been our sleep cue since birth and he loves it.  (here’s the one we use)
  • Still sleeping in his bassinet during the night.  Naps in his crib or the swing (or carseat if we’re out running errands or at the pool).  <-yep still. 


For more postpartum updates:

One Month

Two Months

Three Months


weekend scenes + the home improvement project you don’t want to take on

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Hi, hello and how are you?!?

I sometimes feel like a broken record with these weekend recaps (“it was great…it was short…can we please have more time together”…) but I really enjoy sharing a few pictures of our family time.  This weekend we tackled the home improvement project from hell.  There’s just no other way to put it.  The project?

We painted our basement floors.

Except we didn’t.

We painted like a quarter of what we’d hope to paint.  I’m not sure if you’ve ever done this type of work yourself, but the process of painting concrete is exhausting (and expensive!).  We set out to paint about 1,000 sq. feet of floor (which in hindsight was just way too much) and ended up painting around 300 sq. ft.  <-even this took a lot of time.  I’m sure it didn’t help that we’re inexperienced and have a 70-year old basement floor but I still think it would be a hard project for anyone (or maybe it’s really easy and we’re just wimps?).  The actual painting was a breeze – the preparation work before you can paint…that’s the hard part.  Anyway, lesson learned and now we’ve got this neat little (out-of-place) patch of beautifully painted cement in the corner of our basement.  Hehe.

Live and learn, right?  I’ll try and remember to share the finished look when it’s completed (we still have one last step to do).

Here’s the weekend in pictures (no particular order):




^^We’ve been having “Smoovie” night every week.  I make a big batch of peanut butter-banana smoothies and we drink them while watching a movie.  It’s the best.^^



^^Review to come this week– still learning all about this new Polar F60.^^





^^Had to.^^



^^On Saturday morning, the Track Stars group completed “Hit The Deck.”  They LOVED it (I think….).


^^I like to document our group through pictures but we’re kinda running out of poses. Smile^^






^^Buy these!!^^





^^Meal prep.  For more time saving tips, go here.^^





^^Like puttin’ lipstick on a pig.^^




^^Postpartum hair loss is no joke.  I think this past month has been the worst.^^




^^I just ordered these.  I’ve yet to put them on.  Have you tried Jamberry yet?^^






^^This x2 plus allllll the coffee.^^

QUESTION:  Best thing you ATE all weekend???


the building bridges mud run

August 22, 2014 in Blog, Goals, Love, Marriage, Races, Training by lindsaymwright

First, thank you for chiming in on yesterday’s post!!  There was some great commentary – I hope you’ll go read.  I also wanted to remind you of the 24 Day Advocare Challenge that we’ll be starting next Saturday.  If you’re interested in signing up, do so soon so that your product arrives in plenty of time!  I’ll also be offering a 24 day training program for anyone who signs on!  Go do it! ;)

Drastically changing gears, I thought I’d tell you a little bit about the mud run that Travis and I have signed on to do!!


On Saturday, September 13th, we’ll be running the Building Bridges Mud RunIf you’re local, I’d encourage you to JOIN US!!  Playing on a muddy obstacle course is really super fun – there’s a reason why these things are so popular right now!

What IS the Building Bridges Mud Run??

From their website:  The Building Bridges Mud Run is Haywood County’s first mudtastic mud run!  Nestled in the mountains of beautiful Waynesville, NC, this course is designed to accommodate the advanced, moderate and beginner mud runner.  The objective is quite simple:  provide a challenging mud-filled obstacle course for all to enjoy!

The course is 3.5 miles long and will involve traversing creeks, hills, multiple mud pits, various obstacles, and a slippery surprise for the finish.  Prizes will be awarded for the fastest team in each category and fastest individual.  Teams and individuals are given timing chips to ensure accuracy!  <-pretty legit! 



Saturday, September 13th.  The race starts at the Waynesville Recreation Center.


Building Bridges Mud Run will have a 9:00 a.m. staggered start time, beginning with the advanced Mudders and concluding with beginners.


The cost is $35 for individuals, $70 for teams(Very affordable for a mud run – I remember we paid $65 per person for the Warrior Dash!)

Proceeds from the race will go to the Canton Lions Club and Lions Club International.

How Do I Register?

To register, go here!  To connect and/or ask questions, be sure to “like” them on Facebook!


Now that you know about the race (and will hopefully sign up to run with us), I thought I’d share a little bit about how we’re TRAINING for the race!

You see…Travis hates to run.

It’s like pulling teeth.

We’ve run three races together and the only one that he didn’t want to bop me on the head afterwards was the Warrior Dash.  Throw some mud and obstacles at us and we’re a great race team.  Without those, I’m this super-high-on-endorphins-crazy-cheerleader-girl and he’s like “shut it.  this sucks.  i wanna go home.”  I’ve learned my lesson and I don’t see any 5k’s in our near future.


Bruce Springsteen called….

We’re both really excited for this race and want to do well, so we’ve been training together for the past two weeks.  If I had my way, we’d just go out and run for an hour.  Travis gagged at that idea so we’ve been incorporating a lot of Crossfit-esque type of workouts into our training – aiming for a good mix of running AND strength (for the obstacles!).  We’ve done this 20 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) twice now. 006

It’s a good sweat but we need to add more time onto it.  Last night we went down to the track and ran 30 minutes of stadiums – again not just straight running.  I’m sure we’ll do those at least a few more times before the race.  I’ve also pinned this one and this one for us to do!  More than anything, I’ve just loved this time of being around Travis…we treat it like a date.  If you have any fun running workouts, leave them in the comments!

QUESTION:  Ever done a mud run?  What’s your favorite racing distance?  <-I love the half marathon and would like to train for something next Spring when Porter is a bit older.


*I received two free race entries in exchange for this post.  All opinions are my own!

on maternity leave in america and a call for change

August 21, 2014 in Baby, Blog, Causes, Motherhood, Postpartum by lindsaymwright

I just need to sit down and type all this out.  Who knows if I’ll post it.  I try to stay away from these controversial types of posts, but I just can’t NOT say the things about this topic that I want to say.  I don’t even have any pictures – just words.

My heart is sad.

It has been all week.

My sister went back to work on Monday.  Doing so meant that she had to leave her 4-month old daughter (the exact same age as Porter) with a sitter.  (The sitter is family which makes the whole situation WAY easier – no doubt that the sweet girl is being well taken care of while Katy works.)  Katy is still nursing so she’s having to pump at work.  That’s hard.  The logistics of getting an infant fed, dressed, packed and out the door for a day away – it’s something I wish my sister didn’t have to even think about.  We’ve seen each other every.single.day for the past 4 months.  We’ve swapped stories, we’ve nursed together….we’ve changed together.  We’re different people now than we were before and our relationship is SO much stronger.  And it makes me want to scream because it’s all shifting.  It’s not fair that she has to go back to work.  It’s just not.

I’m not writing to piss the working moms off. 

I’m not writing to make the stay-at-home moms pat themselves on the back (or play the martyr – I’ve seen both happen – heck I’ve played both myself).

I’m writing today because I feel angry at our culture.  At this country and it’s policies on maternity leave.  And the fact that it’s ok, expected even, for moms to have to leave their babies and go back to work after only a few short weeks together.  In my opinion, it shouldn’t even be an option.

[And yes I know that women have fought long and hard for the opportunity to leave the house.  That some women prefer to get back out there and work.  And yes I know that some mamas don’t even have the option to stay at home because of finances.  I understand that to make a blanket statement means that I’ll get a few (or a lot) of "BUT’s".  Hear me out.  Hear my heart.]

In other countries (namely European), it would be unheard of for a woman to take a mere six weeks off to stay at home with her newborn (think more like six or twelve MONTHS!) and yet that’s expected here in the US.  After I sat down to start writing this post, I did some research.  Did you know that the United States is one of two of the 185 countries or territories in the world surveyed by the United Nation’s International Labor Organization that does not mandate some form of paid maternity leave for its citizens?!? (source)  We need to catch on to the BENEFITS of offering more paid time off for our mothers.

Here are just a few benefits that came to my mind (I’m sure there are way more!)

  • Increased mother/infant bonding time
  • Increased likelihood that breastfeeding can continue into the first year of life (and further!)
  • Decrease in separation anxiety for mother and child
  • Increased appreciation for the role of motherhood (<-which is far undervalued)
  • Decrease in depression for the mother

I think this problem goes much deeper than just finances and picketing for increased paid time off.  Our culture has a problem with how we view women, mothers.  It’s such a deep problem that I’m not even sure where to begin.  A powerful women’s rights movement, the desire for more recognition in the workplace, a class system (why is it ok for another woman to stay at home and watch your child, but it’s not ok for you to want to do that?!?) and so many other pieces to this very messed up puzzle.  It’s even gotten to the point where working mothers feel condemned by stay-at-home mothers and vice versa.  Like we’re on two separate teams, fighting it out to see who is the best at doing their job.  It shouldn’t be that way.

I’m not trying to keep women out of the workplace.  We are needed, this much I know.  I’m saying that six weeks, even twelve weeks, is too short a time.  That the pressures of home life during this critical bonding time are more than enough – adding job stress is just far too much.

Point blank – it is best for baby to be near its mother.

It is best for mother to be near her baby without fear of job loss or other negative repercussions.

It’s as though there’s this race to get back out of the home to do important work, a race towards retirement….when the most important work is right inside, right now, in these fleeting early years.

And also, I miss my sister.

QUESTION:  How can policy change promote that idea?  Would this happen on a national level?  Company-owner level?  That’s what I’d like to get a discussion going about.