be an encourager.

April 17, 2015 in Blog by lindsaymwright

Woot woot for Friday!!!  I’m seriously pumped!  Aside from celebrating Porter and Charlie Ruth’s first birthday party tomorrow, we have absolutely NOTHING on the agenda.  I’m hoping to get in some quality time with my running shoes and the couch.

After reading through some negative comments on social media yesterday (why?!?!), I couldn’t help but address something.  One of my life mentors, Cathy Makinson uses the word, “ENCOURAGE” on a regular basis and I’ve always LOVED that word (and her).  I personally strive to be an encourager – it kind of goes hand in hand with my training job, as well as a home educator and mama.  Speaking & showing praise can go a long way and I want to be someone who lifts others up!

Today I’m sharing a few (easy) tips for anyone who wants to work on their encouraging game.  If you have any additional tips, leave them in the comments.  <-I encourage you to do that. Winking smile


How Can We Encourage One Another??

When an encouraging thought comes to mind, speak it!  Tell the person right then and there.  Your words might be the very thing they need to hear at that moment.

Leave a note with praise in your child’s lunchbox or on your husband’s dashboard.

When you see someone hurting or discouraged, stop and pray with them.

HUG!  Pat someone on the back.  Physical touch is often helpful (but sometimes not preferred so don’t be creepy Winking smile).

When you see someone hurting or discouraged, ask them, “Would it be helpful if I …..?”  Then HELP.

Be present!  The simple act of presence can often be more impactful than encouraging words, notes or gifts.

Celebrate both big and small victories!  Take a friend out for coffee to celebrate her promotion or make a big deal out of the fact that your 4-year old can now say her “L’s.” 

Speak with conviction AND humbleness.  Don’t let your “encouraging words” sound like “I know better than you”-words.

Praise someone in public….and in private.  Both are meaningful in different ways.

Keep the cycle going!  Tell people how they’ve encouraged you!!  I promise it’ll make their day!


QUESTION:  What are some other ways we can encourage one another??


lessons learned over the past year

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First off, thank you for all of the birthday wishes for Porter!  He says thank you, only it sounds like “da da” but I’m pretty sure we all know he’s a polite guy.  Since his party is on Saturday, yesterday was a pretty chill day on the birthday front.  Henry and Clara insisted on doing something (anything) special so we ended up going to the store and getting two kinds of ice cream, sprinkles and whipped cream.  We spent the evening singing happy birthday, eating ice cream and watching movies.  Great fun was had.

Thinking back over the past year, I got a little teary eyed.  So much has changed for our family since Porter’s birth and I wanted to record some of those things so I can look back later.

Life With Three – Lessons Learned Over The Past Year


1.  Three kids are easier than two.

Maybe it’s just me but I think the transition from two to three kids was much easier than going from one to two.  I think it helps that Henry is now at a very helpful age – he can go get diapers, help with simple chores and watch Clara while I’m tending to Porter.  They also entertain Porter SO much – it allows me the chance to stay on top of any chores I have.

2.  Being a mama is hard and you don’t have to apologize.

I know that I judged moms (and especially stay-at-home moms) when I was younger.  They’re always tired and complaining and frazzled.  Smile  Uhhh, now I know why.  Being a mama is hard work.  There are SO many facets to the job and it’s never ending.  Most days end with me plopping down on the couch and praying that I do better tomorrow.  Also, I feel like I need to say this – it’s totally ok to say these things out loud.  That it’s hard.  You don’t have to add the “but it’s SO worth it.”  That’s a given – of course it’s worth it.  You’re allowed to say that it’s difficult and end the sentence.  That’s not complaining – it’s called telling the truth.  Just throwing that out there for anyone wondering if they’re alone or wimpy.  You’re not.)

3.  Don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

Cliché phrase but so true – the days are long but the years are short.  Time passes so quickly.  I distinctly remember the first meal I ate after Porter’s birth like it was yesterday.  HOW could it have been a year ago?!?!  How is he so big??  Even when I take the time to be good at focusing and being present, the time still passes.  I’m just very thankful that I’m provided the chance to stay home and see all of their days.  Many women aren’t so fortunate.

4.  Leave the house 15 minutes earlier than you think you need.

I’m chronically late (although I had this problem even before having children).  If you invite me to an event, lie and tell me that it starts earlier than it really does (I’ll still show up late).  Getting three kids dressed and out of the house is still a challenge, even a year later.  Meh.  It’ll all be ok.


5.  It’s ok to just sit there.

I’m an on-the-go gal and I think I’ve created kids who crave movement as well.  A new baby slows you down though (which is a good thing!).  Especially in those first few months, you do a lot of sitting and staying in.  I NEED more time just sitting so even though it’s hard, I’ve welcomed the slower pace that Porter brought.

6.  Take the time to date.

This actually applies to both your husband AND your children.  I’ve learned that if I don’t make the time to spend with Travis, our whole family dynamic is off.  He is the HEAD and the key piece in our messy puzzle.  We try to spend as much time together as possible – I mean, he’s my very best friend.  My #1 tip = put the kids down at 7:30/8pm and then date your husband.  It’s my favorite time of day.


In addition to the marriage component, I’ve learned how much my children crave one-on-one attention from me.  I try to sit down with each of them at various times throughout the day and just LISTEN (even Porter gets that one-on-one time when we sit down and nurse).  Having Henry tell me about the dream he had last night or listening to Clara’s new made up song….it’s precious, essential time.


Those are just a few of the things I’ve learned so far.  I can’t wait to see what the next year holds and the growth that will surely come!  I think I know stuff and then I look back and realize I hadn’t a clue.

QUESTION:  Are you a mama?  What’s your favorite thing about it??


{our weekend} too much for words

April 13, 2015 in Blog, Family, On the weekends by lindsaymwright

You guys!!!

We had THE BEST (and busiest) weekend.

The huge highlight was Travis’ sister, Katrina getting married on Saturday!!!  We thought we’d never get rid of her.  Winking smile (joking – she’s pretty amazing and always a blast to be around).  Most of the weekend was spent celebrating with all the family that was in town.  Katy and I also raced the Georgia Warrior Dash on Saturday morning which was so much fun.  We did well, taking FIRST & SECOND in our 9:15am heat and finished in 28 minutes – good practice for the Spartan Race that I’m running in August!

Right now as I type, it’s Sunday night and I’m just exhausted and want to sit and be with my little family so I’m not going to recap all the bits and pieces – just one big photo dump.  You can figure things out visually.  I trust you.





^whoa it’s been forever since I’ve had a drink (pregnant or nursing) but this Bellini was spectacular!^


^Katrina’s the one in pink.^





^my people.^


^”you put this leg in front of the other…”^









^lol…found it, Kathryn.^


^Henry says to Travis, “Dad, I don’t want to be the ring bearer.  I wanna be the ring lion.” Winking smile^






^battle wounds.^


QUESTION:  How was your weekend?  If you’re married, when’s your anniversary?  <-TEN years for us in June!


loving lately

April 10, 2015 in Blog, Loving Lately by lindsaymwright

Happy Friday, friends!

It’s currently Thursday night.  We just finished dinner (a mish mosh of leftovers – every person had something odd and different on their plate) and I’ve just finished cleaning everything up.  The kids are watching a Power Puff Girls before bed and Travis is about to leave for a super late worship team practice.  What better time to blog, right?!  I’m EXHAUSTED from today.  Katy and I took the kids to Asheville to do some shopping for the coffee shop (we buy a lot of stuff from Sam’s – A LOT of stuff) and to hit up Target for some weekend outfits.  Travis’ sister is getting married so I wanted a few fresh pieces for each of the kids (e`1ztnding up buying WAY too much – but that’s just synonymous with Target).  What is it about shopping that makes me so TIRED!??!  We only went to like three places.  I’m old.

I haven’t done a “Loving Lately” post in a while so I thought I’d share some of the things that are making me smile.  Smiling’s my favorite.

Loving Lately

  • New Froyo flavors

004I recently updated a few of our froyo flavors at the coffee shop and they may very well be my favorites!  COCONUT and EURO TART!!!  They just scream Spring to me.  The coconut has real pieces of shredded coconut mixed in and the Euro Tart makes the perfect base for a plethora of toppings (my favorites are cookie dough pieces, fruit and crushed Butterfinger).

  • MyProtein Impact Whey


I was recently sent some of this MyProtein Impact Whey Protein Powder to try out.  I get a lot of review items like this in the mail and I don’t always share everything we receive.  This protein powder is worth sharing!  Minimal ingredients and the taste is PHENOMENAL (I got cinnamon roll).  Plus, the macro breakdown is pretty perfect for post-workout refueling (I also add it to my nightly cereal bowl to keep me full through the night).  Two thumbs up!


  • Planning Porter’s Birthday Party

012This fella turns ONE YEAR OLD next week!!!  I seriously can’t believe it!  If you remember, my sister and I had our babies on the exact same day (!!!) so her daughter will also be celebrating next week.  We’re having a joint birthday party (we just have too!) and planning out the event has been fun.  Katy’s going to make a divided cake – one side for Porter and one side for Charlie Ruth.


  • New workout gear


I’ve been winning several workout items on Ebay.  Side note –> Travis thinks it’s hilarious that I call it “winning” when I’m really “losing” money, but whatever.  Makes me feel super happy when I scoop something up.  In the last two weeks, I was the highest bidder on two pairs of Lululemon pants and a Handful bra.  Aka the winner.

  • Blend 2015 & Ticket Sales

Blend 2015 is fast approaching and for the first time in the 4 years since we started, we’re about to sell out!!  We have only TWO tickets left!!  God just keeps blessing this venture – I can’t wait to see where He takes it!  If you want to hang out with some really cool people for a weekend in one of the prettiest places, go snag up a ticket!



I finally found a lip balm that I like!!  Burt’s Bees stuff has always been near and dear to my heart – they’re based here in NC – but I hadn’t tried their Lip Shimmer lip balm until recently.  The balm smells like peppermint and provides just a hint of color.  I have the Fig color but want to try more!


QUESTION:  What are YOU loving lately???


why i stopped thinking about food so much

April 8, 2015 in Blog, Body, Diet, ED, Food by lindsaymwright

Hump day.  Hump day.

Also known as Wednesday.  Also known as a pretty busy day for us.  We have Trackstars, a meeting, MoveMore groups, another meeting and schoolwork.  Since it’s Spring Break for our town, I moved my afternoon MoveMore groups to an earlier time (and then proceeded to fill up all of that free afternoon time with SCHTUFF.  It’s just how I am apparently – can’t stand dead space).

So I was thinking about FOOD the other day and how much I love it (this seems to happen on the regular).  Last week’s stomach bug took my appetite away COMPLETELY and nothing sounded or looked good for a full 6-7 days.  I couldn’t even be around the smell of it – Travis cooked tacos one night and I had to stay in the living room.  I’m happy to report that alllllll the food looks good again and you can find me in the kitchen snacking on something most any time of day!  Being hungry again just makes me think about all the time I spent as a teen doing two things:  1) avoiding food and 2) thinking about food all the time.  It’s rather hard to do both of those actions simultaneously without going a little nutty.  Which I was.  Today I want to share my eating history and where I currently stand with food.

Let’s look back, shall we?

My Eating History

High School & College

Anorexia & Bulimia Days.  Obsess about EVERYTHING I put into my body.  Keep a calorie record (all the way down to a piece of sugar-free gum).  Late night binge/Starvation patterns.  Intake ~ 500 calories a day.

Early Marriage

ED Recovery Days.  Slowly transition out of calorie counting.  Still VERY attracted to the latest diet fads & still some binge/starvation behavior occurring.  Intake ~1,200 calories a day.



A HUGE turning point in my relationship with food.  View food as necessary fuel for myself and growing baby.  No counting calories.  Adopted an 80/20 mentality of intuitive eating.  A season of rest!  Intake ~ who knows?!?


Present Day

Nowadays I eat when I’m hungry (and sometimes when I’m bored).  No foods are off limits – I just keep my portion sizes in check.  I refuse to let the words “cheat meal” or “I earned this” slip into my vocabulary.  No counting calories or macros.  Intake ~ 1,800-2,000 calories a day (rough estimate).



A HUGE turning point for me and my relationship with food came when I stopped thinking so dang much.  I slowly began eating for FUEL and I just stopped thinking about what my next snack/meal would be.  I stopped planning ahead for social events and gatherings (wondering if the gathering I was going to would have food options that fit my regimented intake).  Instead, I began to eat what was presented and then I moved on.

Now listen – I’m not bashing food planning or healthy eating or calorie/macro counting AT ALL.  I just know that for me, freedom surrounding food is a big deal.  I’d much rather be 5 pounds heavier and able to eat without restriction.  It just isn’t worth that mental battle.  Maybe you’re a reader who’s struggling with restriction and obsession.  I’m here to tell you that life doesn’t have to be that way.  Ask yourself this – how many minutes a day am I thinking about FOOD?  And then, what could I replace those thoughts with that would actually better me as a person/mom/friend/wife??  Surely there’s more to life than obsessing about ourselves and this food stuff.

QUESTION:  What’s YOUR eating history??  Do you track calories/macros?


5 ways to “spring clean” your body!

April 7, 2015 in Blog, Body, Diet, Food, Goals, Inspiration by lindsaymwright

Spring is in the air and if you’re like most women, you’re looking in the mirror and wondering what happened to your body during these last few months of hibernation.  Or maybe not.  Maybe you’ve been rocking your Winter workouts and you’re ready for that Spring Break bikini.  Either way, the changing seasons are great time to refocus and clean up a few of those old (notsohealthy) habits.

Here are FIVE quick fixes that you can start making TODAY that will help you see results come May!

5 Ways To “Spring Clean” Your Body!

1)  Guzzle WATER!

Aim for around 96 ounces of water per day (120 ounces for your husband!).  With this goal, you’ll find that you won’t have a lot of room for other liquids – make H20 your top priority.  If plain water is too boring for your palate, try adding sliced lemon or lime to liven things up!  Not only will your skin elasticity and digestion improve, but you’ll rid your body of toxins and increase your metabolism.


2)  Steer clear of processed sugar!

According to Men’s Health, the average American eats about 92 grams of sugar a day, when the human body needs only about eight grams for energy, an amount that should always be satisfied through natural sugars from fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains.  Avoiding processed sugars can aid the body in combatting colds, improving digestion and the turnover of new cells.  I know that for me – simply paying more attention to my shopping cart and putting back those junk food items that creep in helps a ton!

3)  Find 30 minutes a day to MOVE!

You just KNEW I’d have a MOVE MORE tip, didn’t you?  Smile  We all know that exercise is fundamental to feeling great.  But did you also know that just 30 minutes of moderately challenging movement each day can help rid the body of toxins and waste?!  Through perspiration, we can give our bodies a mini “detox” every single day!


4)  Trim down your portion sizes.

This is probably the easiest habit to change.  Simply eat a little less (and I’m NOT talking about starving yourself or even counting calories!!!).  According to the CDC, over the last 50 years right here in America, “the size of a hamburger has tripled, a basket of fries more than doubled, and the average soda has grown from a modest 7 ounces to a jumbo 42 ounces.” And some wonder why “The average American is 26 pounds heavier than in 1950. [And] about one-third of us are overweight or obese and that number is projected to hit nearly 50% by 2030.”

Some tips on controlling portion sizes:

  • Use smaller salad plates for your meals instead of the larger dinner plates.
  • Split a meal with your husband or friend while dining out.
  • Refrain from going back for seconds.

5)  Know the difference between CRAVINGS and HUNGER.

Before you reach your hand into the potato chip bag (or for me – the cereal box), ask yourself one question: “Am I really hungry or is this a CRAVING?”  Listening to your body will help you eat intuitively and you’ll be more inclined to reach for healthier foods that will nourish instead of harm.  If you’re not sure whether you’re actually hungry, try drinking 8 ounces of water and waiting a few minutes.  True hunger is a rare thing in most people, as we tend to graze all day.


Lastly, listen to your body!  <-I feel like that phrase is way overused – but still, listen to what your body is saying.  Move a little more, eat a little less junk.  It’s not rocket science.  I think we overcomplicate these things and put way too much stock into a complete overhaul.  Small changes over time produce the best results.

QUESTION:  Any other (gentle) tips for spring cleaning your body??  Leave them below!