1,000 rep workout

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Tuesday, tuesday, tuesday.

I’m happy to see you simply because it means Monday is over.  Yesterday I don’t think I sat down until we got home from rehearsal at 9pm.  The day was PACKED.  Today is only slightly better – I have a corporate bootcamp, meeting with a CPA to go over tax stuff for the coffee shop, MoveMore groups this afternoon and then another meeting. Yowza.  Three two cups of coffee today.

I have a GREAT workout to share today!  I programmed this one for my Trackstars group but I just had to share because I really like it.  This 1,000 rep workout hits every muscle, takes about 30-45 minutes to complete and can be done in a large or small space.  Oh!  And no equipment required!  All you need is your body (and the ability to count to 25).

1,000 rep workout

1,000 Rep Workout via @lindsays_list


For video demos of the exercises, click the name: 

Mountain Climbers

Jump Squats



Curtsy Lunges




Hip Bridges

Plank Shoulder Taps


  • Find a partner!  This workout tests your endurance both mentally and physically.  If possible, find a partner who can push you and stick together.
  • Spread out!  If you have the space, turn this into a MOVING circuit.  Since we work out at a basketball court, I divided it into fifths (baseline, foul line, half court, foul line, baseline) and we traveled.  Example: 25 reps of mountain climbers at baseline, jog to the foul line, 25 jump squats, jog to half court, 25 push-ups ….and so on.  It’s much easier MENTALLY to do 1,000 reps if you’re moving around.
  • Modify, modify, modify.  Pending injuries and skill level, almost anyone can do this workout – you just need to modify the movements if they’re too hard.  For example, a mountain climber can be done standing up.  Right arm goes up vertically while the left knee drives up, then alternate.  Take the jump out of the jump squat.  For the burpee, take out the jump or step back the feet instead of jumping out into plank.  A curtsy lunge is more difficult than a standard stationary lunge.  If you need to modify movements, DO IT!  Just move.
  • Have fun.  Fitness is fun.  You can do this!  Plus, studies have shown that smiling burns 9,000 calories a minute* so by smiling you’ll be skinny in no time!

I hope you’ll give this one a try (“pin” it for later)!  It’s one of my favorites!

QUESTION:  What’s your favorite BODYWEIGHT exercise??


*Not true.  Smiling actually gives you wrinkles. 

monday’s confessions

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Hello Monday.  And hello YOU!

How was your weekend?  Do anything FUN?

Ours was pretty low key with most of the usuals – Trackstars, pancakes, lots of time outside, church on Sunday – all great except when I sat down to write my typical “On the Weekends, We”-post, I didn’t have any pictures to show you.  Well three.  I had three pictures.

I kinda love that I forgot.

Sometimes it’s nice to just BE PRESENT in those moments instead of hitting pause, running into the other room to get your phone, running back and then saying, “Ok, can you do that great thing again?”  It’s not special anymore.  (Someone seriously needs to invent those blinky-eye-camera things that I talked about before.)  My people deserve much more of my time.

Anyway, I’m in the mood to share some truths with you this fine morning.  Share a couple of YOURS in the comments so that we can both feel better, mmkay?!

Monday’s Confessions

I confess that I alone have eaten an entire pan of brownies since last Wednesday.

I confess that I loved every bite.  Chocolate just makes me so happy.  (I also confess that I found dark chocolate around my mouth MANY times last week and just licked it off instead of using a napkin.)

I confess that Porter is thinning out a bit and it makes me sad.  I love a rolly-polly baby.

I confess that looking at March’s upcoming schedule makes my head spin.


I confess that I need to take something off my plate.  I know what it needs to be but I just haven’t made up my mind to step away.

I confess that I actually just added one more thing to my schedule.  A SPARTAN RACE!!  Very excited.  More info to come

I confess that Travis’ manbun has me like whoa.


I confess that I spent a good 20 minutes just examining my face yesterday.  Tweezing hairs, picking at my skin, making funny faces to see what they look like to other people.

I confess that I need to stop making some of these funny faces or I’ll lose friends.

I confess that I actually don’t have friends.

I confess that I’m ecstatic that I can fit into some of my older workout pants, even though I wrote this post on Friday.  Not really from a vanity point but more from a, “now I don’t have to buy new pants”-point.  Because I need a minivan.

I confess that I’m ready for Spring.  Like OH SO READY.  We’re never coming back inside once it’s nice.


I confess that I think I broke my hand a month ago (doing a box jump) and that I never got an xray or went to the doctor.  It still hurts and I need to have it examined.  :/

I confess that I’m counting down the days until Blend Retreat and our extended vacation.  <-btw, we still have a couple of tickets left!  Come play with us in Colorado!

I confess that I’m currently writing this post on Sunday so these are technically Sunday’s confessions.  Tricked ya.

That’s all I got for today.  Errr..yesterday.

QUESTION:  Finish the sentence.  I confess……


why you should be nice to your postnatal body!

February 27, 2015 in Baby, Blog, Body, Postpartum by lindsaymwright

Remember when you were a young child?  Not a care in the world except whether or not you’d be allowed to watch cartoons on Saturday morning.  You didn’t notice that your body was fat or different or wrinkly or not perfect.  You just had a body.  A body that allowed you to jump and play.  A body that was essentially…YOU.

You probably walked around naked quite a bit.  Because it felt airy and nice.

You probably hate walking around naked now.  Because you feel less than perfect in your own skin.

This especially rings true after having children.  The breasts sag (or are huge and uncomfortable), there are new stretch marks, your belly is a bit rounder.  Even if you lose all the weight you put on during pregnancy, your “post-baby body” looks and feels a little different.


As it should.

Think about what it just did for you.  For that sweet baby.  It’s truly remarkable what our bodies accomplish through pregnancy.  You grew another person for goodness sake!!  It’s so very sci-fi!  Yet we often skip over the appreciation aspect and jump right to BODY BASHING.  Sadly, the focus is either A) gaining back control as quickly as possible or B) bashing ourselves when we don’t return to that perfect state of normalcy.

It’s just silly.  And it needs to stop….today!

Tips To Become More Comfortable In Your Own Skin

  • Avoid negative talk.

Women are the worst for self-hate talk – we are our own worst enemies.  Avoid body bashing by following this simple rule:  If you wouldn’t say it out loud about another person, don’t say it to yourself! 

  • Embrace the change.

Be open to the possibility that your body might not look the same as it did pre-pregnancy.  I can guarantee that you’re the only one who cares that you now have to wear a size 8 instead of your pre-pregnancy size 6’s.  Embrace the change!

  • Quality foods/Quality Movement

Focus on feeling better in your own skin by putting quality foods into it and exercising daily.  Get outside for a walk in the sunshine.  While you’re walking, thank your body for the ability to MOVE.  It’s a blessing!

  • Focus on the positive.

Instead of looking at all of the “flaws,” pick out some details about your body that you LOVE.  Maybe you have strong legs or thick, lustrous hair.  We’ve all been blessed with something that makes us feel beautiful.  Dwell on those things and not the negative.

With all of the other stressors in your life, negative body image shouldn’t be one.  I can tell you right now that with three little ones, I just don’t have time to be LOOKING BACK.  I want to look FORWARD.  They look to me for behavior patterns too.  They hear when I bash my body.  They SEE that wonky face I make when I look in the mirror and “feel fat.”


Strong, confident women don’t focus on the negative.  They don’t look back.  They don’t keep those “goal jeans” and continually beat themselves up for not fitting back into them.  And they certainly don’t speak body hate over themselves or in front of their children.

Instead, they appreciate.  They give themselves GRACE.  They move forward and focus on the things that they can change.  You may not look like or be the same person you were before you had kids.  And thank GOD!!  That girl was a shadow of the woman you’re turning into.  Having kids will do that for you – make you stronger, less focused on yourself, more focused on the things that truly matter.

Strong, confident women are capable of the strongest of feats.

Like creating new life.

That’s something to be proud of, no matter what you look like.


QUESTION:  Other ways that we can celebrate the post-pregnancy body??  What’s your best physical feature?


wordless what i ate wednesday

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QUESTION:  Best thing you ATE yesterday?? <-those tacos above…it WAS Taco Tuesday so we had to celebrate!



a healthier no bake cookie!

February 24, 2015 in Blog, Blue Diamond, Dessert, Recipe by lindsaymwright

This post is sponsored by Almond Breeze Almondmilk.  All opinions are my own.

After several attempts and many (many) soupy cookies made (and eaten…we’re not crazies), I’m happy to say that I’ve finally created a healthier No Bake cookie recipe!!  While these cookies are known by many names (no bakes, stove tops, cow pies, Raggedy Robins), they’ve always been synonymous with SNOW DAYS in my family.  It snows, you make Stove Tops.  That’s just what you do.  This tradition can be both good and bad – good for the soul but bad for the hips.  The original recipe isn’t exactly healthy.

Welp.  It snowed last week.

So….cookies were needed.

What’s a girl with hips to do?? 


I knew I wanted to create a healthier version and it still TASTE like the real cookie.  Honestly, I didn’t want to sub in bananas or applesauce or add chia seeds or flax.  I’d rather eat fewer cookies and have them taste good than completely change up the recipe, so I simply made a few changes to the original.  For example, I subbed in natural peanut butter (versus Jif or Skippy that has added sugar) and I reduced the amount of butter and sugar (the sugar is actually cut in HALF and they still taste amazing AND set up!!!).  I also used 100% cacao cocoa to give the cookies an added antioxidant punch.

If you’ve made these cookies before, you’ll know that they’re extremely TEMPERAMENTAL.  If even the slightest thing is off, they’ll either get too hard or be a soupy mess.  I’m happy to say that even with the substitutions I made, they still set up perfectly.


One of the best changes I made was substituting Blue Diamond Almond Breeze for the cow’s milk.  Lactose tends to cause me belly issues so I’ve tried to limit the amount of dairy I get (probably for the past three years or so).  Blue Diamond’s unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk has just 30 calories in each cup (!!!!) and ZERO grams of sugar (to compare, a cup of whole milk contains 100 calories and 17 grams of sugar).  I don’t know about you but that can really change up the nightly bowl of cereal.

Or in this case, you can eat more cookies ….which is always a good thing.


Healthier No Bake Cookies


  • 3/4 stick of butter
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 3 tbsp. dark cocoa powder
  • 1/2 cup Blue Diamond Almond unsweetened Vanilla almond milk
  • 1/2 cup natural peanut butter
  • 2 cups quick oats
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract

Combine butter, sugar, cocoa powder and almond milk in a saucepan.  Heat to boiling.  Allow to boil (rolling boil) for 2 minutes.  Take them off the heat.  Add in peanut butter, oats and vanilla.  Drop by spoonfuls onto wax paper.  Allow to set up for 30 minutes.  Enjoy with a glass of almond milk! ;)


QUESTION:  Ever had “No Bakes”?  What do YOU call them?  Other ways you substitute almond milk in recipes (I’m all ears)?


on the weekends, we….

February 23, 2015 in Blog, On the weekends by lindsaymwright

On the weekends, we….


…brave wicked cold temps (4 degrees!!!) to sweat.


…scare onlookers.


…date our sons.


…spot Elsa.


…date our daughters.




…eat blueberry pancakes.


…watch it “snow” and demand a re-try.


…perfect the HEALTHIER Stove Top Cookie (aka “no-bakes”, “cow patties”).  Recipe coming TOMORROW!


…break out of the house (SOLO) to walk as slowly as we can up and down every aisle of Big Lots.


…win the award for sweetest baby.


…update our blog.  My “About” page was outdated by a year and a half.  whoops.


…get inspired.


…spend a LOT of time on the couch.


…write lists.  Lots of lists.


…learn our lines.


…spend time at church with our best buds.


…eat lunch together and then spend the rest of the day straight chilling (plus laundry, cleaning, baths, prepping for the week ahead).

Our weekends = I love ‘em!

QUESTION:  What’d you do this weekend??