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Monday, monday, monday.

I’ve got a busy one ahead.  Two business meetings, one Trackstars training group, two MoveMore Fitness training groups and all the other stuff that’s just part of the plan (homeschool, chores, making meals, etc).  Coffee (or Spark) helps.

I’m ready to tell you guys about what I’ve been working on behind the scenes over here.  For the last several months, I’ve been BUSY.  Through odd, weird and honestly, God-ordained circumstances, I am now the co-owner of Main Street Coffee & Yogurt! 


(Travis designed the logo!!  Don’t you love it!?)




I won’t go in to the events that led up to this new endeavor (a fun, LONG story).  Basically, an established coffee shop on Main Street is now going to be serving FRO-YO!  Just like a Sweet Frogs or Yogurtland, we’ll have 9 different flavors and 24 toppings and you pay by the weight!  Franklin hasn’t had anything like this EVER so I’m excited to see this business flourish and grow.  While I can’t go in to specifics about the acquisition, what I will say is that I now have yet ANOTHER hat to wear.  Moving forward, I’m the bookkeeper/marketing guru/manager (along with the old owner’s help!) for Main Street Coffee & Yogurt.  I’ve been training on how to make coffee (it’s FUN!).  I’m brushing up on my Quickbooks knowledge (something I used to know well and now that I’m old I need a refresher).  I’m elbow deep in W9’s and invoices and supply ordering and all sorts of other businessy type things.

And ya’ll, I have so much peace.

Everything I need to do can be done FROM HOME (during naps, early mornings, after bedtime) with the occasional drop-in.  When I signed on, the one stipulation was that I couldn’t work shifts – I already have a full-time job being a mama.  I’m sure this next month will be a little intense as we learn a whole new point-of-sale system and introduce the new yogurt dimension – I’ve already got a little place where the kids can do their schoolwork and play for those times I MUST be there.  I’m now in a place in my life where if this does ever get out of hand and require too much of my time and attention, I’ll just step away<-more on this tomorrow!


We’ve closed the business from now until Wednesday and we re-open with a new look on Thursday!  Our largest main street festival (Pumpkinfest) is this Saturday so I knew we had to push to be open by then!  (We’re featuring PUMPKIN SPICE froyo!!!  And Pumpkin Spice Lattes!!!)  This upcoming week is going to be crazy.

Anyway, that’s what’s been going on over here.  I’m excited, anxious, scared – all those things.  But I’m blessed and I’m taking it one day at a time.  God just keeps pouring out these blessings upon our family and again, I’m just along for the ride!

Oh, and #yolosofroyo is our hashtag!  You’ll be seeing it more and more.  Say it out loud.  It’s super fun.

QUESTION:  When’s the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone??  What’s the last blessing you received?  If you’re local, come by on Thursday (7:30am-7:30pm) and check out the new shop!  26 East Main Street!


a day in the life

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Happy Friday!!  Congrats, you made it!

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these “Day In The Life” posts.  (just looked – it was August)  I saw that Tina posted one yesterday so her post sparked my interest.  It’s fun peeking in on what people do all day.  Nosey McNosersons.  (…And I am one of them and so are you so let’s just praise the Lord, right arm…)

Here’s what went down yesterday:

4:21am – Porter wakes up hungry so I pull him into bed and nurse him.  I’m wide awake at this point – not good.

4:35am – I put Porter back down in his bassinet and lie back down.  I toss and turn for what seems like hours (<-there is A LOT going on behind the scenes right now and I’ll be able to tell you all about it come Monday of next week.  Hang tight.)

4:46am – Say eff it and get up, brush my teeth, put my contacts in, and put on my running clothes.  Eat 1/2 a banana.

4:54am – Take 2 Catalyst capsules with some water on my way out the door.

5:00am – I run 5 miles around town.  I listen to a 90’s Dance Floor Filler mix on Amazon Prime (they have music now!!) and get a little spooked running through dark patches.  Where is everybody?!!?  Oh yeah, sleeping.  Like they’re supposed to be.


5:41am -  Make it back home.  Slip back inside and everyone is still sleeping.  Stretch.  Check Instagram.

6:00am – Shower quickly because I hear Porter stirring.  He goes back to sleep though.

6:18am – Sit down to start writing this post. <-I won’t come back to this post until 8pm.  Long, busy day.

6:25am – Porter is hungry.  I slip back into bed and nurse him.

6:50am – Whoa.  Fell asleep while nursing (the BEST!) and wake up STARVING.  I rearrange Porter so that Travis is now snuggling him and slip out of bed.

7:00am – Henry wakes up so I put on our shoes and drive to McDonalds.  We NEVER do this but I’ve been in a breakfast rut and was craving something different and Henry’s always game for a food adventure.  I get an Egg McMuffin (add spinach & tomato at home) and get the kids an egg and cheese biscuit.


7:25am – When we get back home, everyone but Porter is awake.  The kids and I sit down to breakfast while Travis gets ready for work.

8:00am – Travis leaves.  I give both kids a bath because we didn’t get one last night and they’re stinky.


8:30am - We start morning school – mathematical reasoning for Henry and letter dot-to-dot’s for Clara.


9:00am – Porter starts cooing from the bedroom so I get him up and we nurse.  He’s in such a great mood!  I carry him from room to room and do my morning chores (make beds, laundry, dishes).  I change out of pjs and into normal people clothes.

9:25am – Eat second breakfast – a Chobani 2% Pumpkin Spice yogurt!  Yum!


9:30am – I corral everyone and we leave for our one-a-week Homeschool Co-op day.  This year we’re studying Astronomy, History and Art and the kids love it.  I’m not a teacher or a helper this week so I get to hang out in the toddler room and chat with other mamas.

12:00pm – Head back home and drop by our local health food store for some essentials.  Dark chocolate almonds and chips.  Essentials.


12:15pm – We stop by and see Travis at work.  He’s as handsome as ever.  Go home and put Porter down for a nap.

12:45pm – Sit down to eat a big salad for lunch.  Spinach, carrots, broccoli, cucumber, deli turkey, baked snap pea crisps and some leftover spaghetti squash.


1:38pm – Porter wakes up.  We nurse.

2:00pm – Business meeting.

3:00pm -  The meeting went SO well (more on this to come, promise!).  On the way back home, I scarf down this Detour Smart bar (freebie).  It’s not really my cup of tea but I’m hungry so I eat it.


3:25pm – Nurse Porter – he’s not really hungry but I need him to be happy while I coach my groups.

3:40pm – I head downstairs to train my afternoon MoveMore groups (3:45pm & 4:30pm).  We do this workout together – it’s a BEAST.


5:30pm – Run back upstairs all sweaty.  to nurse Porter really quick.  Late for worship team.

5:45pm – Decide I’m too late to go (GREAT set list this week, Travis!).  I get a shower and change into pjs.  Nurse Porter and put him down for a late nap.028

6:15pm – I get started on dinner and type a little bit more of this post while the eggs boil.  I remember why I seldom write them – too much to remember. Winking smile

7:00pm – Dinner.  Egg salad over spinach and the last of the spaghetti squash.  A big red pear for dessert –>SO good right now!

7:30pm – After-dinner chores (unload the dishwasher, sweep kitchen, put away clean laundry).  Porter wakes up as Travis put the big kids to bed.


8:00pm – Nurse Porter and chat with Travis about our day.  He requests a technology-free night and I happily oblige.

8:21pm – Finish this post.

The End.

QUESTION:  What was the highlight of YOUR day yesterday????


postpartum update: six months

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Porter is half a year old. 

Wait, what?!  It just boggles my mind.

Gosh, he’s such a great addition to our family.  I feel like I take a lot of pictures of him, maybe more than I did of the other two kids, but he’s my baby during the smartphone age.  Hehe.  With Henry and Clara, I had an old slide phone that took horrible pictures.  There was no Instagram or Snapchat.  The pictures I have of the older two were taken on a old Kodak camera that put the timestamp in the left hand corner.  I think I still have that camera – I’m sure it no longer works.  Just funny to think about – Porter will have TONS of baby pictures to pick from aka I’ll have tons of baby pictures to send to his college girlfriend.  (emphasis on “college” as that’s how old he’ll be when he even thinks about women.  I’m not even going there.)

Six Months Postpartum – Me

There’s normally a “belly and striped underwear”-shot right here but I decided to lay off those for a while, remember?  I’m feeling back to normal in every which way!!  The only anomaly is that I’m nursing so my boobs are slightly bigger.   Winking smile

So we’ll skip right to the BABY!

Six Months Old – Porter

1 Month Old Baby2 Month Old Baby

3 Month Old Baby4 Month Old Baby

5 Month Old Baby6Months-1

1 Month/2 Months

3 Months/4 Months

5 Months/6 Months

I always divide Porter’s update into three sections: EAT, AWAKE and SLEEP. We use (and have used for all three kids) the Baby Wise method and it works well for us. If you thrive off of schedules like me, you should look into this book (I also recommend, “Secrets of the Baby Whisperer.” Both books follow the eat, awake, sleep cycles that work well in my opinion!)



  • We’re still exclusively nursing over here.  The highlight of our days.
  • Porter nurses around 7-8 times a day and has cut out almost all of his night nursing!  He’s quick and takes about 10 minutes.
  • I plan to introduce solids in a month or so – I’m in no hurry (a post for another day).



  • New discoveriesalmost army crawling (he still seems to mostly move backwards)
  • A JOY to be around!  Very laid back, chill, happy and content.  <-this makes life so much easier and I’m SO thankful.
  • Still no teeth but he’s drooling ALL OVER the place so I think they’re coming.
  • He goes in for his 6 month checkup on Friday but I’m guessing he’s close to 21 or 22 pounds.
  • Wearing 12-18 month clothes.  Size 3 diapers.



  • Porter takes 2-3 naps during the day, almost always in his crib.
  • Goes to bed around 9:30pm and is up for the day around 7:30am.  He nurses sometime in the early morning (usually 4:45am).
  • Still sleeping in our closet at night.  Smile


For more postpartum updates:

One Month

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sizzlefish and cooking lindsay-ish style

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I gotta tell you about this fish.


And not only because I’ve met the owner, Rob and fell in love with him and his cedar-plank salmon at Blend 2014.  And not because one of my best friends works as the Social Media Coordinator for the company.  And also not because when you go to price this fish out, you’ll find that each filet comes out to about $5 – much less than if you ordered it at a restaurant – AND that’s including the shipping cost!


I actually really just LOVE fish.

Good fish.

And having it once a year when we’re down in Destin, Florida just isn’t enough.

Sizzlefish offers perfectly portioned, frozen seafood right to your door!  If you’re like me and live at least 7 hours away from the nearest ocean, you’ll understand the hesitation that comes with ordering fish in the mountains.  My mind just doesn’t go there.  If I saw items like “Coho Salmon” or “Sablefish” on a local eatery’s menu, I’d probably make a “ehhhhh-face” and skip right to the cheeseburger (mmmm…cheeseburger….).


Honestly, when I received a sampler pack of some of their filets, I panicked a little. I don’t cook fish (read the paragraph above).  My friend Katie told me to do something simple.  Something Lindsay-ish, she said.  Hmmm…Lindsay-ish.

So I plopped down on the couch and googled “Crockpot Salmon.”

Yes.  Yes, I seriously did.

To my great surprise, turns out there are like 600,000+ recipes out there for cooking salmon in a crockpot.  Go figure.  I almost went there but decided not to.  This fish is special and deserves better than a 2 hour soak in that little appliance.  Chili, yes.  Coho Salmon, no.


All I did was pull out my Calphalon sauté pan, defrost two salmon filets (10 minutes in warm water) and then pan-sear them.  Just to get a little bit fancy (and because I’m 4 and like to dip my food into sauces and stuff), I whipped up a quick dijon topping (equal parts spicy dijon mustard and plain greek yogurt).  I served it all up with a side of my spaghetti squash/hummus/spinach creation and Travis and I sat down to a meal in less than 20 minutes.  We “mmmmm-ed” and “ahhhh-ed” through each flaky bite.

I was at the beach, you guys.  Except in my pjs and at my house.

Thanks, Sizzlefish!

**For the month of October, Sizzlefish is offering $10 off all orders. Use the code “OCTBONUS” at checkout.  Shipping is included in the price!**

QUESTION:  Do you like fish?  What’s your favorite kind?


**Disclaimer: I received this product free for review but was not compensated for my time.  All opinions are my own!**

weekend scenes

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Hello friends!

It’s currently Sunday afternoon and I’m soaking up the last little bits of this weekend.  Porter and Clara are snoozing away (P should wake up soon to nurse), Henry is playing MineCraft on my bed, and Travis is editing pictures beside me on the couch.  We’ve got an episode of The Office (the original BBC one) on in the background but neither of us are really watching it – just casually laughing at jokes when we happen to hear them.  Do you do this too?  Sit down to watch something and then get on your computer or phone and play around?  I’m not a fan but it happens all the time.  No wonder it takes us 3 or 4 hours to watch a movie.

Anyway, I thought I’d pop in real quick and share some pictures I’ve snapped since Friday.  Nothing terribly awesome or important happened this weekend ….which usually means we actually got some REST.  Enjoy!






























QUESTION:  What does your typical Sunday look like??


on blogging, lists and i don’t even know what else

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I feel like writing and I have the time (!!!) but I don’t really have a prompt today.  This means I just start typing.  I kinda love this style of blogging – the day-to-day rambly kind.  You don’t find blogs that are rambly anymore.  Everything is sponsored.  I totally get the appeal (and I myself have several sponsored posts lined up in the coming months – there is decent money to be made and some really neat products to review) but some of my favorite posts to READ are the ones that just talk about daily life.  I started reading Peas and Thank You (which is sadly no longer in existence) like 4 years ago during Henry and Clara’s naptime.  I remember putting them both down (they napped at the same time and for like 2 solid hours – it was bliss!), getting an afternoon snack and coffee and sitting down on our futon (miss that thing).  I read every word that Sarah Matheny wrote.  Every single word.  I know nothing about vegan cooking or baking but she had this VOICE to her blogging that just made you want to read more.  She inspired me to start this blog (along with Janetha and Katie).

I rarely have time these days to actually sit down and produce anything worth reading.  I usually find little 5-minute windows of opportunity throughout the day and they all somehow add up to a blog post.  I actually started with the intention of making everything into a LIST.  Like “Top 10 Reasons to Paint Your Nails Blue.”  I can only think of one right now and it’d have to be Carolina Blue and you’d have to be actually attending a game or sitting on your couch (or futon) and cheering the Heels on.  Anyway, lists are like my jam.  I have three lists going on right now.  One for groceries (Silk almond milk, Honeycomb cereal and spinach – staples), one for MoveMore and one for today’s tasks.  Call me crazy but I like to add things like “breathing” or “sex” to the list – things I know I’ll get accomplished and then strike through each item like a champ.  Sometimes I draw little boxes beside each item and then put a checkmark in there, but that’s rare.

I do feel the need to put some sort of image in every post.  I don’t really know why.  In most WordPress themes, you’re supposed to set a “Featured Image” so if you don’t have one uploaded that just stays blank I guess.  Seems like every post should have at least one visual.  When I have Henry sit down to write out a story, I always make him illustrate it.  Mostly because he HATES drawing but is really pretty good at it and I want to encourage him to grow in that area.  He always draws with yellow.  I can have a 64-crayon box (that’s the big one) in front of him and his hand will go for that yellow crayon.  It’s not my favorite (kelly green…that’s my favorite color).  I’m gonna put in a picture right below this just so there is one.



Did you know that I have over 160 drafts in my dashboard.  Mom, the dashboard is the place that stores all my posts. 160 times I’ve sat down to write something and either A) didn’t finish writing or B) felt like the post wasn’t ready to be published.  Sometimes I go back and finish something but 90% of the time I just leave my thoughts sitting there.  I have a recipe for Monkey Bread.  LOL.  Like seriously one of the easiest recipes EVER and one that you can find anywhere on line but I thought it would be worth my time to share because you never know how many people haven’t ever eaten Monkey Bread (you should).  I see that as a problem in the blogging world – too many posts that say the exact same thing.  There are probably 2,000 posts out there with recipes for Monkey Bread but you think your addition of saffron will make someone click on your link.  (Excuse me while I google “saffron” and see if that’s even something you’d put in the bread.  No.  No, do NOT put saffron in your Monkey Bread.)  What sometimes stops me from giving advice on fitness or motherhood or whatever is that while I KNOW these things, I wouldn’t consider myself an “expert.”  Aren’t we all just learning!??!  Do I really have anything new and profound to add??  Don’t most people already know how to perform a proper squat or about teething and ways to soothe your baby??

I’m finding that no.  No, they don’t.  With an endless internet of countless pages, there is always someone out there that isn’t informed.  Maybe I should start writing more about the simple things like how I make my Crockpot chicken or what Microsoft LiveWriter is and why you need it.  Maybe that will be new information to someone.

Oh my word.  I don’t even know what this post is about but Porter just started crying so I must go.  No time to edit – if there are errors, you can fine me 1 million dollhairs.

All this to say, hi.  I love that you read this blog.  I love writing it.  And I hope you have a wonderful weekend.