That’s me – Lindsay. 

33 years old (birthday – August 3rd)

Been married for 10 years to my love, Travis!  Software engineer, worship leader, guitar and peanut butter enthusiast.


I’m a NASM & NCCPT-certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor.  I specialize in pre/postnatal fitness and I’m a certified Group Personal Training Specialist.  I own a small group training company called MoveMore Fitness (learn more here).


My full time job is playing with & homeschooling three kiddos: Henry, Clara and baby Porter.


We live in a rural town in the mountains of North Carolina, just west of Asheville.  ALL of my family lives here – mom, dad, sister, aunts, uncles, grandparents – you name it, they’re here.

I am a CHRISTIAN!!  Saved by God’s GRACE! 

I love:

Sweating everyday, homeschooling, under-baked brownies, hummus, fresh foods, Colorado, breastfeeding, alliteration, couponing, the theater, cookies n’ cream ice cream




Why Lindsay’s List?? 

Making lists keeps me sane!    Whether it’s a list to keep my day organized or things to pick up at the grocery store, I find myself making a list all the time.

Plus, it makes it a WHOLE lot easier to write up a quick blog post.

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  1. Not to be a creeper, but saw your lazy couponing post and noticed your receipt said Franklin. I actually live in Bryson City! I have friends who coupon, and they love it and have tried to teach me, but honestly it seems like too much effort. But using Southern Savers like you suggest to do makes it seem SOOOOO easy. Like effortless practically. I Love It! So, you have given me motivation to try out this couponing thing for the summer at least! I will also be checking out the rest of your blog to see what other cool things you post about!

  2. I love lists too! Sometimes when my list seems too daunting for the day, I’ll write, wake up, eat breakfast, eat lunch, make dinner, just so that I can cross SOMETHING off the list! Sometimes I’ll write things down that have already happened, like make bed :) Found you through Janae blog, you commented on her most recent one and I clicked on your name because it said Lindsay’s List and I like lists :) Nice to “meet” you.

  3. Hi Lindsay! Just a quick note to say thank you for sharing stories and pictures of your family with your readers. I absolutely adore little Clara, she’s so precious!

  4. I just stumbled across your blog and I love it! I love sharing running and my faith with others and it’s awesome to see another strong Christian woman doing the same. I live in Johnson City, TN so we are pretty close geographically too! Keep doin’ what you’re doin’! :)

  5. As I’ve just heard about the Blend Retreat, I have naturally found my way over to your little spot here, and I just love it. Looking forward to peaking around some more!! (and hopefully meeting you in person in May, if I can make it happen)

  6. Lindsay~!I’m so so happy I found your blog! You’re too funny and I feel like I can relate to you on many levels! And I just saw that you linked up a song by Bethel Church~I love their worship team. Lately I’ve been listening a lot to Kim Walker’s song “show me your glory”. Oh btw, do you know IHOP’s worship group as well?

    And I think it’s so cool you’re a trainer! It sounds like such a rewarding and fun job. :D

  7. Hi, Lindsay. Love your blog- plan on following now that I found you. I just started blogging about training for the NYC marathon. I am a Christian too so I am relating my training to my daily walk with God. I would love for you to check it out. I also linked up with She Reads the Truth via your blog. Awesome idea- can’t wait to incorporate it into my daily devotion time.

  8. Hi, Lindsay! I stumbled upon your blog, and now I find myself hooked! Your words and fun,encouraging, and radiant spirit has me glued to the screen. I’ve been catching up on all the wonderful posts I’ve been missing out on! It seems as though we have a few things in common. I’m 29 years old,been married for almost 6 years now,and I, too, have been saved by God’s amazing grace. I’m extremely clumsy and uncoordinated as well, but, unlike you, I’m far from being athletic – although I’d like to think so. I’m looking forward to following you and your family’s journey through life. Did that sound too stalker-ish? =)

  9. Lindsay, where have been all this time that I’ve been missing out on your fantistic blog!?!?!! (I just learned about it on Going Home To Roost’s blog and SO GLAD I did!)

    I’m definitely going to be perusing your site more as soon as I finish my mind-numbing Research Proposal! Thanks for being an inspiration.

  10. So glad I just stumbled upon your blog! I am already a big fan!
    I too am a list addict, I will make daily to do lists, grocery lists, you name it, I will have a list for it! ha It keeps me sane I believe! It doesn’t matter if I throw the list away an hour later, I like writing my organizing my day before I try to tackle what’s ahead.

  11. Just happened across your blog. I love your honesty and ability to laugh at yourself!

    My Dad grew up in the Burnsville area so I know just how beautiful your area is. Keep writing!

  12. Ok, just by reading this, I can tell we’re going to become the best of friends. Big into lists? ME TOO! Big into non-stickiness? ME TOO! Big into being happy? Right there with ya. I could go on but I think you see the point. So glad to find you through LC, too!!

  13. I’m new to your blog but really enjoying it so far. I thought you lived in Colorado! My husband and I are actually going to Asheville in two weeks (we live in Atlanta, about 4 hours away).

  14. We almost moved from Steamboat Springs, CO to the Asheville area. 500 inches of snow makes for a very loooooong winter.

  15. I love WNC! My dad live in the Barnarsville area, up in the mountains, and my grandparents live in Cullowhee. I LOVE that part of the world.
    PS. your babies are so chubby and cute!

  16. Hey Lindsay! Just found your site- have to second your affinity for underbaked brownies! Yum!

  17. Hi Lindsay! Love your blog, AND making lists :-) I’m from Durham, NC, but live in MA now. My eldest sister lives in Black Mt., and my other sister went to Warren Wilson, so I know (and love!) the area pretty well.

    Can’t wait to keep reading!

  18. I just found your blog through “knewlywifed”. I love lists! Sometimes I write things I have already accomplished on my lists just so I can cross them off. Is that weird? Haha don’t tell my hubby, otherwise he will realize I’m not really superwoman :) I used to live in Cornelius, near Charlotte and I miss it terribly. Asheville has got to be getting pretty beautiful with fall rolling in!

  19. Hey Lindsay! I just found your blog through a tweet from Janeatha @ Meals&Moves…we have a lot in common! Our faith, moving every day, and personal trainers…my husband and I don’t have any kids yet, but maybe one day we’ll be share that in common too. ;) Were you involved with YoungLife? I saw a YL shirt in one of your posts – I interned for a few summers at a YL camp in CA where I’m from but now live in Calgary with my Canadian husband. Anyway, loved reading through your recent entries and glad to have stumbled upon your blog!

    1. Wow! Glad to have found someone as awesome as me ;) My sister is actually involved and got the whole family YL shirts! From what I hear about the program, it’s awesome! Do you blog??

  20. Stumbled on your blog today! So cute, and your green bean canning post reminds me of myself! I live about 1 1/2 hours from Asheville, and live in the same town with e.v.e.r.y. member of my family. Green bean canning is a family tradition for us!

  21. Love the concept and title of your blog. I can’t tell you the satisfaction I get from crossing things off my lists!

    i was born and raised in Denver. I heart Colorado too! I just moved to Southern California in March. I really like it here, but I am missing Colorado all the time!

    1. Thanks for stopping in!! There is some sort of anxiety release when you cross something off your list! I make multiple lists a day.
      We lived in Denver (well, Westminster) for almost 3 years. Which part are you from??