I’ll never forget something my mother-in-law said years ago.  We were sitting in her living room, casually talking about fitness and health and me working at a gym (at the time) and I think I must have said something to the effect of, “Why don’t YOU work out/watch what you eat?” which seems super rude but she knew exactly what I meant.  She laughed it off and then said something that has been blocked into my brain ever since.

“Sometimes I just don’t want to know.”

I think my jaw dropped right into my (un)sweet tea and at the time I probably got all sorts of defensive about how knowledge is power and people die every day from obesity-related causes and how you can change your life by just dropping 10% of your body mass.  Aside from being a mama, my life IS fitness and health.  Reading nutrition articles and watching IIFYM Youtube videos and staying up-to-date on the latest and greatest exercise techniques. Part of my life IS knowing about that stuff.


I often wonder as I scroll through Instagram and see the countless “fitspo” posts or listen to my clients asking which is better, quinoa or brown rice (quinoa…it has more protein and higher fiber content) if all of this knowledge really is for the best. Could it be encouraging obsessive behavior?  Idols?  It seems like everywhere I look I see a new health fad, new tips on how to lose those last 5 pounds (and they’re NEVER really new but I digress…).


Do you see grilled chicken and veggies or yummy pizza?

What if ignorance really IS bliss?  What if one were 10 pounds heavier than they “ought to be”, healthy enough and didn’t care about quinoa or brown rice or macros or how many calories that spin class burned.  What if she wanted to know more about politics and religion and how to help people.  What if she read poetry instead of Women’s Health.  What if she ate vegetables because she genuinely enjoyed the taste and not because it was something she should do.

I don’t know about you and perhaps I’ve just been around one too many healthy living people but I’d much rather be friends with the 10 pounds heavier girl.  She’s a flippin’ blast. 

Sometimes I just want to un-learn some of the things I know.  Sometimes I just don’t wanna know.

QUESTION:  IS ignorance bliss when it comes to living??  Have we taken this healthy living thing too far?


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  1. Some of the healthiest people I know just eat. They don’t question its health benefits, the macro balance, the calorie content…They just eat. They don’t count their workouts…They just walk from place to place. And whilst theit diet may not be 100% perfect, who’s is? But what they do have is the time and mental space to think and learn and experience other things other than just nutrient content – and I bet you they’ll have a heap more happy memories as the end of their life than I would if I continued my obsession with food content!

  2. This quote from one of my favorite speakers Beth Moore has really been pivitol in my thinking.
    “An idol is something you draw your strength from and give your strength too”
    Even good food ,healthy living , fitness and excersice can become an idol if like the above stement states becomes your source of strength.
    …something to really ponder on.

  3. Just from my point of view. It’s possible just to stop caring. To forget about all that shit and not look at food in terms of protein/carbs/fat or guesstimate how many calories you are eating. It’s completely possible to let go of that mentality and still live a healthy life and just do/eat whatever sounds good. As you know I used to be fixated on balancing my protein and carbs, because that’s how body for life is and that is the program I used to get into shape. But it was tedious and tiring and stupid. Thank God I had the sense to throw my hands in the air and give up being so concerned with what I was eating. I wouldn’t say I was ever over the top or disordered–just too mindful and it was annoying. But.. it’s super possible to just stop being focused on that and focusing on everything else in life. Yes I quit reading blogs and following a lot of people that were way too into that, but it sure leaves me a lot of time to do other things and read other things and look at funny IG accounts. I sometimes miss blogging, but I don’t miss the stupid “healthy living” blog scene lol. Love you!

    1. Yes! When I was at the height of my disorder I read every “healthy living” blue g I could get my hands on and would constantly compare myself to other women. I always found myself lacking and not “good enough” I took a long break from blog reading and now take it with a grain of salt.

  4. GREAT questions! I’ve wondered this so many times. And the answer? I don’t know! I wish I could be one of those people to whom balance came naturally. In pregnancy it’s a little easier, but normally not so much. I will forever be battling eating disorder scars, so balance will always be a matter of prayer and grace. I think he best answer is that we eat for our health and what makes us FEEL our best. But we’ll forever be battling culture :(

  5. Yes! It is so obsessive! I personally do not think there is a better food when comparing brown rice with quinoa. They are different foods and are both good for you! Just like all the hyped up diets in my opinion tend to be nonsense. I tend to like my pizza crust to actually be made out of grains! lol I have struggled with an eating disorder for many years and am finally starting to have a healthy relationship with food. Thank God!

  6. Love this post and the reality of it is that everything you said is so true. I’ve really been learning a lot about this recently and it all boils down to you and what is right for you individually.

  7. Reminds me of the article you posted that discussed the different states of leanness and how much you have to give up (socially and food wise) to achieve them. I am learning that even though I don’t want to be (and honestly I don’t have the genetics to be ) truly lean, I don’t have to be ok with being overweight. I don’t want to know about macros, but I do want to be healthy. Its about finding your balance and your happy place for your body. Some people feel amazing super fit, for me it would be a walk of suffering for little pay out. I just want to be me-fit. :)

  8. Yes I’m learning that ignorance is bliss in this day of fitspo everywhere. I’m sick of seeing all of the workout posts that make me feel bad about myself because I never seem to have time or energy to do it anymore. One day I’ll get back on track but right now seeing so much of “today’s workout” or “healthy” versions of regular food is very triggering and damaging to me. So I need to cut off the things that are harmful to me. Thanks for great post.

  9. Yes! My husband and I recently went to Outback Steakhouse for a special date — only the second one since having our six month old baby. It’s the type of restaurant/meal that I only eat once a year. And I opened the menu to find a calorie count on EVERY SINGLE ITEM. For someone who’s never had issues with food or excercise, this probably wouldn’t be a big deal, but for me, it kind of ruined my dinner. I told my husband, “I just don’t wanna know!” I just wanted to order a fun dinner and not worry about calories, but even they had to suck the fun out of it for me, ha.

    But anyway, in some seasons of life, I do think it’s okay to be easier on ourselves and not be as educated. Otherwise, we’d all go crazy!

  10. Great post Linds!!! Balance is so important , but hard to achieve ALL the time!!

  11. You are definitely not alone. Sometimes I want to unlearn things but other times, I’m quite thankful for my knowledge. With that said though, I know I’m one of the few who can have a balance between knowing what’s healthy and makes my body feel the best, and when it’s okay to splurge with something I wouldn’t normally eat.

  12. I am much more inclined to spend “quality time” with those in my life who are “balanced ” in their approach to all aspects of life. What is fun to realize is that those “balanced” friends have “unbalanced” areas of their life which gives then LOADS of color and TONS of fun – it gives me an permission to get a little crazy! And that makes me healthier – and far more tolerable! :)

  13. YES! I think we have taken it too far.
    The more I learn, the more difficult it is to just relax and enjoy food. Listen, I know organic is better, I know sugar is bad, I know about the hormones that are injected into just about ev.er.y.thing we eat — I KNOW. But sometimes I wish I didn’t have to stand in the grocery store and give myself a guilt trip about not being able to afford ALL organic meats and veggies every week, you know?
    The girl who is 10 pounds heavier and cares less about “healthy living” and more about “other things” IS such a flippin’ blast to be around compared to the health nut who is “living her best life” or whatever it is she’s doing.
    For this first year, I’ve fretted over everything that my baby has eaten, and last weekend he had a french fry. AND HE LOVED IT. Is he now on the fast track to obesity and self-destruction? No, because he had quinoa and chicken and avocado for dinner that same evening. It all balances out, and I think I need to learn how to CHILL OUT about it all.
    I love this post. And you (but you already know that!)