Does anyone even read this blog anymore??


I kinda forgot about it and I’m the one in charge.  Eek.

I’m taking that as a sign that my blogging days are numbered.  Everything has a season and perhaps LL’s season is coming to a close.  We shall see.

Right now, I’m half watching a movie (Mordecai with Johnny Depp….ageless hotty, yes?) and half typing.  Forgive me if this has typos.  Travis is in the front room editing pictures (where he’s been for the last week), Henry is playing Legos and Clara and Porter are napping (although I’m pretty sure Clara is playing with her tea set and only pretending to nap).  I’m sitting down for what seems like the first time in 57 days (show week) so let’s catch up on life with a big photo dump and some captioning.  Yes lets.

Lately, I’ve been….


Wearing this shirt.


Having fun with Charlie Ruth (can you believe she and Porter will be TWO next month?!?).


Making stir fry.


Being sick…thank God I’m finally feeling better.  That cold was a doozy.


Buying stuff at GNC.


Visiting America’s largest home.



Celebrating National Cereal Day.  (Every single day is some sort of food holiday…it’s too much.  I’m down with National Cereal Day though.)


Watching my kids grow up.



Loving these Mighty Muffins (Chocolate Peanut Butter is my favorite flavor but Apple Cinnamon is good too!)


Putting my foot in a huddle.


Eating more stir fry.


Pretending to be a photographer at Travis’ latest gig.


Taking advantage of full-length mirrors.


Stocking up on peanut butter (Laura Lynn’s creamy natural is $1.68 at Ingles!).


(again) watching my kids grow up.


Fostering Clara’s self esteem. Winking smile



Savoring the longer, warmer days.


Saying “ARGHHHH!”



Enjoying one-on-one time with Henry during this show.  (look at that beard)


Digging this show.


Emptying this bag.  (Seriously…buy this popcorn!!)




Getting into cheerleading poses.



Yep, lately I’ve been LIVING.

QUESTION:  Fill in the blank:  “Lately, I’ve been ____________.”


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  1. Lately I’ve been cranky. Late pregnancy and I are not getting along . 33 more days until my due date (although he’ll hopefully follow in my other big baby’s footsteps and come early!)
    And please don’t stop blogging!! I love reading your posts, not matter how infrequent ❤️

  2. I still read!!! Hoping you don’t stop blogging. All my favorite bloggers are stopping. :(

    What city in NC do you live? I would love to move near these mountains!

  3. Lately I have been stressed (house buying and selling gah) but things are calming down and I’m learning not to let myself get so worked up over things/life again.
    I still read :) I like reading whatever you post and though I am of another faith than you, I enjoy reading about yours. I would also be super interested to hear how you “make things work” in more detail with 3 kids, a business, husband, home, etc. Like day to day things.. when do you clean, when do you cook/shop.. I find it hard enough sometimes to keep up with having just a hubby and a house! ;)

  4. Lately… I am content.

    I’ve studdenly realized that there really is no point in being anxious ALL the time. Instead, I’ve been content and relaxed… working through problems instead of stressed over them!

    Trust me, every week, I wonder how much longer I’ll keep this blogging thing going! lol.

  5. I found your blog last summer through a vlog you did about homeschooling. I love your sense of humor and encouraging spirit. You have motivated me to get back into running. Signed up for my first 1/2 marathon
    I check back almost everyday to see if you posted. Keep a tab open on my phone to work through all your old posts starting from the beginning. Right now I’m on “day in the life of”, You are still nursing Clara and Porter isn’t even born yet! In fact I’m nursing my 15m old right now while I type this.
    Please don’t give up on the blog…
    A fellow North Carolinian momma of two

  6. I still read them!!! I love reading about what ur up to and what’s new in healthy trends!!

  7. I read your posts! Everyday I look for an email alert that you have posted…the JOY when there is one is similar to that of a kid on Christmas morning. I found your blog at a very transitional time in my life and seeing your beautiful family gives me hope, makes me giggle and gives me goals to strive toward. You are a wonderful person and you have been a friend to me without even knowing me. I am so thankful for you and I sure hope you keep writing!!!

    Have a beautiful day Lindsey!