In celebration of Valentine’s Day, here is a list of things I’m currently loving:

  • Soggy cereal.
  • Not-soggy cereal.
  • All cereal.
  • When the Holy Spirit moves at church and I can literally see the goosebumps forming on my arms.
  • Travis’ manbun.
  • Travis’ everything.
  • This family he gave me.


  • The way that Amazon segues right into the next Backyardigans so I can sit still for just a bit longer.
  • Walking with Tiffany at the track (boo hiss to the current it’s-freezing-outside-so-we-can’t status.  I can’t wait for Spring).
  • Looking out my back window and still loving the fact that it’s Winter.


  • Eating my protein pancake as slooooowly as I can every morning.
  • Burpees and thrusters and push-ups and….
  • The way my new Arbonne lotion smells.


  • Being able to say that last sentence and not trying to sell you guys anything.
  • The excitement of a snow day.
  • The fact that my seven-year-old was brave enough to audition for Treasure Island (not only that but he ROCKED it, pirate-accent and all).


  • Hazelnut k-cups.
  • The way Tiger Balm makes my sore muscles feel (but not the smell…the smell is not good).
  • Reading through the Bible with my inlaws.
  • Group texts with my inlaws (although sometimes I DO click on the “Do Not Disturb” function).
  • Trying to perfect the cauliflower-crust pizza.  I can’t seem to make them “pickupable.”  (Any tips/recipes you love??)


  • Puzzling with my husband.
  • Making puzzling a verb.


  • Doing everything I can to find out how best to teach Clara.
  • Being BLESSED to be able to BE her teacher and all of the amazingness of homeschooling.
  • Helping others lead healthy lives…being a cheerleader.


  • Blogging sporadically.
  • Deleting the Facebook app from my phone.
  • Resting.  Truly resting.
  • The way Sunday feels.

Just to name a few….

Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear friends!  I hope you feel loved (because you ARE loved!).

QUESTION:  What are some of YOUR current LOVES??


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  1. Putting in law texts on ‘do not disturb’ and removing FB from your phone are pretty equal actions. Both can take up tons of time, and while a great way to keep in touch and very entertaining, need to be put in their proper place.

    1. definitely! It’s mostly not cool when I’m training clients and everyone in the text is oooing and ahhing over a baby picture or laughing at Everett and my phone dings 20 times but i can’t silence it because music for training comes out of my phone too.