Travis and I went away this weekend….

With zero children…..

For the first time in nearly 3 years…..

(That’s entirely too long between trips for those of you wondering.)



The Biltmore Estate.  I’ve been twice before but it had been YEARS.  We both fell back in love with this mansion (a castle, really) and bought season passes!


Couldn’t walk away without buying this adorable hat in the gift shop.


Dinner at Wasabi in Downtown Asheville.



If you’re there, get the “Summer Roll.”  Fresh, light, amazing!


10pm run for froyo at Ya-Ya’s. 


On Sunday morning, we slept in until 9:15 (!!!!) then just laid there for as long as we wanted.


Brunch at Whole Foods (because we didn’t want to wait in line anywhere else).


Leisurely strolling through Target.  Unheard of.

We’ve been married for nearly 11 years now.  We’re invested.  We’re not going anywhere and we’re putting in the work.

It takes work.

Yes, we’ve had arguments and seasons of feast and seasons of famine but the overarching theme is that we’re invested and we want to see the fruits of our labor.  AND WE DO…each day!  We see God’s hand over our family, over our jobs, over everything as we make our marriage a top priority.

As a mom of three kids, I know how difficult it can be to wear the “sexy wife”-hat AND the “dutiful mom”-hat (not to mention the countless other ones…my neck gets tired) but it’s incredibly important.  If I could give one piece of family advice to other women it would be to structure your priorities in this way:  God, husband, then kids.  My kids are SO important…but not more than my marriage to Travis.  All parties involved are aware of this flow chart.  All parties involved function best this way too.   045

We came back home last night refreshed and even more in love.  Plans are already in motion for our next little getaway and I can’t wait!

QUESTION:  If you’re married, how often do you take little weekend/overnight trips or dates??


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  1. Yes to all of this! So important to date your husband, which is so much harder when you have more and more kids. It’s been 10 months since our last get away to Aruba and seems way too long. I’m thankful for dates every month or two, or even afternoons together when he can meet me when I’m kid free after teaching for grocery shopping or a quick coffee date. It’s nothing over the top, but just getting those moments to have actual uninterrupted conversations and doing things together like we did pre-kids is so special.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! My hubby and I try to sneak off for a weekend (or week) together every summer without the kids, having time alone together is incredibly important for a marriage. I’m so happy that you guys got some time away to enjoy each other’s company,

  3. Love love LOVE this!! So refreshing and so a needed reminder always! I think it is SO WORTH investing and ‘dating your husband’ and keeping the romance going, despite the day to day (easier for me to say ‘kid-less but equally a needed reminder instead of ‘life’g etting in the way!). xo

  4. YAASSS!!!! I know the “husband comes before kids” is quite the polarizing topic, but I’m with ya, sister! If Cory and I are off, else is off. We’re the center of this life we’re creating, and that’s why our roles as Spouse comes before our roles as Parent.
    Jack is almost a year old (WTF?!) and we’ve yet to go on an overnight trip – BUT, Jack has spent the night with his grandparents several times, so I think that counts for something. It’s so nice just being able to walk around Target or eat lunch at a restaurant and not worry about a loud baby or wake up ON YOUR OWN and not have to jump out of bed. Those small chunks of ‘us’ time are invaluable and we’ll continue to create them.
    Kudos to you guys! I’m glad you guys got away for a bit!

  5. Our little one is 4 months old so we haven’t had an overnight trip just the two of us yet. Our last one was a night away on the Queen Mary for our anniversary about a month before our son was born! We have gone out twice, though, while Fishy stayed with his grandparents. I try so hard to still put Husband first, but it can be difficult when he has to get his own dinner because I’m trying to get the baby to sleep, or am too exhausted to get up to make his lunch because I’ve been up all night. I’m really trying, though. Any tips from a pro? ;)

  6. Love you took time out for your marriage! Where did you get your pants and booties in the Biltmore pic? Love the outfit!

  7. We really try hard to do a couple times a month. One night we went ‘out on the town’, dinner, dancing, drinks and it was SO much fun. We’ve been married 9 years and that night I felt like a couple who had just started dating (minus the fact that I got to sleep with him that night, hubba hubba ;) )

  8. Our pastor said it like this, “You didn’t promise your kids to be with them forever.” Michael and I try to getaway multiple times a year, even 2 nights can be magic. We just did 5 nights in November and I seriously think I forgot that we had a child. :) Going away makes you remember WHY you wanted to be with that person. Your husband is great! Your love is exciting! You want to be together.

  9. I love this! Way to invest in one another. If we have kids, that’s the order we want too – God, then each other, then kids as addition to who we are as a couple. So happy you had that getaway! :D I’ve been extra in love with Mikey lately…and I’m so grateful for his love.

  10. Granted, we don’t have kids but we plan mini getaways all the time. Being a married couple AND business partners, things can get difficult. So we make weekend trips a regular part of our lives to make sure marriage stays #1. When your office is your home, it’s hard to switch hats sometimes… even date nights downtown are the best! And needed!