On any Wednesday afternoon, I am easily found.  Just find Henry and you’ll find me.  Like two old souls, we’re usually watching a biographical documentary together on the couch.  Today we learned about Usain Bolt and his remarkable feats.  There are no snacks.  No phones.  No tablets.  Nothing to distract from this togetherness.  We rush to find each other as soon as the youngest are tucked in for naps.

I don’t have afternoon MoveMore groups on Wednesday.  I can give him my full attention.  We both need it.  Crave it.

As we sit in silence, I am reminded of the blessing.  Staying home.  When I’m old and have no retirement plan or pension or savings to speak of, I will have no regret.  To sacrifice my career, the nicer car, the vacations for their betterment, their security, their comfort….that is a gift that I will gladly give.

The gift of TIME.

There is no replacement.

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This life – It’s nothing like how I thought it’d look and it’s everything I’ve ever wanted.


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  1. Thank you so much for putting into words exactly what I feel about being home with my son. I work part-time (almost every weekend) and though money is extremely tight and we can’t really have anything extra, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

  2. I’m not a bl0gger and I certainly don’t know you in any way outside of reading your posts – but I am constantly and consistently inspired by your posts. You are an amazing mother and truly inspirational. My husband and I are really trying and looking forward to starting our own family and I reference your blog posts frequently. Thank you for.. being you. It is refreshing to see a “working mom” making it work, while still outwardly demonstrating love and devotion to her best friend – her husband. :)

  3. Oh, I love this. I’m six weeks away from the end of my 12 week maternity leave and I’m not sure if I want to go back or not. It’s such a tough decision. I can’t imagine leaving my baby, but I like my job and the company I work for too. I do have the option to work from home, but then would I be able to give enough attention to my baby? I don’t know!!

  4. So so so sweet! :) Honestly, it really is these little, quiet, relaxing moments that sometimes mean the most. This past weekend I was in Michigan visiting the boyfriend and he felt so bad that we weren’t “doing anything” except sitting on the couch and watching episodes of ‘Friends’…I had to stop him because that was EXACTLY what I was happy doing. It was less about the activity and more about the relaxing comfort of the company. :)