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As I type this out, it’s Monday morning and I’ve just finished up with my breakfast.  Someone asked me the other day – “Do you eat before you workout in the morning?”  The answer – I don’t.  After Trackstars, I normally rush home, put Porter to sleep, grab a quick shower and then CHOW DOWN!  I know there’s a lot of confusion as to whether you should work out fasted or try and eat something beforehand.  I’m here to tell you – DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOUTry different things until you find something that works for your body.  I’ve tried eating before I work out in the morning and it just doesn’t work well for my body (I end up nauseous).  If I exercise later in the day, I always eat something beforehand and I feel perfectly fine.  It’s taken a couple of years to find what works for me.  Anyway, I’m always starving when we get home so breakfast takes about 2 minutes to devour.  (Then I go back for a second breakfast around 11am).  This topic has absolutely nothing to do with today’s post but I thought I’d share.  Side note –> I just brushed some hair out of my face and now have maple syrup stuck to the side of my head.  I’m going to lick my finger and try to wipe it off.  Winning.

Today I wanted to share one of my latest finds with you – ThredUpHave you heard of it??  ThredUp is an online consignment store.  You get to shop other people’s gently-used, name brand clothing and you don’t have to leave your house.  The concept behind online shopping deserves a round of applause in my book – with three young kids, going into a dressing room and trying on clothes is not my favorite.  If I can shop while sitting on my couch in my pjs….sign me up!  (But make the sign up process something I can do from my couch too….)


Just like most consignment stores, ThredUp has two pieces to their business – they sell and they buy.  ThredUp will SELL you consigned clothes via their online shop or phone app.  You can browse through women’s and children’s clothing (they do not sell men’s clothing yet), accessories and shoes.  Buy what you want (shipping is free over $50) and a box will show up at your door.  You have 15 days to return any items that you don’t want and the return shipping is FREE.  (I actually sent back one shirt and one dress because of sizing issues and the process with super simple – I just printed a return label and shipped the items back in the box they came in).


ThredUp will also BUY your used clothes/accessories/shoes.  You can request a “purge your closet bag” and they’ll ship it to you.  You mail your unwanted clothing to ThredUp and they’ll make you an offer on the items they want.  According to their website, they only keep about 50% of what people send in and are very stringent about only keeping top quality items.  Any items they don’t want can either be given to charity or returned back to you (for a minimal fee).

I learned about ThredUp through Tina and thought I’d see what it was all about.  My first haul came in the mail last week so I sat down and filmed a quick vlog for you guys!  The company did not pay me for this review, in fact they have no idea who I am.  I just thought this concept was cool, especially for those of us who can’t make it to the stores easily.  Enjoy!

Ready to shop??  Click here to save $10 off your first and second orders!  Tell your friends about ThredUp and you get $20 when they place their first order!

QUESTION:  Ever tried ThredUp?  What’s the last item of clothing you bought?  <-I got a pair of $6 fleece-lined leggings last Saturday from Burkes.  Love a good bargain!


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  1. Yes, I love ThredUp, it came in really handy for maternity clothes. Their shipping price structure has changed since I started using them and I feel it’s kind of pricey, but they occasionally offer discounts through their app.

    I’d much rather order from them then go with one of those subscription boxes. I know you still have to pick your own pieces, but it’s so much more adfordable.

  2. I’ve been meaning to try ThredUp these past couple weeks…I have 3 huuuuuge bags of clothes to get rid of! What I love most about it is that if they won’t sell it, they’ll donate it for you. This post could not have come at a more perfect time. It is definitely a sign to get my rear in gear and use the service!

  3. That’s such a great haul! I’ve been wanting to try ThredUp, but haven’t taken the plunge yet! The last item of clothing I bought was some maternity clothes from Destination Maternity. They were a pretty good deal too!