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Today, I want to focus on the CORE!

Building a strong core is VITAL to overall health and wellness!  Yes, it’s nice to have a sleek and flat belly, but more so than that, a strong core just makes life easier.  You’ll be able to bend over to pick up groceries (or that 30-pound butterball toddler) with ease.  Even walking and running becomes easier when our midline is strong and trained.


Since I work with mostly postpartum clients (“fresh” ones and those who have teenagers), I get A LOT of requests for good core exercises.  Point blank – women want to flatten their bellies.  When the female body hosts a child, our abdominal muscles stretch and separate to allow for fetal growth.  This is natural and totally worth the blessing you get from having a child.  But when it’s all said and done, us mamas are left with weird looking bellies, stretch marks, that dark squigly line (linea negra) and extra abdominal fat.  Even if your baby is 20 years old now, you may still be dealing with a postpartum belly.

There is a fix!

Most of the research surrounding visceral fat loss suggests that INTERVAL TRAINING and CLEAN EATING are the two best strategies, plain and simple.

Interval Training – In addition to strength training 2-3 times a week, it’s important to throw in some high intensity interval training (HIIT) into your routine.  HIIT workouts involve anaerobic exercises that tax the central nervous system and provide a huge afterburn of calories (or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption).  Great for whittling fat off your waistline.  Click here for a few of my favorite HIIT workouts.

Clean Eating – As far as clean eating goes, I try to get clients to focus on whole foods that ARE ingredients, not made from ingredients.  Think lean proteins, fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains and healthy fats.  Your genes also play a roll in where your body stores extra fat – if your mother is a “pear shape,” you’re more likely to have a thicker torso.


Once you’ve started changing your diet and incorporating high intensity interval training, you’ll likely start seeing some definition in your core.  It takes TIME and it’s not something you can rush.

Today, I put together this core circuit that will strengthen the muscles UNDERNEATH any abdominal fat you might have!  Six packs for everyone! Winking smile Let’s get to work!

What You’ll Need:

  • A 5-10 pound dumbbell (or any small object)
  • Stopwatch

How Often:

Three times per week, non-consecutive days.  <-our abdominal muscles are just like any other muscle and need REST in order to grow!


For video tutorials, simply click on the exercise: Forearm Plank, Dumbbell Crunches, Walking Plank,V-Ups, Side Plank, Weighted Knee-Ups

You can add this core circuit on to the end of a workout or complete it as a stand alone on an active rest day!  Let me know if you try it!!

QUESTION:  How often do you incorporate core work?


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  2. I woke up saying Ouch this morning… That countdown to awesome workout kicked my booty in the best way possible. I may have spent a little too much time on IG looking at other workouts for next week that you’ve created! I’ll try this ab one too!

  3. Seriously? I know people can “get back” their core post-pregnancy but WOW, mama! This is an area totally controlled by diet for me, and I’ve found a happy medium (most days) at eating what I love but not too much of it and being satisfied with a less-than-6-pack. ;) You’re right – lots of it is genetic, and most my weight is stored in my glutes; looking at my mom, I’ll have a good core but keep my weight where it’s settling (she has better abs than me!). But above all, working your core not for a six pack but for functional strength and movement is so great! I’ll have to give this circuit a go! Thanks, Linds. :D

  4. Love this!! I’m a huge fan of core workouts & teach a core class from Les Mills called CXWORX that has changed my core in such a fantastic way. I’m working on getting strong again after baby #2, and it totally does take work & time!

    You’re inspiring & one HOT mama! xo