Well hello Friday.  So nice to see you!

What do you guys have on the agenda for this weekend?  We’ve got a fun (and possibly COLD) one planned!!  My parents just bought a camper so we’re going to spend some time outdoors CAMPING!  Remember when they took Henry & Clara tent camping a few weeks ago??  They loved it so much that they decided to bite the bullet and get a 27-foot camper that they’ve dreamed about!!  The kids are over the moon and started packing their bags on Wednesday.  Travis, Porter and I won’t spend the night at the campground but we’ll be enjoying some meals and campfire time.  I’m excited (and a little nervous about Porter being around fire but I’ll keep my hawk-eye on him).

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a “Currently” post.  Let’s do it.

Currently: OCTOBER

Current Book(s):  Still chomping away at Simply Tuesday.  I’m supposed to have read the book by next weekend (for Refresh Summit) and I’m only on Chapter 5.  I’ll get it done.

Current Music:  Anything on a Pandora workout station (there are SO many).  I just use the free version for my MoveMore and Trackstars groups.

Current Guilty Pleasure:  Sleeping in on Thursday mornings.  It’s the only day I don’t have anywhere to be.  I let the kids watch cartoons (Porter too) and I lay in bed until 8:30 or so.  It’s divine.

Current Nail Color:  Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Red Eye.  Love this stuff because you don’t have to have a lamp – you just paint and go.  Plus it stays on for much longer than regular nail polish.


Current Drink:  Water.  Always water.

Current Food:  Everything.  Always hungry.



Current Wish List:  To turn the heat on<-edited to add:  He turned it on!!!!  Woot woot!

Current Favorite Show:  We’re watching Season 5 of Downton Abbey and old Parks And Rec (just depends on if we want to laugh or not).

Current Bane of My Existence:  Crafting.  I hate it.


Current Celebrity Crush:  Meh.  I never have a good answer for this one.

Current Not Cool:  Stitch Fix.  Sorry for all you Stitch Fix lovers but I just cannot get down with it.  I got my second “fix” this week and again, all the pieces were WAY overpriced for what they were.  Call me cheap but paying $108 for a pair of skinny jeans or $68 for a sweater just isn’t for me.  I’m a ThredUp girl all the way!

Current Indulgence:  Getting my hair cut and colored next week!  Looking forward to a change.

Current Blessing:  Being able to do what I love (fitness) while also nurturing my family.  It’s everything I want!


Current Slang:  Is “meh” slang??

Current Outfit:  Aside from workout clothes –> a tunic, leggings and boots.  What else??  That’s the official Fall outfit, right?004

Current Excitement:  CAMPING!!  Bring on the s’mores!

QUESTION:  Pick one CURRENTLY and answer!


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  1. Have fun camping!! I agree with you on Stitch Fix, I haven’t tried it mainly because of the prices I’ve heard. Maybe we’re both cheap ;) but I can usually only rationalize paying more than $50 for an item if it is really great quality jeans, professional attire, or shoes!

  2. My SAME thoughts about Stitch Fix. Love the idea, but I don’t know if I could ever justify the prices. I’m getting into ThredUp and already love that I can throw my clothes in a mailer and send them away. Plus, if I make a little money, it’s a bigger bonus. Can’t wait to see what you choose for your hair! I’m getting mine done in November and can’t wait for a little change!

  3. Definitely loving Thred Up (since you introduced it on your blog, btw! Thanks!)

    Current Blessing: Today is my 28th birthday and I am so loved. Hubby even got up and made me a ridiculous breakfast before he went into work (butternut & black bean hash, topped with mojo marinated lobster and a poached egg. Swoon!)

    27 was hard, but God did some amazing things in my life and so I am looking forward to a new year!

    Love these random posts… just perfect for a quick Friday lunchtime read.

  4. Love this post! Okay…Talk to me about that nail polish. I was on the fence about buying it because you have to buy two things (that top coat thing) – but your nails always look professionally done! Sounds like it’s worth the money? I’m thinking of biting the bullet today because I simply can’t afford to get my nails done consistently… Give me the official thumbs up or down and I’m going to get some on my break while running errands soon! :D

  5. I’m totally with you on Stitch Fix. I’ve tried it a few times, and just cannot get over how expensive everything is. I might be okay with buying one or two pieces at that price if I really loved something, but everything I’ve ever received has been in the realm of “just okay” to “this is hideous”. It bums me out considerably because I would love to NEVER have to go out shopping again!