I have nothing particularly important or insightful to share today.  I just wanted to sit down between tasks and type and ramble.  To feel my thoughts spurt out through my fingertips and crowd a space other than my head.  Because it gets crazy crowded up in there sometimes; eventually pouring out either my mouth (through words), my eyes (through tears) or my fingers (here).  Since Travis is at work and can’t really come home to listen and hold me while I cry, today I choose fingertips.

Life is actually great lately.  I have very few complaints.  Here’s what we’re all looking like:



Henry just started soccer again (his third year) and he’s taken it upon himself to learn every facet of the sport (we’re going back today to check out more soccer books – there are way too many).  Travis is coaching him (again, his third year) and their first game is this Saturday.  Only time will tell if Henry will actually get it this year – I’m hopeful because I’m his mama and hope for his success is built into my being.  Homeschooling Henry is a breeze and he tackles anything I throw at him with a fast ninja chop.  Math is his favorite subject and he loves telling corny, no-so-funny jokes.  We all laugh because we love him.



Clara recently turned 5 years old and that equates to her becoming a woman…at least that’s how she’s been acting.  The girl couldn’t possibly be any girlier or princessy.  While I’m fearful that she’ll grow up vain, caring about looks and clothes and boys, I realize that I can only do so much.  She is a force.  And she is SO smart…and SO lazy.  Homeschooling Clara is tough.  I’ve yet to find that thing that makes her tick.  I can look her in the eyes and walk away puzzled as to what she was just thinking.  She is a cat.



Porter is a giant.  A baby giant.  He’s wearing a size 7 EXTRA WIDE shoe and 2T clothing (he’s 17 months).  His mission in life is to amble around the house and demolish each and every room, pulling things out of closets and drawers.  He’s this close to stringing words together but right now he just sounds like an idiot.  Porter is my snuggler.  He still nurses 3 times a day (although I’m trying to wean him as I have an overnight trip coming up at the end of October).  His favorite food is…anything in large quantities.  Seeing him grow makes me want to have another baby.



Travis is my rock.  He’s the thing I look forward to every day and I need him to wrap his arms around me and get me to breathe and slow down.  He parents with patience and a sternness that gives our children boundaries and comfort.  He loves his job and doesn’t bring home work stress.  In fact, he might be the most stress-free person I know of.  He just bought a brand new pair of soccer cleats to wear for our Ultimate Frisbee games and that makes me smile because he rarely spends money on himself.



I get to myself and draw a blank because I can’t really write about myself without those four other people coming into play.  My life is THEM.  I suppose I have MoveMore (which is going so well) and Blend (which is going slowly right now) but really my family makes up most of who I am.  And that’s ok…this isn’t my season.  Let’s see – > I miss my best friend who is out West on vacation.  I’m waiting on my first Stitch Fix to arrive (I need major fashion help).  I’m excited about Fall and I want to sign up for a Spring half marathon.  As much as I LOVE nursing, I’m happy to start the weaning process because Travis and I can have more true dates, maybe even some overnight ones!  Ooolala.


That’s all I have time for this afternoon.  My 3:45pm group is about to arrive and I need to go make sure I’m all set up downstairs.  Today is an upper body circuit (a favorite…my clients always beg for circuit training).  I hope to pop back in tomorrow with a GIVEAWAY so come back.  Muah!

QUESTION:  Anything to ramble about??  Spill it.  I’m all ears.


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  1. I seriously cannot handle that picture of Porter. He is so freakin’ cute! All of your children are :) I love your rambling posts…your honesty and realness is so refreshing! Let us know how you like Stitch Fix. I’ve had a few hits, but mostly misses.

  2. I laughed out loud at a few of these – it’s great that you can be real and honest about your kids. Clara sounds terrifying (in a good way, I think) and I love that you said Porter talks “like an idiot”. Because honestly, that IS what toddlers talk like! Also I can’t believe he’s only 17 months…what a chunkster!

  3. I think Deaglan is taking after Porter in the weight department… ! haha I love these rambles you post. Just wondering where BLEND will be this year & the date? :)

  4. Love it! Porter cracks me up – he wears the same sizes as Fiona! Of course Fiona is super petite …. I feel like Declan is just a big boy since he just turned a year and is wearing 18 months comfortably, but then I see him next to Porter! You make good milk Lindsay!

  5. You and your family are ADORABLE! I love what a big kiddo your 17 month old is! My first was like that and my second, my baby, is 18 months and can still fit in some 12 month stuff!
    I think because my first was such a giant beast it was easier to wean him at 16 months but since my lil man is so little, he’s still nursing at night with no end in sight. I love it.

  6. I love their individual pictures! Porter’s feet are so squishy adorable in this NB shoes :)
    Curious if you still have the fro-yo store? Or are you just more removed from it now?

    Having my daughter was the hardest thing EVER. I didn’t like being pregnant (I was sick and swollen every. day.), we struggled at nursing so I exclusively pumped for 10-weeks, returned to work 40-hours only to fight with my husband non-stop. Eventually she moved to formula full-time and I’m working part-time, 3-days a week, and we are all SO HAPPY! I never thought we’d get here. I love her so much I’m now to the point of givemeallthebabies.