I knew that this particular day was coming up on my Timehop; I’ve been waiting with bated breath. 

One year ago today, my life changed. 

One year ago today, I took a leap of faith and haven’t looked back since. 

I plan to sit down this weekend and type up everything that’s happened SINCE I published the post below.  There’s SO much good that I need more time than just these few moments before bedtime on Tuesday. 

Take a timehop back with me to one year ago today. 


I’m excited (a little too excited) to share what I’ve been working on behind the scenes over here.  May I introduce you to my latest venture:  MoveMore Fitness!


(Travis did well with the logo, yes?)

MoveMore Fitness, LLC is my new group personal training company here in Franklin, NC!  For about a month now, I’ve taken the steps to create an LLC and get trainer’s insurance (when I trained before I had it through my gym).  Travis created a logo and I started securing clients.  I’m even working on custom-printed tanks right now!  I’m proud to call this business mine!

MoveMore gives me the opportunity to train FROM HOME, which is something I’ve dreamed about doing for quite some time.  If you’ve followed along on Facebook and Instagram, you’ve probably seen pictures of all the basement gym updates that we’ve been doing over the past few weeks.  We cleaned everything out, painted the floors and acquired more and more pieces of equipment (some new, some used).



I wanted to create a space where I can host small group training sessions with my children are right beside me (or usually napping upstairs).  It’s the perfect fit for us as a family and it provides a way for me to stay in the fitness field while also wearing all the other hats I wear (there are too many to count).  God just keeps blessing me with PEACE about this decision and while my mind wants to race from point A to point B hyperFAST and overcommit (I kinda wanted to open up a fullblown gym there for a second….), I’m being cautious and careful about creating something that fits both my needs and my clients.  So it’s small right now.  And it might stay that way.  More than anything, I want to follow His will…His plan.  And I see God enveloped in this decision.

Currently, MoveMore Fitness has three focus areas:  small group training, Trackstars and Outdoor Bootcamps.  As far as the small groups go, I’ve got 10 ladies who I train three afternoons a week.  Last week was our first time meeting and I can already tell that I’m going to love this group of girls.  Trackstars is something I’ve been doing for almost three years now on Saturdays and only recently added a few mornings during the week.  The outdoor bootcamps?  Well you already saw the awesome Labor Day Bootcamp that I put on – so much fun for our community – there’s another one coming up on September 27th so mark your calendars!

All three pieces contain one key aspect that has my heart:  FELLOWSHIP!!  COMMUNITY!!  YES!!!


So what does this mean for the reader in another state? Not much.  I know for certain that I’ll have tanks and t-shirts to offer for purchase – I’m working on the price point right now!  I’m also open to the idea of online training but won’t take that on for a bit.  I’d like to make sure that I’m not taking on too much at the start.

What does this mean if you’re local?  It means there’s a new way to exercise in our town.  And I don’t mean that in a competitive, snarky way – I think there’s room for everyone!  My goal is to HELP, not compete!  If you’re interested in learning more about prices/times/all that jazz, feel free to email me at lindsayslist at gmail dot com!

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QUESTION:  What’s your favorite way to workout?  Alone or with others?


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  1. Congratulations! Everything seems to be falling in place for you and we all know that’s a great feeling.
    I much prefer to work out in a group atmosphere; I need to have others to challenge me or I slack off and definitely do not push myself near as much. With a 7-month old daughter I unfortunately have to work out at home since my husband travels and the YMCA hours do not work for us (and me working) at this time.
    My one suggestion — maybe when Clara (or Henry) gets older you could have them do daycare for the sessions you hold in your home? They’d earn a little money and the families who need some care but maybe prefer more of a close-knit environment would be drawn to you even more. I know for me when the time comes that I can join a gym again, I would need a place with childcare.