Dear Travis,

This is Lindsay typing but Henry telling me all the words.  Something special for your 33rd birthday.

Dad, I like your looks.

I think you should tidy your beard up a little bit.

I think you should take a shower every day.

And night.

We cannot tell you about your birthday cake.

I think you should be my soccer coach every year.

Happy birthday!

I hope you have a good birthday.

I will sleep in so you can get some rest.

Then we will battle with the Nerf guns.  But quietly.

Oh and I didn’t crack any egg shells in the birthday cake.  I do want you to share a piece with me.

image1 (13)

Love Henry.

The End.

Lindsay here.  I’m not sure I can add anything to that already amazing letter.  Except to say that I love you and I’m blessed to live this abundant life with you.  You’re the best thing ever (and I like your beard as is).


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