Tis Friday.

Which means something easy, breezy and fun.  A “Currently” survey should fit the bill.  Let’s do it!

Currently: September

Current books:

Now that I’m DONE with my continuing ed (I PASSED by the way – not sure if I ever told you guys!), I have time to actually read for PLEASURE.  It’s wonderful – I love reading and feel a little overwhelmed by all of the books there are in the world.  Do you ever do that??  I go in to the library and think, “There are SO many flippin’ books and I’ll never get to even 1% of them.”  Overwhelming.  simplytuesday

Anyway, I’m currently reading Simply Tuesday by Emily Freeman and it’s wonderful!  We’re reading it as a group for the upcoming Refresh Summit in October (I believe there are still tickets left – go sign up!).

Current music:

STILL loving this song (same one from July’s “Currently” post).  “No Longer Slaves” by the Helsers.

Current guilty pleasure:

My afternoon cup of Green Mountain’s Pumpkin Spice coffee.  I can’t stop.

Current nail color:

Hot pink!


My friend, Kayla got me this Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish for my birthday last month and this is my first time trying it.  I love that you don’t need a drying light and it stays put!  This is DAY FIVE and it’s still in pretty good shape!

Current drink:

Water.  Nothing beats it.  I’ve been infusing it lately with cucumber or lemon (with this bottle).

Current food:

I’m in love with these roasted broad beans from Enlightened Foods.  They’re the perfect crunchy addition to salads or soups (or just right out of the bag).  I’ve tried the Sriracha, Mesquite BBQ, and Sea Salt.  Wasabi is next.


Current shows:

We’re watching Deadwood.  I’m not in love with it yet but Travis plays with my hair while we watch so bring on more seasons! Winking smile

Current wish list:

ALLLL the things out of this latest Athleta catalog.  Seriously.  There isn’t one thing in the whole darn thing that I wouldn’t wear.


Current needs:

I desperately need for Porter’s canines to pop through so we can put an end to this teething mess.  He’s so miserable, you guys.  Crying, clingy, just miserable.  I hate to see him in pain.  Sad smile

Current triumphs:

I managed 5 strict pull-ups in a row yesterday!  Something I’ve been working on and want to get better at (kipping too).

Current truth:

Truth –> We ate mac ‘n cheese and Dairy Queen blizzards for dinner last night.  Oh and I put the kids to bed 30 minutes early.  Sorry, not sorry – I was OVER it.  #thursdaysaremyenemy #teethingtoo

image1 (11)

Pumpkin Pie blizzard = no words

Current blessing:

Being able to stay at home with teething monster baby.  I KNOW how fortunate I am.

Current outfit:

These socks and nothing else.



Current mood:

Happy.  It’s Friday!



QUESTION:  YOUR TURN!  Pick a “current” and comment below!


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  1. Ditto on Athleta. I’m obsessed with that store. I could wear their clothes every day, all day. I’m really lucky that my mama works part time there…she’d better never quit!

    1. Oh, and I’m reading the same book! That and “Teaching from Rest”, which I just got and can’t wait to dig into :)

  2. Oh girl, I feel ya pain on the teething monsters! Mine is cutting major canines now too which unfortunately results in 4am wake ups and lots of bites during nursing sessions. The worst!

  3. Oh my gosh- I hear you sister with the athleta catalogue and the early bedtime with a poor sad teething toddler, we are twinsies there! Been trying to start reading all the light we cannot see and haven’t managed to start yet, but have heard it’s wonderful.