siler bald 2015 {vlog}

So I told you guys yesterday that a group of MoveMore girls and I went for a sunrise hike on Sunday.  It was SO much fun.  The 4:50am wake-up alarm stunk BIG TIME, but the great company and amazing views more than made up for me feeling a little tired (I did end up going to bed at like 9pm on Sunday night – so sleepy).  This sunrise hike is something that we’ll definitely repeat before Winter arrives!11871952_10100636164059362_794689032_o Siler Bald is a great 4 mile hike that runs along the Appalachian Trail in Western North Carolina.  If you’re local and have never been, GO!!  It’s seriously my favorite hike in the area – the drive is short, the trail is intermediate and the summit offers a 360-degree view that can’t be beat.  I always take out-of-towners on this one (and we’ve also hiked Siler Bald every Thanksgiving Day for the past 6 years..maybe more).  movemorehike I took my camera along for Sunday’s hike (as did everyone else in the party – seriously, what did we do before smartphones?!?) and took some video footage of the experience. Enjoy!

QUESTION:  Do you hike?  Ever hiked Siler Bald?


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  1. You know I love those jumping shots! Being outside in God’s creation with friends is always worth getting up early for (though tough to remind yourself in bed). ;)