i’m switching things up




I’m bored.

Womp womp.

I’m bored with the blog.  I’m tired of sitting down and having nothing to write.  I’m tired of holding myself back from saying what I REALLY want to say; how I really feel.  I’m just in a blogging slump and I need to get out of it.

So for the next week (and maybe more), I’m going to VLOG daily.  I’m going to sit down during afternoon naps and talk to the camera.  I may film a few workouts.  I may film myself dancing.  I may sing you all a ballad about laundry.  Who knows.  I personally LOVE watching vlogs and I thought you all might like it too!

But I need your help!

What would you like to see?  What questions would you like me to answer?  I’m all ears!

Here’s the intro to this week:

QUESTION:  Ask me a question/give me something to vlog about!


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  1. I would love a look into your day…How do you juggle teaching fitness, homeschooling, housework, being a wife, etc. We just had a second baby and I am finding it difficult to find a balance between meeting the physical and emotional demands of my family and making sure to take care of myself! I know what works for your family might not work for mine, but I still would love the advice :)

  2. I love this idea! Hmm… what would be a good vlog topic? I’d love to hear more about your faith… Your passion for Christ comes across in your writing and it’s an inspiration. It would be cool to hear about it, in addition to reading about it. Thanks for doing this fun challenge, looking forward to what you come up with this week!

  3. You are such a passionate mama! And I have been struggling to be the mama I want to be.
    Vlog on some guidance, some prayers, some habits that make you a strong, happy mama.
    I am sure you have your days…..but I am having these rough days daily. Its not normal.
    Vlog about that.

  4. I love to hear about topics like building confidence (not just body image-wise), parenting stuff, and your routine.

  5. I really want to know more about your recipes and better versions of the foods we love, like your pancakes and what protien powders and supplements like the MCT oils etc…