Hey y’all!

I’m glad you all liked the idea of me vlogging for a week!  I’m excited too, which was the whole point…to get excited again.  There were a lot of great suggestions of things I should talk about (so many that I’ll likely do this for longer than a week!).  Keep checking in all week and continue to comment with even more topics below.

Today I went with the very first comment that was made on yesterday’s post.  A reader (hey Tina!) said:

“I really want to know more about your recipes and better versions of the foods we love, like your pancakes and what protein powders and supplements you use.”

Good topic as I take supplements DAILY and have experimented with all sorts of different ones over the years.  Check out the vlog below for some of my current favorites**!  Winking smile

Supplements Featured

Optimum Nutrition 100% Casein

Plant Fusion

Gnarly Nutrition 100% Whey

Advocare SPARK

Scivation EXTEND

Advocare Catalyst

Advocare Probiotic Complex


**Disclosure: I was not paid in any way to talk about these products/companies!  I just love them.  


QUESTION:  What are YOUR favorite supplements?  Protein powders?


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  1. Two questions about the advocare Catalyst.. Do you take 3 of them before your workout & I know it mentioned take 30 minutes prior to a meal/workout… Can you take it with food? (I wake up hungry usually so I eat & then head to the gym!) Also isn’t L-glutamine good for your digestion? I’m very interested in purchasing it.. just need a little more info!!

  2. I know you mentioned the catalyst is nursing friendly, and I assume everything else is, too because of you nursing Porter, but I just wondered if you had to change anything due to breastfeeding?

    Also, I would love a follow up on you continuing to nurse. My goal is 2 years with my little guy and love hearing others’ stories.

  3. Love the vlogs! I take a probiotic too & sometimes just change them up when I go to purchase more. I have been taking this RAW One multi & so far like it. I’ve noticed with others you def need to take them w/food as I feel loopy/could throw up/etc. This one I like as it is quite natural & doesn’t seem to give me those side effects if I’ve not had enough to eat. Enjoy the day