Hello ALL!!

Hey ya doing?  What’dya know?  Who’dya see?  What.is.up??

I’ve missed this little space of mine and I’ve missed your comments and our emails back and forth!  The week away was JUST what I needed but it feels good to be back.  Lindsay’s List is my naptime hobby and has been now for FOUR years (this month actually!!  I started blogging in July of 2011 – some of those first posts, oh man….).  Anyway, glad to be back!  Here’s what you missed….

What You Missed

We dressed up like cows.  Last Tuesday was Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-a and if you dress up like a cow, you get FREE food!  I’m all about free (and not above looking silly) so we got some costumes together, drove down to Clayton (the nearest one) and ate our bodyweight in fried chicken and Icedream!  YUM!






Porter DID NOT like that cow.  Smile

We hit up the pool.  Three times for the week.  Summer, never leave!


I coached a great MoveMore bootcamp.  On Saturday morning, I coached 16 people through an outdoor bootcamp.  As usual, they rocked it!  I created an equipment-heavy partner circuit and ran them through it.  There’s just something about group personal training and group fitness that I love.  It’s my passion for sure! Bootcamp715-2

Henry learned to tie his shoes. Well kinda. He’s ALMOST got it down. I used this video to teach him and found it really helpful.


We finalized a new t-shirt design!  Travis created a third MoveMore t-shirt logo and I’m thrilled with it!  I think it’s a design that anyone can wear – not just those lucky people in my groups.  Check it out!


Want one?  Tell me in the comments and I’ll send you specs!  Men’s options too!

We explored outside.  On Saturday, Travis and I packed a quick lunch (pb & j) and took the kids up to Standing Indian Campground to play and explore.  It’s been so long since we’ve done something like that – everyone loved it.  Walking + river play = great naps!

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What I Learned

I focused more on life in front of me.  Naturally.  This was the whole point.  I found that I had more time in my day too – time that I would have been wasting online, I devoted to sitting down and playing or reading or listening 100%.

I remembered that I really do enjoy blogging.  I missed the blog.  I missed typing out my thoughts.  By Wednesday, I was ready to sit down and type (but refrained).  I like knowing that I’m writing because I ENJOY it versus feeling OBLIGATED to do so.

I learned that I like spying in on people.  Here’s where I admit that I didn’t detox all the way.  I reduced my time on Instagram/Snapchat greatly but I still snuck a few glances at pictures.  Like the rest of us, I really love looking into other people’s lives.  It’s just fun.

I’ll do another one.  I think it’s good to just take some time to break that digital addiction every so often.  I’ll definitely do these more often and plan to take more weekends off entirely.


QUESTION:  I haven’t read a single blog post for over a week.  Anything happen in YOUR life that I need to know about??  How often do you detox from technology?


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  1. Hey Lindsay, having a rough time committing to a size still. Do they have a size chart with number /inch measurements. Just scared it’ll end up either too baggy or too tight in the chest. Also, should I expect my shirt to shrink? What size do you have? Thanks!!!

  2. Love those t-shirts! Would love details about them! Lack of sleep from lots of small kiddos means I use TV to keep me awake when I am tired :( Hard to get back in a good rhythm but you are inspiring!

  3. Love the new style of shirts! Send me the details please :). I really enjoy your blog Lindsay, you are so honest and genuine!

  4. I try and do a digital detox every few weeks or so. Sometimes it is just so nice to just have the phone/computer turned off, enjoy the peace, and give your eyes a break! Though, I definitely come back to technology/my blog refreshed & content

  5. I am so jealous of your pool time. It’s the absolute best way to spend a summer day in my opinion. :) I love the new shirt design. It’s so clean and modern. Send me details, please and thanks!

  6. I would love to see more posts on the bootcamp workouts you do. I am always game to try new ones..

  7. It’s hard to take a day off from technology sometimes, but once you are away from it long enough, it’s also a nice refreshing relaxing opportunity. :-)

  8. I’m interested in information on the tanks. Do they run true to size? Good for long torso folks? Price? 100% cotton?

  9. Love that you did a digital detox, bt I’ll admit, I missed your blog and ig updates!! You’re so motivating and make me focus on being healthy and moving more through the day. Please email me shirt details! I want a tank!!

  10. I love taking a digital detox! Its been a while so I think I need to do one again soon! I love the new design and am definitely interested in getting a tank!

      1. Thanks girl! I am sending you a reply. Going for a tank and hoodie! Whoop!!!!