(Mmmmm…french fries.)

It’s Friday.  Which means something easy breezy and fun.  A “Currently” survey should fit the bill. Let’s do it!

Currently: July

Current books: 

I’m currently reading my NASM “Group Personal Training Specialist” material.  Not really a book (it’s online) but still…it’s taking up all of my free time.

Current music:

Loving this song lately.  “No Longer Slaves” by the Helsers.

Current guilty pleasure:

Buying fun beers for Travis to try out.


I’m not a beer person but he IS so I have fun searching for different ones that he might like.  Our local health food store sells them by the single bottle.  I recently brought home this Duck-Rabbit Dopplebock and he LOVED it (so much so that I bought him a 6-pack while in Asheville yesterday).  Are you a beer person?

Current nail color:

Raggedy, chipped red (with teeny sparkle flecks which I believe takes it up just a notch).


Current drink:

Water.  Nothing beats it.  I’ve been infusing it lately with cucumber or lemon (with this bottle).

Current food:

I bought some fun things yesterday while at Trader Joes and Greenlife.  Probably my favorite find though is that pineapple-mango salsa.  YUM!



Current shows:

VEEP.  It’s funny and I’ve always adored Julia Louis Dreyfus.


Current wish list:

Sadly, a new roof.  We’ve been in need of a new roof for the past three years and we’re finally going to get it fixed.  It’s one of those not-so-fun adult purchases that must be made.  Poo.

Current needs:

More of this quinoa/brown rice sushi!  It hit the spot for lunch yesterday!  (oooo and that Kevita Lemon Cayenne drink!  Have you tried this flavor yet?  It’s got this kick that I can’t describe.  Can’t get enough!)


Current triumphs:

Hitting my t-shirt and tank order minimum!  WOOT WOOT!!   If you’re interested in ordering, comment below and I’ll send you the specs.  I’m ordering TONIGHT!


Current celebrity crush:

Hmmm….I crush on Travis.  Does that sound dopey?  Oh well….

Current blessing:

This guy SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT on a regular basis!!  I mean, IS there anything better than sleep?!?!  (no)


Current outfit:

These shorts from college.  Every time they get out of the dryer, I just put them back on.  101

Current mood:

Happy.  It’s Friday!


QUESTION:  YOUR TURN!  Pick a “current” and comment below!


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  1. I’m definitely interested in buying a shirt ………… love the message, the layout and the thinness of the tee.

  2. I haven’t tried that Kevita flavor before! I love the mango coconut flavor. :) Current show: 7th Heaven! I got a free trial of Hulu to finish up the last season of Parenthood and have been sucked into another marathon.