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And just like that another week has passed by.  We’ve had a pretty great one – nothing too stressful or out of the ordinary (plus Travis and I got to play ultimate frisbee TWICE this week so that’s always a good thing!).


I’ve got a fun little Friday post for you – 25 Things You Didn’t Know About Me.  I saw this yesterday on Clare’s blog and totally stole it.  Thanks Clare!

Let’s do it.

25 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

1.  My middle name is Elise.  If we have another baby and it’s a girl, Elise will be her name.

2.  I used to run cross country in high school.  We were runner’s up at the State Championship my junior year.  Loved that sport.  (I also played basketball and ran track)

3.  I don’t like olives….that’s about the only food I’ve tried and said, “Yuck!”  Ironically there’s an olive company named Lindsay Olives.

4.  I’ve been put under general anesthesia 3 times:  once for my wisdom teeth and twice for two miscarriages.  Not my favorite.

5.  I have two favorite times of day. 1) Post-workout and after my shower and 2) after the kids have gone to bed and I can relax with Travis.


6.  I have a bachelor’s degree in Health Policy and Administration but only worked in that field for a year before pursuing fitness.  (Anyone else out there not using their college degree?)

7.  I once owned a dog for a day.  One day.  I bought a puppy and felt so overwhelmed by it that I sold it to our upstairs neighbor.

8.  In case you couldn’t pick this up from #7, I’m not a pet person.  Dogs, cats, birds, fish.  I just don’t have that love for them that a lot of people do.  And that’s ok.

9.  My favorite color is kelly green but I look best in magenta and purple.

10. I recycle. I even pick stuff out of the garbage if I see that the kids have thrown something recyclable away. My dad made me this way.

11.  I have a couple of OCD things that I do.  Here’s just one of them:  If you give me M&M’s (or anything small like that), I need an EVEN number of them because I like to chew one on the right side and then one on the left side.  Strange.  Yes, I am strange.

12.  I can clap with one hand. See….

13.  I hate it when people ask what my favorite food is.  How could you possibly pick just one?!?  There are so many genres – breakfast foods, desserts, dinner meals, candy.  Even within those genres, I have a hard time narrowing it down.  I just like food.  ALLLLLL the food.

14.  Speaking of food, I used to eat very little of it.  Go here for more on that.

15.  Every single day, I take about 10 minutes to pluck hair.  My eyebrows, my chin hair (yeah) and white hair out of my head.  It’s another highlight of my day.

16.  I begged my mom for braces and glasses when I was younger.  Like BEGGED.  Somehow she made it seem like I was “winning” or something when in reality, I needed braces because I had crooked teeth and I needed glasses because I couldn’t see a thing.  She would say things like, “Ok, ok…I guess we can let you have braces.”  Or, “Fine….you’re allowed to wear glasses.”  Lol.  That’s good parenting right there.

17.  I love theater!  I’ve participated in several shows with our local theater company (I was Alice in Alice In Wonderland, Mrs. Gulch in Wizard of Oz and Napoleon in Aristocats).  This is an adult hobby for me and I’m SO glad I found it!



18.  I thought I had breast cancer last year.  I didn’t talk about it on the blog and everything turned out to be ok but I want to share now.  I found a lump and had to have a biopsy and a mammogram.  I had the same scare in the same breast when I was 22.  Turns out, I just have really fatty tissue and I need to keep a close eye on things.  Reminder –> give yourself breast exams in the shower, ladies!

19.  I need someone to come decorate my house.  I don’t have an eye for that sort of thing.

20.  I chipped my front tooth on a Sour Starburst jelly bean one time.  It’s barely noticeable but it’s there.  (BEST jelly beans of all time by the way.)

21.  Even though the majority of my training is strength and high intensity interval training, my all-time favorite form of exercise is WALKING.  I walk fast too….like really fast.  And I actually enjoy walking round and round in circles at the track.


22.  My music preferences are ….interesting.  I don’t discriminate against anything.  I kinda like it all – jazz, country, worship, indie, instrumental, rap.  The only thing I can’t get into is that thrashy metal stuff.

23.  I could go the entire day and not eat a vegetable.  In fact, I could the entire day and just pick at cereal and brownies.  I don’t do that because of adulthood…but I totally could.

24.  My least favorite day of the week = Thursday.  I can’t pinpoint the WHY but man, Thursdays need to disappear.

25. My favorite day of the week = Friday. A redemption day from sucky Thursday.  Friday holds only good –> a great workout, fun foods, Travis usually only works a half day.  Fridays rock!002

And with that, I leave you to enjoy your Friday and your weekend!  See you Monday (my birthday)!

QUESTION:  Tell me something about YOU that I don’t know.


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  1. I have a degree in Elementary Education but now make custom draperies and window coverings. And I could totally live off of cereal and brownies and cookies!

  2. I’m totally with you on the Thursday thing! I think that’s the point in the week when everyone’s just ready for a break. Though, aside from the weekends, I really like Mondays. I’m probably the only one!

  3. So. I just showed Vegas the clapping video and she had to of course try it. And now her wrist hurts. LOL! Thanks for that.

    Also – not an animal person (obv Vegas has 2 dogs and 2 birds… did you know parrots live to be 100???), begged mom for braces, could live on brownies, pluck chin hair like someone with OCD, can’t decorate (I just bought the display at West Elm at my last place), and walk so fast Vegas says I’m running. Twins? ;)

  4. Ooh I totally do the chew one on one side and one on the other too! Haha! When I was in middle school I had to wear a back brace for scoliosis and in 10th grade I had surgery. I have 2 titanium rods and plenty of screws in my back. And one of the screws is broken!

  5. I love that you do random posts like this! Hmm…two things about me… I absolutely hate styrofoam…. It makes my skin crawl and I will run away if I hear someone touching it/sliding it out of the box (EEEK! Even thinking about it is freaking me out!)…second, I make my own coconout oil deodorant. My current scent is grapefruit jasmine.

  6. I LOVE this post, so fun. Starburst jelly beans? YES. so good, but boo on the tooth!! Let’s see, I can’t swim. I really wish i could, and I even took lessons at the Y when I was little. but clearly that didn’t stick LOL.