Happy Friday, friends!

(I feel like I always start my posts with that intro, lol.  Oh well.  I DO, in fact, wish you a happy Friday!)

This week has been so bizarre for me.  I started a new Summer MoveMore schedule (for the next two months) and so every day just feels different than before.  Less afternoon sessions means I have more free time (which is good) but I’m in this odd place of not wanting to be lazy with my time while also soaking up the extra rest time.  Feels odd right now.  I’m sure that’ll change.


1.  I’m racing tomorrow!  And so are Henry and Clara!!

Every year on Father’s Day weekend, my hometown has the Braveheart 5K.  This race draws a huge turnout (there’s a Scottish festival afterwards AND it’s on Main Street).  I’m excited to run but even more excited that Henry and Clara decided to race in the Kid’s Fun Run.


It’s funny –> I was talking to the race director one day and he mentioned the Fun Run in front of H & C.  Henry starts bouncing up and down all excited and Clara starts crying.  I say, “Why are you crying??”  Her response: “I yant the goodie bag but don’t yant to have to run.”  Smile  She’s clearly not my kid.  Afterwards, I took her up to see the (super short) course and she then decides that yes, her “yegs could run that far.”  We’ll see how it goes.  I’ll be sure to snag some pictures – they race at 8:30, I race at 9:00.


From the 2012 race – I think I got 2nd place.  And yes, I weigh less these days.  Three kids does a body good. Winking smile

2.  Have you signed up with Fabletics yet??  (<-affiliate link)

This company ships CUTE workout clothes right to your door every month (or not – you can choose to skip as many months in a row as you want!).  I’ve been a member for over a year and have collected quite a few pieces.  The clothes are well made too – I’ve wear my Salar capris all the time!  There’s something so fun about getting new workout clothes, right?!  They’re having a great deal right now –> if you sign up, you get an entire outfit for $25!!  AND if you refer new people, you get $20 credit for EACH person!  Hop to it!


3.  The HEAT!!

I know I live in a relatively cool place compared to some but give me a quick second to complain about the heat.  It’s been SO hot here lately – 105 degrees the other day!!  That’s very uncommon for western North Carolina.  Usually we have a thunderstorm in the afternoon that cools things off but not lately.  008


4.  Speaking of the heat, you can find us at the pool. 

All day, every day.





I bit the bullet and bought us passes to the Rec Park pool.  (I also bought these water balloons.  Bring on the heat.)  The pass is great because we can go for an hour, decide to leave and I won’t feel like we’ve wasted money.  We’re gonna pool it up.

5.  I “won” FIVE pairs of shoes on Ebay….in a three day time span.


Yep.  I did.

And yes, I call it “winning.”  Travis laughs but that’s how I feel….like an awesome winner.

This has happened to me twice now actually; I bid on a few things thinking I’ll win just one thing then, low and behold, I walk away with a zillion things.  Whooooopsie.  Oh well – everything I got is super cute and I even snagged Travis a pair of Keens for only $7.39!!  I like winning.

That’s all I got today.  Hope you have the best weekend – check you on Monday!


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  1. Ugghhhh nothing beats the high that comes from “winning” a super good deal! Snagged a brand new nike zip hoodie from Goodwill for $4 this week (plus a running skirt, yoga pants, and two nice sweaters…under $20 for the whole lot!) and have been on cloud nine haha.

    PS thought of you when I put together my latest workout because I know you looove burpees…but I just can’t get on board :P

  2. Clara looks so cute in her bathing suit, like a little fairy! Have a good weekend!