We made it back to North Carolina.  22 hours never felt so much like 22 hours.  Or something like that.  We were in the car for a LOOOONNNNG time.


Such a bittersweet feeling; leaving one beautiful place to come home to another beautiful place makes it all the more easier.  I LOVE my normal, everyday life (a lot of days it feels like I’m on a permanent vacation) so I’m eager to get back into the swing of things around here.  Let’s do a bit of catch up today and share a few things that haven’t made the blog yet….

10 Random Things From The Past Few Days

1.  The children did a MARVELOUS job on the car ride home!  They slept, they played, they didn’t complain – it made driving 22 hours much easier!  Travis, on the other hand, contracted some sort of stomach bug or food poisoning so I ended up driving most of the way while he rested in the passenger seat.  I felt so bad for him (asked him multiple times if we should get a hotel and he said NO).  He’s still feeling pretty bad today. :/


I must have drunk 5 gallons of coffee and listened to this song on repeat to help power me through the drive.

2.  I took three BodyPump classes while out in Boulder (all taught by Lauren).  Such a great total body workout plus time with a great friend!


Tank & capris = Lululemon.  Shoes = Asics.


3.  We hit up the Boulder Farmer’s Market twice while out there.  I love that there are so many small companies represented (this is how Justin from Justin’s got his start).



4.  You may have noticed Lindsay’s List has a new look.  Huge thanks to Travis for giving it a fresher layout/design.  He’s also helping me come up with a new MoveMore tank and tee design!  That man….


^which one is your favorite??^

5.  I’m so proud of my Henry!  He hiked some big mountains over the last three weeks.  Our last hike happened on Thursday when we hiked Green Mountain, a four mile moderate .  Travis and I carried the youngest two and Henry didn’t complain ONCE (Clara on the other hand…..).





6.  Car snacks for the ride home included:  Kevita’s Tart Cherry Kombucha, seaweed, bananas, graham crackers, Quest bars and Krave Black Cherry BBQ Pork Jerky!  Plus two meals:  dinner at Wendy’s in Salina, Kansas and breakfast at Cracker Barrel in Smryna, Tennessee.




^^You MUST try this.^^



7.  Before we hit the road, I took an Orange Theory Fitness class and came out of the studio to this view.  Gorgeous!  Good job, God!


Come back tomorrow for a review of the class – LOVED it.

8.  These face wipes saved my life during the trip.


9.  We got home around 4pm on Saturday, unpacked a little, showered, then cruised right on over to Mom and Dad’s for cheeseburgers and chocolate milkshakes.  Again, nothing beats being home EXCEPT being home and not having to cook.


10.  Yesterday consisted of two things:  unpacking and sleep.  This week will take a little adjusting; both to the time change of going from MST to EST but also just getting back into our routine.  Bring it on!  I’m feeling refreshed.

QUESTION:  Do you have a vacation planned for this summer??  Where to?


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  1. … that was my Cracker Barrel! Hahaha! I live about 3 minutes from where you had dinner…how bizarre! I followed your CO trip on Instagram…what a great three weeks you had.

  2. Mmmm, I just enjoyed the country boy breakfast at Cracker Barrel this morning, but that burger with the avocado & potato wedges looks sooooo good! If I didn’t know I was carrying a boy, I’d sure be wondering lol! So glad you had such a beautiful trip & hope your honey gets to feeling better!

    No summer vacations planned, but we ARE moving out of state this week! We’ll be 2 miles from the beach & an hour from my family (instead of 6!). So I think that counts :D

  3. The new design looks fantastic – Travis did a great job! Sorry to hear the sickies got passed on, though.

    Have fun settling back in and getting reoriented. Always a little hectic feeling, but sooo good once everything’s jamming as it should once again. :)

  4. I’ll see your 22 hours and raise you to 52 hours ;) …my summer trip is road tripping to Seattle from Washington, DC to move there for grad school!

    I spent the weekend in New Bern, NC, loved it there! What a kind, lovely state!!

  5. I’ve enjoyed your visit to CO almost as much as you guys did! Thanks for sharing with us. I have a mini-vaca-away planned for myself and the grandsons. I’m actually going to “brave” taking them to Pigeon Forge for a long weekend (Fri-Tuesday). We’ll be staying at The Resort at Governor’s Crossing. We have a day planned at Dollywood and hopefully dinner at Dixie Stampede. I’m still trying to decided if this is going to be totally fun and relaxing or if I’m trying to kid myself by thinking I can do it alone … with an 8, 6, & 4 year old! Wish me luck!

  6. My eye was immediately drawn to the bottom right logo for your move more logos….I love the bold and cursive “more”!

  7. No vacation planned for the family…but I’ll be going to a leadership retreat for 4 days by myself…aka vacation for mommy :) yipee!!

    I do NOT know how you did it that long in the car with all the kids…you are super mom!