(Happy Memorial Day!!  Big thanks to all of those who have served our country!  If you’re reading early in the morning, I’m be running the Bolder Boulder 10k!  I’m hoping to report back that it went well – my wave starts at 7:02:10 this morning.  It’s going to be a BLAST!!)

We’re on the downslope of our three-week Colorado adventure.  We haven’t decided if we’ll leave this Friday or Saturday (probably Friday just to give ourselves one full day of catching up before diving headfirst into normal life next Monday).

I’m going to be completely honest.  This vacation hasn’t gone exactly how we’d planned.  Just let me vent a bit and then we’ll get to the silver lining part (because ultimately, there always has to be one).  Colorado and Boulder have gotten A LOT of rain over the past two weeks so many of the outdoor activities that we’d hoped to do, we haven’t been able to.  Hiking, walking around, going to some of our favorite parks – we just haven’t been able to get outside.  Which means we’ve been inside.  Our condo is 750 square feet.  A bedroom and a living room.  That’s a small space for five people.  I knew the size of the space before we arrived – I just didn’t plan on being INSIDE the space as much as we’ve had to be.  On top of the poor weather and the small space, Henry had a stomach bug that lasted almost 4 days total.  Poor guy.  I tried my hardest to contain it (and did pretty well) but everyone in the family seemed to be hit with it in some form or fashion.

All of these complaints – I feel silly for even sharing because they’re so very “first world” – but I think you’ll empathize and understand that it just hasn’t been what we’d hoped for.  We’ve basically been held back from a lot of the DOING that we’d planned.


(silver lining alert)

BUT instead of the DOING, there’s been so much quality BEING.  Just sitting around, enjoying one another’s company.  Playing all the games we packed.  Painting with watercolors.  Watching movies.  Exploring (ALLLL) of the Boulder Public Library.  Shopping at the mall.  Sitting at the table and telling stories or making up songs.  Taking long drives through the mountains.



The family time.

All the BEING present with one another.

This has been the BEST family vacation for growing closer.

And for that, I cannot complain one single bit.


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  1. Sometimes just being is the best kind of vacation, isn’t it? Lots of siliver linings even though it seems like the weather was a downer!

  2. I love you & this perspective!!! So glad Henry is better too :). Yay! Enjoy the rest of vacay!

  3. I too have seen so clearly the beauty of submitting to those changes in plans that at first feel inconvenient, but then are so clearly divine. I heard this in a message recently, “If you see a change of plans as an interruption, you will feel frustration. But if you see it as an opportunity, you will feel anticipation. It becomes an invitation. A gift from God for something greater than our plans.” Glorious. :)

    1. YES!! Part of me grows so antsy when we’re stuck inside (when we *should* be outside hiking or something) but then God just sends these waves of PEACE and CALM over me and I know that I’m (we’re) exactly where we should be.