(and you KNOW it’s exciting if I use the word “super” – rarely ever use that word.  #insertsarcasm)

As I sat down yesterday to update our dry erase calendar that sticks on the fridge, I couldn’t help but let out an audible squeal (that frightened Porter – sorry bud).



We’re headed to Colorado.

I think I’ve hinted at it a couple of times before but never really made the big announcement.  In just twelve short days, we’ll be packing up the van and driving to Boulder, Colorado where we’ll be vacationing for THREE WHOLE WEEKS!  Exciting is too dull a word for the feelings I have surrounding this vacation.  The kids and I made one of those countdown rings last week and it just made everything real.


If you’re a long time LL reader, you may remember that we did this very same thing three years ago for Blend 2012.  We drove out, rented a furnished house (from a guy who spent the month in Turkey) and just lived in Boulder.  Our days consisted of sleeping in, hiking, eating and just spending quality time together (in one of the prettiest places IMO).

(Here are a couple of videos that we put together of our trip out there (look how little H & C were!))

This upcoming trip will be much of the same.  We’re renting a condo right on Pearl Street.  I’ll be seeing many of my Colorado friends and helping set up Blend 2015 at Chautauqua Park.  We don’t have any real plans (aside from Blend) and I’m SO looking forward to that flexibility.

And for those of you wondering how we’re able to do all this, I’ll try to cover that basics for you.

  • Money – we’ve been saving it.  Scrimping every penny to put into our “Colorado” envelope.
  • Travis works in a field that allows flexibility after April 15th and he’s saved up a lot of vacation time.
  • I homeschool so the kids and I can do that anywhere.
  • My MoveMore and Trackstars groups will still meet (although not as often) and I have two close, amazing friends who’ll be filling my shoes while I’m gone (I’ve preprogrammed everything down to the last squat so all they’ll have to do is read off a page.  They’ll do a wonderful job, I’m sure.)
  • All of my responsibilities at the coffee shop will be dispersed between two women.  I’ve been training them for about a month now.
  • We have someone housesitting for us here in NC!

I’m not sure how frequently I’ll blog while we’re out there (maybe a few times a week).  I have a huge goal to just allow for rest and relaxation with no pressure to write, to exercise, to be on a schedule.  I just want to BE and I’m very much looking forward to it.

SUPER excited.  I think I already said that.


QUESTION:  Have you ever been to Colorado?  <-Travis and I lived there for three years just after our wedding.  I’d move back in a heartbeat if we had family there.


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  1. That sounds awesome! Growing up we did the cross country travel thing by car bc my dad was in the Army. It was so much fun! And we did it last year when I graduated from graduate school & drove to Los Angeles. Never been to Colorado so I’m so excited to come to Blend & see yall & experience Colorado since everyone loves it. Yay happy & excited for you!