Happy Monday, friends!!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and for those of you who celebrate Easter, I hope you have a fabulous candy belly going on.  We don’t really do the whole bunny and egg thing but we DEFINITELY eat candy on Easter.  My all-time favorite Easter candy = Reese eggs.  The peanut butter to chocolate ratio is just way better (more peanut butter!).  Not only did we have a great day yesterday celebrating Jesus but we also took an exciting little roadtrip down to Atlanta on Saturday.


To buy a MINIVAN!! 

It was high time too – cramming three kids into the backseat of our Honda Pilot just wasn’t optimal.  Travis and I have been scrimping and saving for a good two years now and we finally took the plunge.  I had my heart set on a Toyota Sienna but we actually came home with a 2011 Honda Odyssey.  It’s gently used, it was in our (meager) budget and I love it!!  I know we’ll have many minivan years ahead.

The shopping process was interesting though.  A word of advice – leave your three young kids at home when you go car shopping.  We only went to two dealerships and it was still pretty rough.  Somehow we made it out alive and I actually think if you asked them, they’d say they had a pretty good day.

Here’s a glimpse of our weekend….















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2015-04-05 18.44.22

QUESTION:  Do you celebrate Easter?  How was your weekend??


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  1. I truly think you are going to love the Odyssey! My aunt and uncle have 5 kids, and have only had these vans since the start! They’ve upgraded when needed, but love them none the less! I love your family photo – so adorable!

  2. Ha! I bought my boyfriend some Reese’s eggs for Easter and I swear he said the exact same thing you did about the chocolate to peanut butter ratio ;) Congrats on the new minivan and your family photo is SO lovely! Happy belated Easter!

    1. Porter was just too heavy for his infant seat. We had him rear facing in this new one for the past two months – this trip was the first time he’d faced forward in it. He loved it!!

  3. Yay love ur new car looks great! I’m a honda owner too lol love it. Just had to buy a new car myself due to an accident. I had a great Easter weekend with family(aunt, uncle & cousin). Beautiful weather made it amazing!! Love ur family picture so beautiful. Can’t wait to see u at Blend!

  4. So excited for you, you beautiful family! I really want a minivan too…but Meeker says we have to add another kid first. #workingonit

    Happy Happy Easter. LOVE YOU.

  5. I drive a 2005 Honda Odyseey and just passed 198,000 miles. Still runs like a champ! I am actually now looking at the Honda Pilot because my kids are 17,15,11. I am ready to downsize a bit. The only thing stopping me is that my car still runs like a champ and I am not sure I can fit my bicycle in the pilot without taking the wheel off. ENJOY!!

  6. such a beautiful family! I know we will go down the minivan route at some point too! Out of curiosity, what made you front face porter already? My guy is a couple weeks older than him and has started not liking the car at all. I know front facing usually helps that!

    1. Great question, Jessica!! This trip down was actually the very first time he’s faced forward. We switch all our kids to forward facing at a year old (Porter has until next week). It’s legal here in NC and just a personal preference. Check your state laws!