My friend and fellow blogger, Heather recently posted about the ten foods she eats every day and I just had to steal it.  I am a great many things and a “creature of habit” just happens to be one of them.  When I shower, I have a washing routine and if I deviate from that tried and true routine, I’ll forget something and end up with hairy legs or dirty hair for the rest of the day.  I get out of bed the same way, I tie my shoes in an odd (but fine-to-me way) and I like eating the same foods day in and out.  I crave routine.  I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Anyway, here are 10 foods I LOVE and eat every single day!  Feel free to post some of your most-loved foods down in the comments.

My Favorite Foods



Cereal might very well be my favorite food of all time.  It’s the thing I look forward to all day – sitting on the couch with Travis and eating my cereal.  I have a method too (of course she does) – Fill the bowl with the “healthy” cereal first (i.e. bran flakes, TJ fiber twigs, Grape Nut Flakes) and then, with whatever milk is left over, I eat the “unhealthy” stuff (i.e. Honeycomb, Fruit Loops, Captain Crunch).  Doing this gives me SO much joy.  I’ll never ever stop.



As an tastemaker for Blue Diamond Almonds, I get fun stuff in the mail.  They recently sent me their new Honey Dijon and Honey Roasted Cinnamon almonds and man-oh-man are these good.  I think the Honey Roasted Cinnamon might be a new favorite.


Almonds are packed with all sorts of healthy fat, Vitamin E and other nutrients.  They have staying power too – a handful will keep me full for much longer than any other snack.  I just checked and we have FIVE canisters of various flavors in the house.  Variety is the spice of life, I suppose.  Go here for the full Blue Diamond flavor list!  (and if you see one that your local grocer doesn’t carry, just ask!  I did this with the Sea Salt Caramel flavor and the store manager got them in the next week!  Never hurts to ask.)


For the last two years, I’ve made it a personal goal to eat a salad every day.  I’d say I hit that goal about 6 days out of the week.  The base is always spinach.  I also throw a handful or two into smoothies – you can’t even taste it.



I’m a 5-year-old and like to dip my food into stuff.  Hummus, guacamole, ranch, ketchup – they’re almost always on our table.  Hummus is a great healthy fat and we usually get the Tribe “Everything” flavor.  <-Quick tip – I also sub in hummus for recipes that call for mayonnaise.  Still creamy but a tad healthier.


I think I’ve blogged about my Crockpot chicken recipe before (if not, 7 breasts + 1/2 cup BBQ sauce + 1/4 cup Texas Pete – cook in crockpot on low for 4 hours, shred with fork) but I make it every week.  It’s a great lean protein source that you can throw on top of a salad, in a quesadilla or use as your main dish.  Now that it’s getting warmer, we’ll be grilling once or twice a week so I’ll marinade the chicken in the same sauces.  006


Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries.  I love them all.  We actually have a couple of raspberry plants in our backyard that I’m hoping will produce this year.

7.  EGGS

Eggs and egg whites make their way into my belly every day.  I make my morning protein pancake with an egg and two whites and often have cheesy eggs for dinner.  We typically buy Eggland’s Best.


Yeah, most of this list is healthy but I also love junk food.  (Thank you Father for that freedom!!!).  I love love Teddy Grahams (that’s one level up from just love).  They’ve been a favorite snack food since I was a little girl (replaced by Dunkaroos for a short time but then I went back to my roots).  I only buy the Honey or Cinnamon flavors and grab handfuls of them at random times throughout the day.  YUM! 041


Not really a “food” but still something I have often.  Protein keeps me fuller for longer and helps with muscle growth and recovery.  While I try to use whole foods as my primary protein source, supplementing with a protein shake or smoothie helps me to meet my goals (~130 grams a day).  My favorites: Optimum Nutrition’s 100% Natural Whey and PlantFusion (vanilla bean).


Of course chocolate had to make the list.  Like any normal American household, we have a junk drawer (or five).  I keep all sorts of weird, random schtuff in there but always have some sort of chocolate on hand.  When I’m bored, I’ll sneak in there and get some.  I get bored every day. Smile  All time favorite –> peanut butter M&M’s.

QUESTION:  What foods do YOU eat every single day??  Do you crave routine or embrace change?


**This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds.  All opinions are my own (and we go through a canister or two every week!).**

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  1. I crave routine as well! After a few days of “fun” I can’t wait to get back to the regular schedule!

  2. I love variety and routine. I like to try new recipes for baking and dinners, but I do routine often for breakfast and lunch because they need to be quicker. I definitely have nuts, chocolate, some sort of salad, apples, bananas, yogurt, and cheese every day. But I’m flexible. :D

  3. Yes, I’m a routine freak. Like if something switches up in our morning schedule, my whole day feels weird. Anyway, I eat avocados, sunbutter (or almond butter), spinach or a greens mix, baby carrots, coconut oil (is that a food? It should be), dates, and eggs pretty much every day. And when I’m not doing a Whole 30 (which I am now…my hormones are out of control and I’m trying to heal them!), dark chocolate is for sure on this list!

  4. I am all about routine and I feel like it is harder to break that routine as we get older. But whatever, if it works and it makes you happy, then why the heck not. PS: I love that you love cereal…I cannot remember the last time I had cereal. Sad but true! Nut butter happens EVERY day and sometimes twice a day…sweet potatoes seem to be happening a lot as well…cashews…apples…smoothies (mostly yogurt based lately)…

  5. I’m not sure I eat many of the same foods every day, but every week I eat bananas, greens (spinach, kale, or chard depending on what I have in the fridge), eggs, avocado, frozen berries (in smoothies), apples, carrots, peanut butter (that’s a daily one), oats, and varying meats.

  6. SPINACH!!! Every single day for me! And some sort of FISH! I am obsessed with fish, and if I didn’t like chicken so much, I would definitely be a pescatarian! LOL!!! I would love to eat hummus every day, but I tend to go crazy over board on that deliciousness! ;)

  7. Thanks for sharing! I love seeing what other people eat daily. I too love to eat the same things on a daily basis, except for dinner. I do change that up, but breakfast lunch and snacks is pretty much the same. I always have my Yerba Mate original tea in the morning with 3 drops of liquid stevia & a half of a grapefruit sprinkled with nutmeg and cinnamon and 2 eggs fried in coconut oil on top of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread with sliced avocado and tomato and sprinkled with Turmeric and Black Pepper. Then mid-morning I have a snack which is my homemade peanut butter oat bars. Lunch lately has been a chocolate avocado smoothie which has alkalized cocoa powder, spinach, peanut butter, banana, avocado, cinnamon, turmeric, unsweetened almond milk, raw honey and ice. Afternoon I have a organic apple with cashew butter or almond butter. Dinner is always different. And of course I can’t forget my 2 cups of coffee that I have after breakfast too lol

  8. Great list! And now I am hungry. Ha. For me, it is peanut butter, eggs, chocolate, and cheese. I haven’t had Teddy Grahams in ages, but man do I love them!