I’m sick.

As I type this, it’s currently Thursday afternoon at 4:56pm.  Porter (sick too) and Clara are napping and Henry is playing Minecraft in the front room.  I’m in love with napping babes and Minecraft because they give me just a small break.  I just want to sit here and half type this post and half watch Gilmore Girls.  The thing about being a sick mama with little ones is that you can’t just lay on the couch all day and watch your shows.  You still have kids.  You still have chores.  You still have meals to make and clothes to fold and sibling fights to break up.  Gone are the days of just watching Gilmore Girls and slamming Nyquil.  I love napping babes and Minecraft.

I knew I was getting sick a couple of days ago but instead of taking a rest day and letting some of my tasks go, I just kept pushing through, working out and DOING.  Now I’m sick and I wish I was smarter.  I woke up this morning and groaned.  Like an audible groan.  And gave in to the sickness.  Sometimes you just have to surrender.


Then shower.

Then back into (fresh) pjs.

I don’t even think I shaved my legs.

(just checked.  Nope.  Which is bad because as much as I hate it, I AM one of those hairy women who have to shave their legs every single day.  Must remember to keep my legs to myself tonight when Travis gets home.)


I was thinking about being sick and all the oddities that go along with it.  Some fun sick day facts about me:

  • I really don’t get hungry (at all) but desperately want to bake brownies or something deliciously naughty.  I don’t even want to eat them – I just want to bake.
  • As much as I hate this quality in other people, I do actually want some pity.  I want for Travis to stay home from work and just brush my hair.  I want people to send me texts, asking how I’m doing.  I want to share this wallowing with you.
  • When my throat hurts, I want to drink a Diet Coke (and I did today thanks to a great friend who brought me one).  If that makes you angry or you think I’ll die of Diet Coke-itis, I’m sorry to have upset you.  You also probably won’t like that I haven’t eaten a vegetable or fruit all day long.  Or protein.  CARBS.  I’ve eaten only carbs.
  • Wearing my glasses (versus contacts) makes me want to go to sleep.  Like I can barely keep my eyes open. I think it’s like a Pavlovian-response where my brain associates the glasses with sleep because I only wear them late at night when I’m sleepy.  Could also be that I’m actually sick and therefore tired.
  • Sick days rank as one of the top worst days ever.  Sitting around, housebound.  Bleck.  Sick days taking care of a sick baby….double bleck.


Porter’s crying from his crib.  He’s probably upset that he’s not nursing for the 27th time today.

Even in the midst of all this grumbling, I’m thankful.  I’m thankful that these days are few and far between, for great friends who bring me things (Tom Yum soup for the win), for sisters who gladly sub in and lead your fitness group.  For husbands that run to the store to get homeopathic baby cough syrup and then proceed to tell you how ridiculous homeopathy is (while I bathe myself in Thieves oil).  And for Diet Coke and the way it hits the back of your throat.  Ahhhhhhh….

Gotta go get Porter.  Three cheers for the weekend, y’all.

QUESTION:  What are your sick day facts?


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  1. When I’m sick I…
    Want my mom. I normally call and whine to her and she tells me all the tricks and to rest and that I’m a poor baby and if she could she’d drive up and take care of me.
    Drink lots of hot tea with honey.
    Eat bagels three meals a day. (Generally have to send out for them b/c I don’t really want them otherwise.)
    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. When I’m sick (which is hardly ever!) I cry… a lot! I just always feel so sorry for myself, thinking of all the things I should be doing, all the things that are piling up undone and wishing I could stay in bed all day under my electric blanket, but since I have 5 guys that depend on me, the only thing I can think to do is cry about it all, for the duration of my sickness! I’m sorry you’re sick! I’m praying that you feel better soon!