This week.

It’s flown….and dragged by…all at the same time.  Porter hasn’t slept very well so my teeth are stained popcorn-yellow from all the coffee consumption.  Just when I got chances to catch my breath, it seemed like something else was there to take it away again.  Not complaining (at all!).  I love this little life I have – all the hard, easy, messy pieces of it.  Most of the time, I’m just in awe of the fact that I get to be do what I do.

Fun Facts Friday

1.  Travis and I are going to see Jerry Seinfeld in Atlanta tonight!!   (!!!!!!!!!!!!!)  I bought Travis these tickets back in September for his birthday (we both LOVE Jerry and own all the seasons of Seinfeld.  Have you watched his new show, “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee?”  It’s so good).  We’re dropping Henry and Clara off at my parent’s and driving down with Porter this afternoon.  Luckily Travis’ sister lives in Atlanta and is more than willing to watch the baby while we have a fun date night.  I can’t wait!

2.  I’m getting my hair cut and highlighted next Friday (for Valentine’s Day) and I sent my stylist this picture of Courtney’s hair.  I just love it!  I’m anxious to get my hair colored (never had it done) but Suzi will do a phenomenal job.  See….reading blogs pays off.  You can find all sorts of inspiration! Winking smile


3.  Yesterday, Clara begged to let her pick out her own outfit for the day (usually I just close my eyes and pick out whatever my hand lands on).  Well, as you can see, she uses this same method.  And YES, you better believe I let her wear that outfit all day long.  Not only do I NOT care what other people think about our clothes, but I don’t want her to care either.  Seems so trivial.  Plus she was SO proud of every single piece she picked out.


4.  I auditioned for Aristocats last night.  Because I need more things to do.  ;)

5.  I’m working on those “Ask Me Anything” questions.  Would a VLOG be better than a typed post??  Weigh in below.

6.  I recently received a Garmin Vivofit (through my partnership with Verizon and Fitfluential) and I can’t say enough good things about it.  It tracks your steps, your heart rate, your calories burned – even your sleep patterns.  There’s a little red bar that creeps across the screen when you’ve been immobile for too long – walking laps around my house has never been more fun.  I want to get one for my dad – I think it’ll help him focus on being more active during the day.  They’re on sale right now for $88.99 (very reasonable compared to other fitness trackers!).


7.  All the twin bed options for Blend have sold out!  If you’re on the fence about coming, hop down and start booking your trip!  Go here for more info.

8.  Speaking of Blend and Colorado, have I told you yet that we’re planning to stay for THREE weeks again?!!?  YEAH!  I’ll write more about it soon but we’re planning to do a repeat of our 2012 trip and rent a house in Boulder.  If you weren’t reading back then, here’s a fun little video of our car ride out.  <-the kids were soooo little!  Oh and Travis composed that song you hear in the background.

9.  I want to start mixing up our meals and treats a little.  We get in these food ruts and it’s really hard to get my family to eat anything outside of the four or five things I know how to cook.  I’ve pinned this dip, these chicken and dumplings, these vegan truffles (!!) and these falafel burgersGame on!

10.  I never make it to the tenth thing but a list with an odd number gives me the heebies.

QUESTION:  Tell me a FUN FACT!  Any plans for the weekend??


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  1. I love Clara’s outfit! I let my 18 month old pick out her clothes, and other than not letting her wear a different pairs of pants for each leg, I pretty much follow her lead. Life’s more fun that way :)