**Originally titled, “Thursday’s Thoughts” but I forgot to schedule it to post…thus, “Friday’s Feelings.”  Lol..whoops.**

I’m sitting here at the kitchen table (my “office”), sitting criss-cross-applesauce, listening to Clara sing to herself as she colors (beautifully, she colors so beautifully).  The song is nondescript.  She makes up the words as she goes and the melody sounds something similar to Frozen’s “Let It Go” only with her own words added in.  Five minutes ago, I nursed Porter and laid him down in his bed for his morning nap.  He’s now babbling from his crib and saying “dadadadada” in the sweetest little voice.  Henry’s on my team and every time he hears Porter say “dada”, he quickly scolds him and says, “No.  Say Mama.  Maaaa-maaaaa.”  I like having people on my team.

It’s snowing.

Like legit snowing.

On Monday the weather people called for snow and all we got was 3 inches of slippery, horrific ice.  I had to cancel Trackstars because of it and that made me angry because exercise keeps me sane on “snow” days.  Now it’s snowing and they may have gotten it right.

I recently made the mistake of visiting a certain website that hates on bloggers.  I won’t link.  Reading angry words from dark, anonymous people = things I’d rather not do.  I have more to write on that….but not today.  Not on my snow day.

Today I wanted to type out all of the things that make me happy.  I’ll limit the list to twenty five but only because I still have chores I’d like to accomplish before Porter wakes up.  Sometimes (no ALL the time) writing out these blessings helps to change my perspective.  A great reminder that WE are in control of how we feel and not anyone else.

And today I feel awesome.


Things that make me happy

A burn-your-tongue-off HOT cup of coffee.

Snow days.

Warm days.

Sweet conversations with Clara that start with her saying, “Mama, when we go to heaven…”

A good sweat.

A good cry.

Planning our trip to Colorado in May.


Raising my kids.

Homeschooling my kids.

A husband who can ROCK a man-bun.

The “explore” feature on Instagram.  #timesuck

Easily conveying the message with hashtags.

Burpees.  And squats.

Group texts with Janetha and Lauren.

Blend Retreat and all the amazing things that have come from it.

Eating all the cookies out of cookies n’ cream ice cream.

Porter’s chubby feet.

Living in a small town.

The therapy I get from swiffering my floor.

Clean sheets (I actually need to buy a new set – any suggestions?)

Comfy clothes and no bra.

Singing on the worship team.

The excitement and thrill that SMOOOOVIE night brings my kids.

Cheering for others.

I love all of those things and so much more.  How rich this life is.  How blessed we are.  Thank you, Father.

QUESTION:  Three things that make YOU happy!  GO!!!


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  1. My night tonight: 1. Sitting on my couch on a Friday night watching TV in comfy clothes with no bra…2. Dog kisses…3. Leftover chili soup with a delicious crispy piece of bread with avocado (it’s what for dinner!) Love yours…XOXO

  2. Only three? Hmmmm…
    1. A fire in the fireplace and a strand of white Christmas tree lights above the mantle.
    2. Teaching my kids with the windows open and all of the morning sunlight streaming in.
    3. My commitment to get up at 6 am during Lent in order to have an hour of quiet time before the kids wake up. What a HUGE difference it makes!

  3. I love that Henry is on your team- that little story brought a smile to my face!

    My 3:
    -the feeling of having a workout done before I go to work
    -sleeping in on the weekends with my boyfriend (no manbun, but let me tell you, rubbing his fuzzy buzzcut head is pretty fun too!)
    -filing/painting my nails (this may be on par with your Swiffer therapy for me)

    Have a lovely weekend!

  4. I need to make a list of happy things right now. We are in the middle of a legit snowpocalypse up here in VT, and I’m on day #8 with absolutely no exercise (post surgery, doc ordered). I feel like I’m going to lose my ever loving mind!

    But I’ll start with three random ones:

    1)Standing in the window feeling the sun on my face, pretending it’s July.
    2)Caffeine in the morning. It makes me smile.
    3) the Thompson Twins 80’s station on Pandora that I’m currently listening to.

    On a completely unrelated note, I often have to go back through my blog posts and edit title and things because I end up a day behind. Change the “yesterdays” to “two days ago” etc. You aren’t alone there, haha.