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If you read last week, you might remember that I had an “Ask Me Anything” post.  Nothing was off limits (and by golly, some of you took that VERY literally. Smile  I chuckled quite a bit, but again, I said no limits and I’m going to answer every question).  There were SO many questions that I’m going to have to divide them up into two (maybe three) posts.  Enjoy!

Ask Me Anything


Name:  Kristy H.
Question:  Have you always been spiritual?  When were you saved?  Everyone has a story.

ANSWER:  Great question!  I grew up in a house where my mom took us (sister and I) to church every Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday night.  She was so faithful and so committed (which I am extremely thankful for now as an adult!).  We attended a great Pentecostal church (belief in the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, prophesy).  I asked Jesus into my heart when I was in the 7th grade.  But even though I was raised in the church and had always loved God, I’d say my REAL relationship began after I got married (and it grew even DEEPER after I had kids – kids will test your faith).  I could go on and on about faith and what I believe – it impacts everything in my life.


Name:  Karen P
Question:  Do you plan/hope to have more children?  Yours are so adorable and you are a great mom!

ANSWER:  YES!  I’d like to have more children.  Honestly, after nine months of nausea with Porter, I wasn’t completely sure I could do it again.  Those thoughts quickly vanished (along with the nausea) after I saw him.  I love being a mama.  (and thank you, Karen, for saying I’m good at it.  The HIGHEST compliment to me.)



Name:  Anonymous

Question:  What’s your favorite food?

ANSWER:  How to answer this correctly?!?  I have to break it down into genres…sorry.

  • Favorite sweet:  Underbaked brownies (cookies n’ cream ice cream on top too). 
  • Favorite salty:  scrambled eggs with American cheese.  Oh and anything grilled (cheeseburgers, chicken, etc)
  • Favorite veggie:  carrots or broccoli. 
  • Favorite fruit:  any berry.


Name:  Erin
Question:  I love the relationship you and your husband seem to have.  How do you keep the romance alive after so many years (and three kids!) together?

ANSWER:  I love our relationship too!!  Smile  So Travis and I have known each other for 13 years and have been married for almost 10 (we met in college).  Our love is so complex and precious to me that it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes it work…but I’ll try.  I firmly believe that the key to our marriage is our relationship with God.  I KNOW that God speaks through Travis to me.  I KNOW that I’m honoring God when I serve Travis (and let me tell you – sometimes this is TRULY hard).  Travis knows that by taking care of me, he’s obeying God’s command.  Travis knows that he’s my head – and I know that too. 




I TRUST Travis.  Everyday I choose to trust that he’s leading us in the right direction.  I trust that he’ll take care of me.  Even if it somehow happened that Travis wasn’t trustworthy, the act of ME TRUSTING HIM (because I believe that’s also a way of me showing my trust in God) is enough.  Travis loves me so much that he won’t make me regret placing my trust in him. 

When I started casting off ideas of equality and feminism, our marriage really started flourishing.  Roll your eyes if you want but God blesses women when they serve.  He just will.

Other things that help:  having lots of sex, truly listening, encouraging one another in individual passions/desires, taking on parenting as a team.


Name:  Clarke Y.
Question:  Do you color your hair?

ANSWER:  Funny you ask.  I just talked about this last week!  I DON’T color my hair – it’s naturally dark brown (just like my dad’s) but I’m starting to see some grey.  I’m actually going on Friday to get a cut and color.  Can’t wait to see how it turns out!


This is the look I’m going for!


Name:  Amy
Question:  What are some good body weight exercises for “lumpy” butts with cellulite?

ANSWER:  “Lumpy butts” made me laugh out loud.  Smile  The simple answer:  You can’t spot reduce and you’ll need to change your diet if you want to see cellulite reduction (less processed foods, little to no sugar, more water).  BUT there are exercises that can increase your muscle mass in your booty, thus giving you a firmer rump.


Some of my favorite BODYWEIGHT exercises:  Goblet Squat, Walking Lunges, Step-Ups, Romanian Deadlifts & Curtsy Lunges!  Oh and anything that plays around with tempo and pulses makes for a great glute burn!


That’s all I have time to answer today!   Have a fabulous day, friends!

QUESTION:  My turn to ask:  What’s YOUR favorite food??


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  1. Thanks so much for posting and answering my question about religion. I love your blog and how honest you are. I am struggling with that right now with my marriage. I’m not that religious but find myself praying and turning to the bible more and more these days. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  2. I LOVE how you answered the marriage question…I grew up being told such conflicting advice and, unfortunately, didn’t see my dad act godly in my parents’ relationship. It’s not that he didn’t something terrible or anything, and they’re very in love to this day, it’s just that there’s a difference (I realize now) in being a husband and being a godly husband. Just as there’s a difference between being a wife and being the kind of wife God wants for us to be. Jesse and I are reading the book “Love & Respect” by Emerson Eggerichs and it’s really helping us both pinpoint (and implement) the ways God wants for us to be in our marriage.