I laugh at some of the search terms that land people here on LL.  Some of the best ones:

donkey kicks <-omgosh. I miss Tuesday Trainer!!  I spy Katie, Janetha, Paige, Bex and so many others!  Should I bring this feature back???

just do it”  <-still love this post

Vizzini<-my kids were so little. :(

Lose the baby weight”  <-I desperately need to update this page.  Hello third baby.

and my personal favorite “My friend’s hot mom.”  

Another one of the top searches – “Ask Me Anything.”  A year (maybe two) ago, I had a little series where people asked me all sorts of personal questions and I answered.  It was great fun – answering all the questions helped me share myself and my life and the readers loved being nosey getting and inside look.

Welp…I’m bringing it BACK!

You ask.  I’ll answer! 


What’s your regular work out schedule?

How many years did you play with Barbies?

What is your favorite color?  Food?  Movie?

Do you (still) pick your nose?

Hit me with anything you want to know.  I can’t promise that I’ll answer EVERYTHING (I’m imagining some catty or disrespectful questions could be asked), but I WILL to be open and honest on just about any question.  Use the box below to submit your questions (anonymously if you’d like – just write “anonymous” in the Name field) and later this week, I’ll have a follow-up post with my answers.

Annnndd….ASK AWAY!

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