I gotta be real here for a second.

I opened up LiveWriter (during the 10 minutes of free “ME-time” I had today) and I just stared at the darn screen for like…ever.  Nothing.  I have nothing to say that will add to the world.  No tips that will make you a better person.  No recipe.  No workout.

So I’m not going to push it.

Actually, I DO have all of those posts in my head.  I have lots to say about all sorts  of things.  I create workouts that would be perfect to share with you – you could pin them to your fitness Pinterest board (you have one of those I assume).  Ideas.  I have tons.  They just can’t seem to find their way down to my fingertips and out onto the screen.  Like it’s a struggle to find the energy to sit down in this online space.

So for today, I have four (short) things to share.


1)  I’m going to bake something today and I’m (oddly) excited.  Travis is finally done with his 24 Day Advocare Challenge and we’re going to LIVE IT UP! Smile  We both started together a few weeks ago (I did the the 10 Day Nursing Mom and he did the regular 24 Day Challenge) but since I wanted to be a supportive wife, I haven’t bought ice cream or cake or candies (actually I do have some candy stashed away).  Travis lost like 13 pounds by the way – he’s a super hero when it comes to sticking to the rules.  Anyway, the challenge is over and the brownie game is on!  Now to decide which ice cream to get (probably whatever’s on sale).

2)  I need a pedicure.  Or I need to at least sit down and take these last few wisps of polish off my toes.  I’d take a picture but nobody needs to see it.

3)  Yesterday was a rest day. I gladly took it.  With Trackstars in the morning and MoveMore groups in the afternoon, there are days when I get two workouts in.  I never (ever) want to fall back into the habit of overexercising so I’m very purposeful with TRUE rest days.  I don’t do much of anything.  Here’s a good post on rest and why it’s SO important.  I try to take two days a week.

4)  Short story.  We never buy bread.  We just don’t eat bread.  Anytime I have a loaf it gets moldy halfway through so I just stopped buying it.  Well when we were at the store last week, Henry INSISTED that his new favorite snack is toast with butter and honey.  He’s never had this snack at my house so I’m not sure where he got the idea but we bought bread nonetheless (because toast and butter and honey sounds awesome…and it IS.  It IS awesome).  For the past week, he comes to me at EXACTLY 2:45pm (he has a wrist watch – analog, so we’re not coddling him) and reminds me that it’s snack time and he wants his toast.  I get the supplies out, make the toast, and then sit the plate down in front of him.  He takes his time eating it (which never happens) and yesterday he looked up at me and said (and I quote), “Mom, you are the BEST chef we’ve had in this family.”  You guys!!  I’m the best chef. Smile



That’s all I got.  Have the best weekend.  Live it up.  Eat some brownies.  Sleep.  Get your toes done.

And come back refreshed on Monday.


QUESTION:  Tell me something, anything.


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  1. Henry’s line is so cute! Made me smile big time. :)

    Do you ever just not do the workout with your group? When I’m training (even classes, though it depends on the one specifically) I do a few moves but often walk around and coach. When/if I need the workout or the workout doesn’t need much coaching, I’ll jump in with them. You’re not new to the game, but I thought I’d mention all the same (rhyme! what! what!). ;) Glad you enjoyed your rest day and you and Travis enjoy those brownies!! I might make some later today too, actually.