This week seemed to snail-crawled for some reason so I’m happy to see that it’s over.  We have SNOW on the forecast for tomorrow (I’m not getting my hopes up) so that’s something fun to look forward to.  We’ve had ZERO snow days so far here in WNC.  I’ll take a few.  Brownies, chili, movies and sledding.  Yep.

I looked and it’s been a while since I did a “Day In The Life” post and they’re one of my favorite types of posts to read so I’m sharing.  This is what our Wednesday looked like – nothing too spectacular – just our little life.  It’s far and away my favorite.

A Day In The Life

4:30am:  Porter wakes to nurse.

7:10am:  I wake up in a panic – Porter is my alarm clock and usually wakes around 6:30 to nurse again but decided to sleep in today I guess.  He’s babbling so Travis scoops him up and lets me sleep for another 20 minutes.

7:30am:  I yell at Travis and he brings me the babe.  We nurse in bed (he’s pretty quick – we’re done in 10 minutes).  I get up and get ready for Trackstars.

7:45am:  Take my Spark and Catalyst pills with 1/2 a banana and a few almonds.  Corral the kids out the door and head for the gym.



8:00am-9:10am:  Trackstars – we do a fun team workout and finish with some glute and core work.


EX:  One person “travels” (suicide, bear crawl, etc) down the court and back while the rest of the team does the stationary move (knee drivers, plank push-up, etc).  A fun way to break monotony and spread people out.


9:30am:  Drive home.  Nurse Porter again.  Put him down for his morning nap.

10am-11:30pm:  Shower, breakfast, coffee, homeschool H & C.  They’re working out of a few Kumon workbooks at the moment.  Group text with Janetha & Lauren about Blend stuff.012


11:30am:  Porter wakes.  I nurse him.

12:00pm:  Throw coats on everyone and we walk down to see Travis at work and to check in at the coffee/yogurt shop.  Pick up free books at the sharing library.  Sample the peanut butter (solely for quality control purposes Smile).




12:30pm:  We walk around main street and then make our way back home (with Travis in tow).  Practice throwing the frisbee (I’m getting a little better – one level up from “you don’t want her on your team/she’s the worst.”).  Travis walks back to work.


1:00pm:  Lunch with kiddos (big salad with chicken, avocado and Good Beans) + a couple of finger swipes in the almond butter jar.


(so stinking good!  Did you see that the Vanilla
almond butter is on Amazon again?!?!)

2:00pm:  Put Clara and Porter down for their naps.  Start Henry on some math (double digit addition).  I work on this post a little along with some prep work for our Grand Opening/Ribbon Cutting at the shop (LOCALS!  TODAY from 1-2pm everything is 50% off!!).  I make a graphic for the sale and post to FB.

3:00pm:  Porter wakes up.  I nurse him.  040

3:20pm:  Door bell rings – it’s the salesman from the local radio station.  We’re placing an ad for the grand opening and he needs payment.  I write him a check and then quickly go put on PJ pants for the rest of the day.

3:30pm-5:30pm:  Work with Henry on school, fold laundry, Blend conference call with a potential sponsor (it went WELL!!), play with Porter, drink some Throat Coat tea (little tickle in my throat that won’t go away) and eat a Kind bar.  Put Porter down for a quick nap.  041

6:00pm:  Travis arrives home from work.  Hallelujah.  Four hands are way better than two.  Porter wakes/nurses.

6:30pm:  Dinnertime.  Mac n’ cheese for the kids, spaghetti squash/ground turkey concoction for adults.

7:00pm-8:00pm:  Clean up, bathe the baby, let Travis entertain the big kids.

8:00pm:  Put the kids to bed!

8:15pm-10:00pm:  Work on this post, talk to Travis about our days, eat CEREAL (tonight it’s a combo of Honeycomb and TJ Fiber Twigs), watch two episodes of Friends, & nurse Porter one last time.

10:15pm:  BED!


All in a day’s work.

QUESTION:  What’s the highlight of your FRIDAY???  Any plans for the weekend?


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