I feel silly even typing this “recipe” out.

Like I’m hanging my head in shame.

You see – I’m a simple cook (I’m use that term loosely) and I was raised by the best.  Growing up, we always had a hot meal and we ate at the table together as a family.  My mama (God bless her) can cook two things well and about four things that are edible.  I have the best memory of this one time that she made chuckwagon steaks (like frozen, fried patties of meat), burned them, put them on white buns, and served them with tator tots for dinner one night.  As soon as she dished up the plates, my daddy (who was raised by one of the best cooks I’ve ever known) just laughed and laughed at this dinner.  My daddy loves my mom so he grinned through every burnt bite.  A story we still talk about to this day (along with the time she threw his scrambled eggs out into the yard because he complained…but that’s a story for a different day…).  Anyway, I am my mother’s twin when it comes to the cooking thing.  We just can’t…so we don’t.

But this dish…this dish I can do (and I do do at least once a week Smile ).  I’ve perfected all the measurements and cooking times and I feel like this is MY dish.  The dish my children will tell all their friends about on the school yard.

My daddy’s grinning so big right now.








4-6 boneless/skinless chicken breasts

1/2-3/4 cup BBQ sauce

1/4 cup Texas Pete (or other hot sauce of choice)

1 can (16oz) black beans, rinsed

Place chicken, bbq sauce and hot sauce into a crockpot.  Cook on low for 4 hours.  Shred chicken using two forks, pulling apart the meat.  Stir in the drained black beans.


*We like this chicken as a main dish with a few sides, in quesadillas or atop a big salad.  Find what works for your family!

QUESTION:  Can you cook?  Bake?  Do you enjoy it?  <-no


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  1. Hi everyone Lindsay’s Mom here….I admit, I do not like to cook…it all just seems pointless to me spending hours in the kitchen, gobbling it up in 30 mins…then an hour of cleanup! Now you will always find a spotless house, laundry caught up… a lot like Lindsay’s house…you get the picture…Jackie use to say I would not let him finish eating before I took his plate away to wash it anywhoo..the story of the eggs…when we first got married Jackie’s major complaint was that I would not cook a full course breakfast before work (and this was before frozen biscuits) I got up 1 hour early..labored making homemade biscuits, bacon, grits,gravy and eggs over medium (not scrambled) took me 30 mins to get him out of bed to eat it…when he finally stumbled to the kitchen he looked at eggs and said,” Robin, those eggs are just swimming in grease”…It hurt my feelings so bad, then it just made me MAD I said,” So you think they can swim , Well lets just see if they can FLY”…I opened the back door and threw them out…and yes they did fly….cooking is way overrated :)

  2. I want to hear the story about the scrambled eggs being thrown into the front yard, because that sounds pretty hilarious. I didn’t know you could screw up scrambled eggs. HAHA! I am a simple cook. Since it is just me, I keep my menu pretty simple, easy, and healthy. When I want decadent and delicious I go out…

  3. I actually really love to cook, but especially to bake. It relaxes me and if I’m having a tough day I’ll take a break to cook or bake something if I have the time.
    Even though I love cooking/baking, it’s not because my mom (or dad) was a great cook though. Actually, they very rarely cooked meals for us – there was always food in the house, but most of the time we did our own thing. Because of that my siblings and I started to cook! My grandma (who’s an amazing cook) taught us basics and now all 3 of us love it.

  4. thought I would share an easier way to shred your cooked chicken.
    If you have a stand mixer (kitchen aide) take your cooked chicken, put in bowl and add the paddle attachment to mixer, turn on. Voila, shredded chicken. CAREFUL you don’t let this go too long or its overly shredded.