If you’re a long time LL reader, you’ve surely seen this hike before.  Siler Bald.  It’s my very favorite.  Only 20 minutes away, an intermediate climb and the view at the top is seriously one of the best I’ve ever seen (and that counts Colorado hikes too so you know it’s good).  My family and I have hiked Siler Bald every Thanksgiving Day for the past 6 years….except for this past one.  It was pouring rain.  Waaa waaa.  I knew we just had to get up there soon and the day after Christmas proved to be the perfect time (what is it with the warm weather??).

Since we now have three kids and are outnumbered, Henry had to hike on his own.  Five miles on his own!!  It took us much (much) longer than usual but Henry’s little legs carried him up and down that mountain.  You should have seen his face at the top.  It was….perfect..and it goes down in the “proud mama book.”  There are times when my kids will do something like commit a Bible verse to memory or give a hug to someone who looks sad or pick up litter and throw it away and my heart will just burst and I can’t help but smile and SEE (really SEE) the people that they’ll become.  Kind, loving, strong, amazing people.  This hike, Henry’s spectacular feat, was one such time.  He planned for the hike, packing enough water and snacks for a 3-day journey.  He picked out his own hiking clothes, knowing that he’d need some longer socks and a jacket.  On the hike, he took the time to look around and examine all.the.things (which is probably why it took an hour longer).  He just did it right, ya know.  He knew it was a big deal.  And you better believe that Travis and I made it a SUPER big deal too.  That’s what you do.

He wants to do it again tomorrow.  With more snacks and more sitting-down-on-log breaks.


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