I sat down to type up something (anything) for you this Monday morning.

I’m blank.

Like….there’s nothing to say.


I could tell you about our weekend and how we spent the majority of it doing things we’d rather not have done.  I could fill you in on my papaw and the fact that he’s dying and I saw him for the last time on Saturday.  I could tell you about my mamaw and her Alzheimer’s and about how she can’t remember how old my son is, let alone come to terms with the fact that her husband won’t be coming home from the hospital.  I could say that I’m trying to be the biggest comfort to my mama right now as her heart is breaking and she’s missing her daddy (the man he used to be and not this shell laying in that bed).

All that sounds so depressing.  Because it is.

So I’ll just sit here and be a little more silent.  The blog might be a little more silent.  And that’s ok because my heart is just sad.  And it’s ok to share when your heart is sad.  More thank ok.  It’s part of being human.