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I wanted to pop in today and share a few FITNESS-related gift ideas that are perfect for anyone in your life that loves to move and shake!  My friend Julie posted something similar this week so if you don’t see something you like below, go check out her post.  Plus there are about a million of these gift guides floating around out there so just hit up google and you’ll surely find something.

Everything on this list is $75 and under – perfect for those of us on a budget (me..always).  Check it out and start SHOPPING (for you or a friend!)!

1.  Hot, hot awesome pants ($25-$75)


If there’s one piece of workout gear that I splurge on IT’S PANTS!  I’m super picky about my pants – they must meet a few criteria.  They must be able to pass the “Squat Test” – when you squat down, do the pants stay put on your leg or start sagging down in the crotch?  I find that pants with COMPRESSION help with this (I LOVE these Under Armour Compression Capris and have two pair!).  My pants also have to sit right at the waist – I don’t like anything with a super low rise.

Honorable mentions (I personally own and love these – they meet all my “criteria” Smile):

Lululemon Run Inspire crops ($86)

Nike Lady Filament Long Running Tights ($56)

Under Armour ColdGear Compression Leggings – Women’s ($43)

2.  Heart Rate Monitors ($50-$70)


While I’m not a numbers girl, I do love knowing my heart rate while I work out.  I’m currently using the Polar FT40 (<-this was sent as part of a review) and I find it suits all my needs.  If you’re into running and need more of a GPS-type monitor, I’d check out a Garmin Forerunner.  (Just checked –  The FT40 is actually on clearance right now on Amazon!)

3.  A Jump Rope ($4)


For $4, you can buy one of the best fitness tools around.  A JUMP ROPE!  Jump ropes are lightweight and great for travel!  As a trainer, they provide me with a great cardio option for my clients.  Plus it’s just fun to jump around.  (Check out this video from 2 years ago. lol)

4.  Contigo Water Bottle ($10)


Ever since reading about Janetha’s love affair with Contigo products years ago, I’ve been a convert!  Contigo Water Bottles force you to drink more water throughout the day (due to the patented mouth piece).  I swear by them – I also love their coffee mugs!

Side note –> Contigo also makes a CHILDRENS water bottle that we love!  Easy to hold and the best part – NO LEAKAGE!


5.  High quality SOCKS ($10-$16)


A good pair of workout socks can go a long way!  Try the Thorlo Women’s Experia Ultra Lightweight Socks.  I’ve been wearing Thorlos since my freshman year of high school and I’ll never change.  They provide great arch support (yes, socks can do that) and they hold up for SEVERAL years.  There’s a Thorlo outlet in Statesville, NC (about 3.5 hours away) and every time we pass it, I stock up on these socks.  I’ve also heard great things about Asics socks but have personally never tried them.

6.  MoveMore Fitness Punchcard ($35-$60)


You know I have to self-promote!  If you or someone you know is local and in need of a great (inexpensive) workout alternative, I encourage you to give my Trackstars group a try.  Trackstars is a combination of strength endurance, balance and agility work.  We meet Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings at 8am – Drake Gym.  Punchcards come in packs of 10 and 20 punches. Contact me for pricing!

7.  A Kettlebell (cost depends on the weight)


If you haven’t heard, Kettlebell training is HOT!  It burns a ton of calories and can be done by most anyone (make sure you get your form down – Kindal can help with that!).  I personally own four kettlebells in various weights and sizes.  My most favorite one (for obvious reasons) is the Onnit Primal Bell.  I just feel like a badass when I swing that monkey around.  The grip is textured and NOT sleek so it doesn’t feel like you’re going to lose it during a swing.  (I also own a couple of these CAP Barbell Kettlebells and they’re also solid pieces for any home gym.)


QUESTION:  Anything you’d add to the fitness gift guide?  Leave links!!


**Unsponsored post.  Some of these links are to Amazon and I receive a referral credit when you purchase.  As always, thanks for supporting our froyo habit.**

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  1. I love Contigo water bottles too! I actually bought some of the regular and insulated ones for coffee a few years ago after I read her post too!! They are AWESOME, because if I use anything else, I end up with water spilled down my shirt…