I’m pretty certain that Fridays are usually the best days to post blog surveys.  I think that’s written in the manual somewhere.  Don’t worry if you’ve misplaced yours.

Today isn’t Friday (I know!!) but I saw this cute survey on my friend Colleen’s blog and just had to scoop it up and fill it out myself.  I’ve left a blank copy at the bottom if you want to do the same – all you have to do is highlight and paste it over into your own LiveWriter or dashboard!

Lately I’ve been…

Making…. whoopie.

Cooking….these dang pumpkin bars. Like three pans. And I’m not sorry.


Drinking….water.  And the occasional Diet Coke.  Yeah.  Sometimes I drink Diet Coke.

Reading….The Best Yes.  It speaks to me on so many different levels.


Wanting….to take a vacation.  Good thing the Refresh Summit is NEXT weekend!!!!  I’m heading over to Tennessee (with my friend Tiffany) and I get to see some great friends!  Can’t wait.

Looking….like a million bucks.  Just joking.  Although I must say, my bootie is looking awesome lately due to Trackstars.

Playing….with my kids all day long.  It’s the best.

Wasting….time on the internet by typing up this quiz.


Wishing….you were somehow here again…..(name that show…)

Enjoying….grilled chicken this week thanks to Travis.  It might be our last grill of the year.


Did I ever share this picture on the blog??  Too good.

Waiting….for things to settle down a bit.  And wondering how life will look in a month from now.

Liking….the fact that I don’t have to be anywhere for the rest of the day.

Wondering….what I’m going to cook for supper.  I need some new ideas – anyone have a good crockpot or casserole dish??

Loving….my daily Advocare Fiber Drink.  I can definitely tell a difference on the days that I start out drinking this yummy stuff.  10 grams of fiber to boot!!!  Woot woot.


Hoping….to make it to worship team practice this week.  With my MoveMore groups ending so closely to the start time, I haven’t made it to team in a REAAALLLY long time.  Need to make it more of a priority.

Marveling….at the fact that Porter is almost 7 months old.  How??!?

Needing….nothing.  I’m blessed.

Wearing….these boots as soon as they arrive!


Following….@FitWithRachel on Instagram.  She always has great exercise moves to show!  Follow @trainerpaige and @twobadbodies as well!

Noticing….that I might need to start coloring my hair.  The grays are becoming more and more noticeable.  I’m ok with this new chapter.  Any favorite hair dyes you’d suggest?

Feeling….happy and anxious.

Bookmarking….this Lego set for Henry.  The perfect Christmas present, me thinks!


Opening….lots of packages for the shop.  You’d be amazed how much cheaper Amazon Prime is than a lot of the usual places you’d buy yogurt toppings and such!

Giggling….at this old video.  I can’t remember them being this little.

QUESTION:  Pick a couple of these and answer!



Lately I’ve been…




























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  1. Love this survey!

    Cooking….lots of winter squashes!!

    Drinking….water and coffee

    Reading….lots of baby books

    Looking….for new shoes, specially hiking boots

    Playing….with Madison and Jax

  2. FeelIng: A little stressed and anxious, but overall happy!
    Making: A LOT of steel cut oatmeal recipes and slow cooker recipes…I’m all about leftovers these days!
    Wearing: Constantly thinking how I need a stylist…Gosh wouldn’t that be nice!
    Giggling: About Lucy and some of the kookie things she does on a daily basis…it always brings a smile to my face!

  3. Hahaha! You crack me up, between “Making…whoopie” and “Sewing…lol”. I love reading surveys like this, which is soo voyeuristic and creepy of me :P

    Lately I have been
    -Bookmarking…designer purses on sale that are still not nearly cheap enough to be able to rationalize purchasing. But I likely will anyway -_-
    -Needing…more time to clean/do laundry/wash dishes/blog. I don’t know how you do it all!

  4. A great supper recipe for cold nights, sloppy Joe casserole! I use ground chicken (leanest I can find), manwich, and jiffy cornbread mix. Cook meat until done, add manwich and any seasonings you wish (my secret ingredient is mustard), then put in casserole dish. Mix up jiffy and pour on top. Bake 350 for 35 minutes or until cornbread is golden. When it comes out, sprinkle a little low fat shredded cheese on top and let melt. Serve with any veggies you like :)

  5. Lately I’ve been…

    Loving living the life we choose and quiet beach trips.

    Noticing how flexible my body is at 37+ weeks, how I can still contort it with a toddler.

    Wondering about the RCS process, if we can clear more land, if hub will dig his Tganksgiving dinner (clams) this weekend, and travel next summer. (Wendy= wanderer. I’m eager to get out again.)

    Knowing all is well, there are solutions, we’re doing what is best, and we have an adubdance…even when we don’t “see” it.

  6. Lately I’ve been…

    Making new recipes for dinner. It’s totally renewed my love for cooking and has made it less of a chore!
    Bookmarking new exercise/fitness ideas. Definitely need to get out of my treadmill rut!
    Marveling at the beauty that is the fall. I love crunchy leaves!