Happy Monday!!  How was your weekend??  We had a COLD one!  The low on Saturday night was below freezing!  I was scrambling around trying to find hats and gloves for us all.  I actually need to go get Porter some Winter hats – he wore one of Clara’s old hats to the soccer game on Saturday.


^^My dad obviously didn’t get the memo either.  Shorts.^^

Today, I wanted to talk a little bit about my new company, MoveMore Fitness and the idea behind it today.  If you’re new to LL (welcome!), MoveMore is a small group training company that I started last month.  My training is focused to three components:  1) a morning outdoor group (called Trackstars), 2) two afternoon home training groups (that meet in my basement) and 3) a once-a-month Bootcamp event.  I have the occasional private, individual clients but that is very rare.  Most of my time now is being spent training groups of six or more people (sometimes up to 25!).  I’m currently devoting about seven hours a week to this endeavor (that’s not counting program design or any behind the scenes work).  I LOVE it!  (oh!  And I found an indoor space for the Winter – thanks for all the suggestions!!)


I’ve been doing this personal training gig for six years now, and prior to the last month, I hadn’t really been stretched and pushed in terms of professional growth.  Working in a gym setting, I had many individual clients and even taught group fitness but I hadn’t experienced small and large group training.  To say that something was missing from those years would be a correct assumption:  I LOVE the dynamic that a large group of people brings.  I LOVE the camaraderie that you feel when working out with a group of people.  There’s just a spark<-LiveWriter automatically linked to my Advocare account just then.  LOL.  I’m leaving it.  You should buy some Spark. Smile 

While group training has my heart, there are also MANY challenges that come with it in terms of program design and putting together a workout that will challenge the fittest but not injure anyone.  Especially with my morning group, I never know WHO will show up, HOW MANY will come or what types of injuries or muscle soreness I’m dealing with.  I always have something prepared but I must also have a B and C plan in place when the parameters change.  I do A LOT of thinking on my toes.  I must be able to give modifications for exercises, both easier AND harder.  I need to watch for muscle imbalances and improper movement patterns and then help correct them.  And in my very unique situation, I must do all of this while also making sure that my children aren’t eating poisonous berries or sticking their fingers in rank water.  SO MANY VARIABLES.  It’s a lot to do.  But I’m finding that I CAN do this job and that I ENJOY the challenge of training now.  It’s very rewarding. 


Why MoveMore?

I named the company MoveMore Fitness because I’ve always loved that mantra:  “MOVE MORE.”  I apply to my own fitness walk.  If you’ve got this idea in mind to do what you can when you can (hi Carla!), daily exercise can easily be worked in to any lifestyle.  You just need to move around more.  I’m not even talking sweat here – simply choosing to walk or stand more than you typically do.  Park farther away at the grocery store.  Go play outside with your kids.  Throw in a few squats or lunges while you’re vacuuming the house.  Any movement, more movementIT ALL ADDS UP AT THE END OF THE DAY!

If I can get that message out there to YOU and to my clients, I think we’ll all be a little bit better off.  If we can imprint this message on our CHILDREN, we’ll be a little better off.  I think daily movement, no matter what that looks like for you, is a great way to stay in tune with your body and what it was designed to do – MOVE!


^^I’m working on a Fall/Winter long sleeve tee order right now!  Aren’t these 3/4 sleeves CUTE?!?!  More to come!^^

QUESTION:  How do YOU MoveMore??


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  1. I love that you have found new life for your passion. I am the opposite and don’t really love the group environment, but I know it’s so important for so many people. And I know firsthand that you put together great group workouts. So excited for you!!

  2. I love the inspiration behind the name! I find myself getting caught into thinking I have to do something AMAZING for a workout or else it isn’t worth it. In reality – I just need to move MORE and keep trying to better myself