Happy Friday!!  Congrats, you made it!

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these “Day In The Life” posts.  (just looked – it was August)  I saw that Tina posted one yesterday so her post sparked my interest.  It’s fun peeking in on what people do all day.  Nosey McNosersons.  (…And I am one of them and so are you so let’s just praise the Lord, right arm…)

Here’s what went down yesterday:

4:21am – Porter wakes up hungry so I pull him into bed and nurse him.  I’m wide awake at this point – not good.

4:35am – I put Porter back down in his bassinet and lie back down.  I toss and turn for what seems like hours (<-there is A LOT going on behind the scenes right now and I’ll be able to tell you all about it come Monday of next week.  Hang tight.)

4:46am – Say eff it and get up, brush my teeth, put my contacts in, and put on my running clothes.  Eat 1/2 a banana.

4:54am – Take 2 Catalyst capsules with some water on my way out the door.

5:00am – I run 5 miles around town.  I listen to a 90’s Dance Floor Filler mix on Amazon Prime (they have music now!!) and get a little spooked running through dark patches.  Where is everybody?!!?  Oh yeah, sleeping.  Like they’re supposed to be.


5:41am –  Make it back home.  Slip back inside and everyone is still sleeping.  Stretch.  Check Instagram.

6:00am – Shower quickly because I hear Porter stirring.  He goes back to sleep though.

6:18am – Sit down to start writing this post. <-I won’t come back to this post until 8pm.  Long, busy day.

6:25am – Porter is hungry.  I slip back into bed and nurse him.

6:50am – Whoa.  Fell asleep while nursing (the BEST!) and wake up STARVING.  I rearrange Porter so that Travis is now snuggling him and slip out of bed.

7:00am – Henry wakes up so I put on our shoes and drive to McDonalds.  We NEVER do this but I’ve been in a breakfast rut and was craving something different and Henry’s always game for a food adventure.  I get an Egg McMuffin (add spinach & tomato at home) and get the kids an egg and cheese biscuit.


7:25am – When we get back home, everyone but Porter is awake.  The kids and I sit down to breakfast while Travis gets ready for work.

8:00am – Travis leaves.  I give both kids a bath because we didn’t get one last night and they’re stinky.


8:30am – We start morning school – mathematical reasoning for Henry and letter dot-to-dot’s for Clara.


9:00am – Porter starts cooing from the bedroom so I get him up and we nurse.  He’s in such a great mood!  I carry him from room to room and do my morning chores (make beds, laundry, dishes).  I change out of pjs and into normal people clothes.

9:25am – Eat second breakfast – a Chobani 2% Pumpkin Spice yogurt!  Yum!


9:30am – I corral everyone and we leave for our one-a-week Homeschool Co-op day.  This year we’re studying Astronomy, History and Art and the kids love it.  I’m not a teacher or a helper this week so I get to hang out in the toddler room and chat with other mamas.

12:00pm – Head back home and drop by our local health food store for some essentials.  Dark chocolate almonds and chips.  Essentials.


12:15pm – We stop by and see Travis at work.  He’s as handsome as ever.  Go home and put Porter down for a nap.

12:45pm – Sit down to eat a big salad for lunch.  Spinach, carrots, broccoli, cucumber, deli turkey, baked snap pea crisps and some leftover spaghetti squash.


1:38pm – Porter wakes up.  We nurse.

2:00pm – Business meeting.

3:00pm –  The meeting went SO well (more on this to come, promise!).  On the way back home, I scarf down this Detour Smart bar (freebie).  It’s not really my cup of tea but I’m hungry so I eat it.


3:25pm – Nurse Porter – he’s not really hungry but I need him to be happy while I coach my groups.

3:40pm – I head downstairs to train my afternoon MoveMore groups (3:45pm & 4:30pm).  We do this workout together – it’s a BEAST.


5:30pm – Run back upstairs all sweaty.  to nurse Porter really quick.  Late for worship team.

5:45pm – Decide I’m too late to go (GREAT set list this week, Travis!).  I get a shower and change into pjs.  Nurse Porter and put him down for a late nap.028

6:15pm – I get started on dinner and type a little bit more of this post while the eggs boil.  I remember why I seldom write them – too much to remember. Winking smile

7:00pm – Dinner.  Egg salad over spinach and the last of the spaghetti squash.  A big red pear for dessert –>SO good right now!

7:30pm – After-dinner chores (unload the dishwasher, sweep kitchen, put away clean laundry).  Porter wakes up as Travis put the big kids to bed.


8:00pm – Nurse Porter and chat with Travis about our day.  He requests a technology-free night and I happily oblige.

8:21pm – Finish this post.

The End.

QUESTION:  What was the highlight of YOUR day yesterday????


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  1. We spent yesterday morning scouting locations and filming for a project. Three highlights…

    1. Finding a whale vertebrae in the sand.

    2. Our daughter agreed to stay out of the ocean (not her preferred life to sit on the rocks…).

    3. Filming a peregrine falcon for another project unexpectedly.

    Totally amazing morning.