ahnu footwear and walking to clear your crazy away

The following post is a review of the Ahnu Montara Boot.  I received the boots in return for the review.  All opinions are my own.

Have I told you yet that I live about a mile from the coffee/yogurt shop??

Yeah.  Pretty close.

I can’t describe to you how great it is for me to be close to downtown.  Whenever I run, I have sidewalks in every direction.  Most of the “townies” put their dogs on leashes or in a gated area so I don’t really have to worry too much about a dog nipping at my heels.  When I train my afternoon groups, they can leave my basement and run pretty much anywhere (which makes programming easier).  Plus, I can simply walk down to the shop whenever I need to.  Which lately has been often.

Walking for me is just about the best form of exercise.  Sure – you might not burn a ton of calories or get in uber great shape, but there’s something about getting outside and walking.  It doesn’t even have to be fast.  I find that I can think more clearly (when I’m by myself) and carry on some of the most precious conversations (when I’m walking with a friend).

Anyway, the walk to the shop has been a form of therapy lately.  Since my stress levels are heightened at the moment, I’ll take any chance I can get to reduce them.  That little walk helps leaps and bounds.  Sometimes I listen to music but 98% of the time, I just walk and try to look up and around and get out of my little head space.


Ahnu Footwear recently sent me these adorable purple hiking boots so I had to take them for a stroll.  A hike would have been better (ahem….since they’re hiking boots and all) but I just don’t have time right now to drive into mountains.  No matter – the walk down and back was enough for me to get a good feel of the boot.


The Ahnu Montara Boot is a mid-height light weight hiker.  This shoe has a Vibram outsole and eVent waterproofing too, meaning you’re covered on muddy, wet hikes and your feet will stay nice and dry!  Montara features Ahnu Numentum® HIKE technology engineered to center and guide the foot, promoting a balanced, even stride.  And the color!  Who doesn’t love purple?!?!  They make this old mama feel a little bit stylish.


I’ll take all the help I can get!

QUESTION:  Do you own hiking boots?  What’s your favorite form of exercise?


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  1. Love those boots – and the color! I agree with you about walking. While I tend to enjoy more high intensity exercise, the walks I take with my kids are some of my most cherished times!

  2. Excited to look into these more! I walk/hike with our dogs 3-4 times per week and normally wear my cowboy boots (when it’s jeans weather) as they’re waterproof and I could care less if they get muddy. Now that I’m 7-months pregnant they just aren’t cutting it due to lack of traction, etc. I know I need to get some, but have honestly been too lazy. Thanks for the push :)

  3. You look like a natural in those hiking boots – maybe it’s the plaid shirt :)

    They look super comfy and I’m sure they’re great for your walks! Walking is one of my favorite ways to destress. I love pushing my daughter in her stroller and taking the dog out – we don’t miss our daily walks!

  4. I don’t own hiking boots and have been meaning to get some for years! Hiking in running shoes right now isn’t the best idea haha. My favorite form of exercise is swimming, hands down! I swam from elementary school-high school growing up, so I think it’ll always be what I’m drawn to exercise-wise.

  5. I LOVE walking in the woods behind our new home this time of year with the leaves changing and crunching under your feet. Like you if I’m running/working out hard I tend to have music butif walking and out in nature I tune into God and hear his music (birds, wind, leaves, etc.)…I don’t own any hiking boots but NEED to get some where we live now – lots of mud and trails to make through the woods!