Well hello Wednesday!  Nice to make it halfway through this week – it’s been a busy one!

A few of you have asked about MoveMore Fitness TANKS & TEES.  I’m SO proud of these shirts – the tanks are nice and flowy and I LOVE the design.  We’re working with a great company called Forever Fierce and so far I’ve been extremely pleased with their service (hello…I have no idea what I want..can you help me figure this out?!!).

Women’s Tanks




Women’s Tees





Men’s Tees



Both the tanks and tees are $25 (plus $2 to ship).  I’m putting in an order next MONDAY, so if you’re interested please email me at lindsayslist@gmail.com before then!  I’m excited to see these on my friends and family!!  I thank you in advance for supporting this little business!

I’ve got a workout to share today!!

This past Saturday I had my biggest Trackstars group EVER!!!  FIFTEEN people showed up!  The nature of this group training business is interesting.  While I know the numbers of attendees in some of my afternoon groups, I never know how many people will show up to the Saturday workout – sometimes it can be five people who love to run or 10 people with various injuries/fitness levels that I need to accommodate.  Designing a workout on the fly that will a) give everyone a good sweat and b) is SAFE …. it can be a challenge.  Luckily, I’m good at thinking on my toes and I can go to my “brain catalog” for exercises and modifications when needed.

I’ve had this particular workout planned for a couple of months and it just never really fit the group of people that I was training.  I decided to give a little Facebook warning (“Tomorrow’s workout will be running-intensive.  Wear appropriate shoes/clothing!”) and waited to see who would show up.  Turns out people love a good challenge.  Smile

Here’s what we did:


Obviously, the scheme is a descending run with ascending bodyweight extras (aside from the push-ups).  This workout can be done at the local track or anywhere that you know what a mile looks like.  Every movement is bodyweight and can be easily modified to suit most any fitness level.  I had some of the ladies cut out the first mile set and they still had an amazing workout.  I recorded everyone’s time so that we can use it as a benchmark workout – we’ll probably revisit it in a month or so!!

Try it sometime!  Pin it for later!

QUESTION:  What’s your favorite thing to do at the TRACK?  <-I’m a long distance girl so anything over 800 meters.


  1. Wendy says:

    Track? We don’t have one around here. When my mood and body strike me right, I pick two points on the beach for sprint starting and ending points.

    Sometimes we do obstacle beach runs or mix it up when we get to a large piece of driftwood, a batch of kelp, etc.

    Life is different here…

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