I was going to write a little recap of the mud run we ran last Saturday, but I’d rather just ramble.  Let’s get to it.

1.  I’m wasting my life away watching all these Dana Lynn Bailey videos, leading up to Ms. Olympia this weekend.  Have you heard of Dana Lynn?  Flag Nor Fail?


Dana Lynn won Ms. Physique Olympia last year and she’s headed back to Vegas to try and reclaim the title.  I don’t know really anything about her personally but I’m drawn to her amazing work ethic.  Could I ever do a bodybuilding competition??  Probably not.  I could do the workouts easy – it’s the diet stuff that would mess with my head.

Anyway, her husband has been doing these daily interviews/recaps of the days leading up to this weekend.  I’ve watched them all – wish her the best!

Would you ever do a bikini/bodybuilding contest??

2.  Speaking of diet, Travis and I have four days left in the 24 Day Advocare Challenge!  WOOT WOOT!  I’m excited to share our before and after shots as well as some other changes that we’ve made.  I also confess that I just ate a jellybean or two.  Smile  If you’re looking to step away from the brownies, cleanse your body, energize your workouts and just FEEL better, I suggest you try this Challenge!  I have nothing but great things to say!


3.  I made a pretty (I really wanted to say SUPER right there but I know that I overuse that word ((because it’s so super awesome!)) so I went with “pretty”) easy dinner last night with our first spaghetti squash of the season.


Here’s what you need:

  • 1 spaghetti squash, cooked
  • 1 pound 97-99% lean ground turkey, cooked
  • 1 container of your favorite hummus
  • 2-3 cups of spinach

After you cook the spaghetti squash (I microwave mine for 10 minutes in an inch of water – covered with clear plastic wrap) and the ground turkey, you simply combine all ingredients in a big bowl.  The steam/heat from the squash and turkey should wilt the spinach.  We eat this on a weekly basis when spaghetti squash is in season.  A perfect mix of healthy carbs, protein and fat!

4.  Local friends – I’ve got another outdoor BOOTCAMP coming up next Saturday, the 27th (which coincidentally is Travis’ birthday)!  If you’re looking for something different and like sweating with other people, come out and join us!  8AM at the Macon County Rec Park Shelter!  I promise it’s fun.

MuscleRopes-5 (2)

5.  Lastly, I need help!  This is what our front room looks like right now:


Full of Legos, thingamabobs and photography whoknowzitz galore.  After I reclaim this beautiful space, I need a COUCH and two CHAIRS.  Oh, and a rug!  Any design help you can give, I’d greatly appreciate!  I know that I want it to look pretty modern and I’m thinking the couch should be a Chesterfield or something similar.  Help!


QUESTION:  What’s your Friday thing?  Any plans for the weekend??


P.S.  You can still get 20% off a Muscle Rope when you use the code “LINDLIST914”!  I just bought another outdoor rope for myself!  Go now!


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  1. I love that dinner combo…GENIUS! I agree with you on the competition…The workouts would be easy, but I don’t necessarily agree with the dieting part…Weekend plans: Went to a friend’s house last night for wine and homemade food; Saturday is all about resting: Sunday I am tackling a 10 mile run…GASP! Happy Weekend Friend! XOXO

  2. That dinner looks delicious! And super easy! (<–I use the word "super" a lot too.)

    I don't really ever have the desire to do any sort of bikini/bodybuilding contest … just not my thing. I do think it's really intriguing and awesome hearing about other people's experiences though.

  3. My in-laws are in town for the weekend, so I’m hoping the m-i-l and I can pick out fabric for the new baby photos.

    M-i-l is a fabric wiz and used to make her own on a loom. I love her perspective which is often different than mine. Plus, she’s wonderful!

    Beyond that, I’m making more for the post baby freezer stash. Yesterday was pulled pork. Today is Great Northern Bean soup. Sunday is chili. Monday we roast a chicken, which will be made into I’m-not-sure what yet.

  4. DLB? Never heard of hear… ha! I have secret fantasies about her shoulders. My coach just told me I can do physique this year and I was beyond ecstatic. Love her.

    And you could totally do the diet. You just have to find a coach that’s not insane. No need to strictly eat tilapia and asparagus for months on end. If you take everything away in the beginning, you have nothing left to remove at the end when you really need to be able to make adjustments. It’s only super hard for the last couple of weeks.

  5. Oh goodness I have been obsessing over DLB this week too! I wish her the best of luck! I competed in figure for the first time last year and really had a great experience with it. I am not sure I would ever take it too seriously and try to go “pro” or what not but I love the structure and competition aspect and think every couple of years I will do a show.