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Muscle Ropes recently sent me a few of their battle ropes to try out.  Oh my word.  Have you ever trained with ropes before??  It’s HARD.  Like really, really hard.  Not only do you work your muscles (these things weigh anywhere from 18 to 50 pounds!!) but they also test your cardiovascular endurance.  You can hop on a set of ropes and be completely winded and red-faced in a minute flat.

The company carries various sets of ropes, each with its own purpose.  I took the Aftershock rope (best for OUTDOOR use) down to the track and tested it out during a Track Stars workout.  We did a few fun circuits and everyone got to try them.  I’ve also been using the company’s Lightning rope (a lighter rope, great for indoor and outdoor use) down in the basement.  This rope works perfectly for high intensity, high speed drills.  All you need is something to hold the middle in place (we used the chain link fence down at the track and I have a support pole downstairs) – nothing else.

Then you go to town.

I’ll admit – I watched a few videos to see what types of moves I could try out.  There are SO many ways to train with this tool – one of my favorites is a “Side Shuffle.”  You’re doing a basic “Conga Drum” while shuffling your feet quickly from side to side.  It’s a quad (and arm) killer.  Go here for a library of workouts/moves (and see some of my Fitfluential buddies)!


Lucky for you, Muscle Ropes has agreed to give away one of their Lightning ropes to an LL reader!!  PLUS they’re offering a 20% OFF discount for anyone interested in purchasing!!  Just go to muscleropes.com and use the code “LINDLIST914” for 20% OFF!!!  Offer ends 9/30/14.  This giveaway will run from now through Sunday – best of luck, friends!!

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  1. These ropes are KILLER! I love using them at the gym! Would love to have a set of my own to do with my friends after running! Fingers are crossed I win! Thanks for sharing – you look like you were having a great time :)

  2. Looks like a lot of hard work but worth it. Something I would defiantly be interested in trying!

  3. Welcome to the GUN show! I would say I’m toast in 20 seconds with these things. We don’t have them at my new gym, which is a huge bummer because I LOVED training with them when we lived in our previous town. Thanks for the giveaway!!