Put a flippin’ fork in me.  I am donezo.

I just spent the last hour and a half dealing with blog problems.  Things are still not working out and I’m kinda over it.  I took pictures of everything I ate yesterday for a WIAW post and now it’s taking me like 15 minutes PER PICTURE to upload.  I don’t have time for this.

So just pretend that you can see pictures.

Before a track workout, I drank a watermelon Spark.  {the workout rocked – thanks Katy & Callie}

For breakfast, I had a green smoothie.

Then a banana and Nuttzo.

Then some peanut M&Ms on the drive to the pool.

For lunch, I ate a sandwich, carrots & hummus, cherries and a string cheese.

Then I had a Simply Protein bar.

Then I sampled all three varieties of brownies that my sister made to get me fat.

For dinner, I ate a grilled chicken salad so I wouldn’t get fat.

Before bed, I ate cereal with banana and honey.

When I type it all out like that, it’s not very interesting.  So here, I’ll take the 15 minutes and upload the BEST thing I ate all day yesterday.


[red velvet, dark chocolate, & almond joy brownies….the almond joy won, hands down!]


QUESTION:  What’s the best thing you ate yesterday??  Anybody else having blog problems?


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  1. I am loving this blog. I’m not the only one who puts grape nut generic and yogurt and maybe cottage cheese together type foods. Hooray for all the neat stuff you take the time to send…..

  2. This actual made me chuckle. It almost felt like I could see you typing it out and then realizing that it’s not that exciting without pictures, but you just spend way too long typing it and fixing up your blog issues so you’re gonna use it anyway. :-) I love you. haha

  3. Lindsay. I Googled and could not find the recipe for [red velvet, dark chocolate, & almond joy brownies. Sounds so good. Can your sister post?
    I enjoy so much reading your informative blog and seeing how the children are growing.

  4. No blog problems for me! (Besides NOT BLOGGING AT ALL! Meh.)
    Yesterday at the pool you were talking about how having your data usage prematurely used up made you more conscious about what you do on your phone now. Well, I am sorta seeing this happen with your blog problems! Sometimes the obstacles in front of us are meant to slow us down rather than God just saying ‘STOP’ all together.
    Just my POV for the day. :) (but I definitely don’t want you to stop blogging! I love being nosy and “present” in your life!) he he.
    Btw, I was talking with Katy after you left and she told me NOT to tell you that I don’t have internet but I thought I would share, well, because I’m a rebel like that! Point being that’s the real reason I don’t keep up with my blog as best as I should/could.
    Blogging at work, (which is only Wed, Thurs, Fri) can be very hard!!

  5. Augh tell me about it. Our site got hacked and has been down for almost a month! I actually MISS blogging! :( What a bummer. Right as we’re trying to recruit for our sailing trip too – we have no place to send people for info! It’s been a real pain and is at least a safe site now, but the attack warning is still up which makes me think that no one will enter the site. Major disappointment. Best thing I ate? 2 boxed brownies… Okay, 3. :)

  6. I’ve had issues with comments, both being notified that I have any and responding to them. I’ve repeatedly seen the ‘internal server error’ message, but I messed around and deleted a few plug-ins, which seemed to help at first, but then it’s been happening again. Not sure what’s up with WordPress.

  7. Breakfast is always my best meal. Always. Yesterday I had 2 pieces if Udis GF toast, topped with butter, strawberry jelly and 2 over easy eggs. Plus coffee. Lots of coffee.

  8. mmm almond joy just sound the best!! i ate cake yesterday. and then i finished leftover ice cream after that. but i feel like the ice cream doesn’t really count since it was leftover. who has leftover ice cream anyway?! that rarely happens around here!

  9. I spent a lot of time nibbling on my son’s toes after his bath. He is just too delicious:)

  10. Yesterday’s best food is a three way tie between Rainier cherries, GF banana v pineapple muffins, and rice.

    This pregnancy has been a food challenge, so a three way tie is a hugely successful food day!

  11. my pictures have TAKEN FOREVER and I actually was really ticked last night as I tried to prep some posts..and then when I ‘save draft’ it takes even LONGER and I checked no updates to run and nothing ‘weird’ that I’m doing that I know of :( Best thing I ate yesterday FROYO!